A Look Into the History and Philosophy of Anytime Fitness

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A Look Into the History and Philosophy of Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is an affiliation of 24-hour fitness and health clubs that are based in Woodbury, Minnesota, United States; it is one of the largest franchises in the world. The business operates over 4,500 franchised locations in fifty countries worldwide. The club facilities are open daily, 365 days a year. In addition, the company owns and manages a vast number of partner fitness centers that collectively cater to a huge segment of the American population.

Fitness can be equated to health, which is very essential for a healthy life. Anytime Fitness is about maintaining your physical, emotional and psychological health. It includes weight management, fitness regimes, health coaching, exercise regimes and personal training. Anytime Fitness was conceptualized to make people physically fit and prevent them from diseases like diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. In fact, it is the main reason for being overweight.

In an effort to achieve this, Every Time Fitness has designed club facilities which aim at providing an outlet for wholesome recreation while keeping an eye on their customers. Some clubs offer courses and classes like Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Others conduct competitions and activities such as cycling, swimming, hiking, tennis and playing golf. Moreover, they host regular charity events to raise funds for charity.

Anytime Fitness was started in 1985 by Larry Griswold, who was a strong believer that health should not be treated as a commodity. He felt that it should be treated as a gift from God. That is why he set up a club to help people stay fit. The club provided a place for people to go for sports and recreational activities. Initially, the club was located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Setting Fitness Goals

Today, the club has grown considerably and is a prominent business enterprise in the region. The growth spurt can be traced to the fact that Mr. Griswold realized the power of the club when he set it up. He also saw the need for a large facility, which could provide all the amenities necessary for a healthy and dynamic society. The equipment used at Anytime Fitness are state of the art; in fact, the latest technology is used in their day-to-day operations.

There are various reasons behind the growth spurt of the club. One reason may be attributed to the fact that Mr. Griswold saw the need for a club offering a wide array of activities and set-ups. Another reason may be attributed to the expansion of the business into different cities. Another reason may be attributed to the belief of Mr. Griswold that the power of human imagination can work miracles. After setting up the club, he realized that with the right set-ups and the right strategies, any kind of business can become successful.

Now, the club has its own development center in the area. This shows that they are aware of the fact that a club without a proper set-up and strategy may not be able to gain success. It should also be kept in mind that no business, whether it is a gym or a club or anything else, can succeed with a single set-up. Every business requires the help of several set-ups; if one set-up fails then the whole exercise will fail.

Great Tips About Fitness That Anyone Can Use

A major part of Anytime Fitness’ marketing strategy is their corporate wellness programs. These fitness programs are designed to create awareness about the club. They help the club draw in more clients. Apart from drawing in more clients, these wellness programs also help in creating a sense of loyalty in the clients. Many customers tend to keep coming back to the same fitness center after seeing the promotional ads.

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