Is Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime the Same

Is Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime the same? This question often arises among individuals looking to join a gym or fitness center.

While both establishments offer 24/7 access to their facilities, there are notable differences between the two that may impact one’s decision on where to workout. In this article, we will explore the histories of both Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime, compare their branding and marketing strategies, examine their membership options and benefits, assess their facilities and equipment, as well as analyze the cost differences between the two.

Anytime Fitness is a well-known gym chain that has been in operation since 2002. With over 4,000 locations worldwide, Anytime Fitness is recognized for its convenience and accessibility. On the other hand, Workout Anytime is a smaller fitness franchise with approximately 100 locations primarily in the southeastern United States. Despite their differing sizes, both gyms cater to individuals seeking flexibility in their workout routines with round-the-clock access.

In terms of branding and marketing, Anytime Fitness has established itself as a global brand with a strong presence in various countries. Meanwhile, Workout Anytime focuses on personalized customer service and community engagement within its local markets. Understanding these distinctions can help individuals choose a gym that aligns with their preferences and fitness goals.

The History of Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness, founded in 2002, is a global fitness franchise that has gained immense popularity due to its convenient 24/7 access model. The company was started with a vision to provide individuals with the opportunity to exercise at any time of the day or night, catering to the busy schedules of modern life. Anytime Fitness quickly expanded across the United States and eventually internationally, becoming one of the largest co-ed fitness chains in the world.

On the other hand, Workout Anytime has a slightly different origin story. Founded in 1999, Workout Anytime also aimed to offer a convenient and affordable gym option for individuals looking to improve their health and fitness. With a focus on providing quality equipment and personalized training options, Workout Anytime has steadily grown its presence in various communities across the United States.

While both Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime share similar goals of making fitness accessible and convenient for all, there are some differences in their approach. Anytime Fitness prides itself on its global reach and extensive network of locations, while Workout Anytime focuses on creating a personalized gym experience for each member. Ultimately, both gyms strive to help individuals achieve their fitness goals in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Anytime FitnessWorkout Anytime
Founded in 2002Founded in 1999
Global franchise with extensive networkFocused on creating personalized gym experience
Main goal is accessibility and convenienceMain goal is quality equipment and training options

The History of Workout Anytime

Workout Anytime is a fitness franchise that was founded in 1999 by John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland. The goal of Workout Anytime was to provide a convenient and affordable gym option for individuals looking to improve their health and wellness. Over the years, Workout Anytime has grown to become a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts due to its no-frills approach to fitness.

Unlike traditional gyms, Workout Anytime focuses on providing a simple yet effective workout environment that caters to individuals with busy schedules. The 24/7 access model allows members to work out at their own convenience, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. This flexibility appeals to those who may not have the luxury of adhering to a strict gym schedule, making it easier for them to prioritize their health and fitness goals.

One common question that arises is anytime Fitness and workout anytime the same? While both gyms offer similar benefits such as 24/7 access and state-of-the-art equipment, they are two separate entities with distinct branding and marketing strategies. It’s important for individuals interested in joining a gym to carefully consider their options and choose the one that best aligns with their fitness goals and preferences.

Anytime Fitness vs Workout Anytime

Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime may sound like similar gyms, but they have distinct differences in terms of branding and marketing. Both chains cater to individuals looking for a convenient and accessible place to work out, but their brand messaging and marketing strategies set them apart.

Here are some key points to consider when comparing the branding and marketing of Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime:

  • Anytime Fitness: This gym chain positions itself as a lifestyle brand that promotes overall health and wellness. With its signature purple logo and emphasis on 24/7 access, Anytime Fitness appeals to individuals with busy schedules who prioritize fitness as part of their everyday routine. The brand also focuses on building a sense of community among its members, offering group fitness classes and personal training services.
  • Workout Anytime: In contrast, Workout Anytime prides itself on being a no-frills, budget-friendly option for those seeking a straightforward workout experience. With its red and black color scheme and emphasis on affordability, this gym chain targets cost-conscious consumers who want access to basic amenities without breaking the bank. Despite its more no-nonsense approach, Workout Anytime still emphasizes the importance of consistency in fitness routines.
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When deciding between Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime, it is important to consider which branding and marketing approach aligns best with your personal fitness goals and preferences. Whether you prioritize community engagement and premium amenities or value affordability and simplicity, both gym chains offer unique experiences tailored to different types of fitness enthusiasts.

Membership Options and Benefits at Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness, a popular chain of fitness centers, offers a variety of membership options and benefits to cater to the diverse needs of its members. With a focus on convenience, accessibility, and affordability, Anytime Fitness has become a top choice for individuals looking to prioritize their health and wellness.

Membership Options

At Anytime Fitness, members can choose from different membership options based on their preferences and fitness goals. This includes basic memberships for access to one specific location, as well as premium memberships that grant access to any Anytime Fitness gym worldwide. The flexibility in membership options allows individuals to select the plan that best fits their lifestyle and budget.


In addition to 24/7 access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, members of Anytime Fitness enjoy a range of benefits designed to support their fitness journey. These perks may include personalized training programs, virtual classes, nutrition guidance, and access to the Anytime Fitness mobile app for workout tracking and scheduling. The supportive community atmosphere at Anytime Fitness also plays a crucial role in motivating members to achieve their fitness goals.

Special Programs

Anytime Fitness is known for offering special programs and challenges throughout the year to keep members engaged and motivated. These may include fitness challenges, group workout classes, community events, or partnerships with local businesses. By providing additional opportunities for members to stay active and connected within the gym community, Anytime Fitness sets itself apart as more than just a traditional fitness center.

Membership Options and Benefits at Workout Anytime

Workout Anytime offers a range of membership options to cater to individuals with different needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a basic membership or a more comprehensive package, Workout Anytime has something for everyone. Here are some of the membership options available at Workout Anytime:

  • Basic Membership: This option typically includes access to cardio and strength training equipment during specific hours.
  • Premium Membership: This level may offer additional perks such as group fitness classes, personal training sessions, and access to all club facilities.
  • Couple/Family Memberships: For those looking to work out with a partner or family member, Workout Anytime provides discounted rates for joint memberships.

In addition to its various membership options, Workout Anytime also offers several benefits to its members to enhance their fitness experience. Some of the key benefits of being a member at Workout Anytime include:

  1. 24/7 Access: One of the standout features of Workout Anytime is that members can work out anytime they want, thanks to the gym’s round-the-clock accessibility.
  2. Clean and Well-Maintained Facilities: Workout Anytime prides itself on providing members with clean workout spaces equipped with top-of-the-line exercise equipment.
  3. Affordable Pricing: Another advantage of joining Workout Anytime is its affordable membership rates, making it an accessible choice for budget-conscious individuals.

Overall, the combination of flexible membership options and valuable benefits at Workout Anytime makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a convenient and budget-friendly fitness solution. It is important to note that while there may be similarities between any anytime fitness and workout anytime in terms of offering accessible workout facilities, each brand has its unique set of features and advantages that cater to different preferences and needs.

Anytime Fitness vs Workout Anytime

Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime may sound similar in name, but they are actually two separate fitness chains that cater to individuals looking for convenient gym access. When it comes to facilities and equipment, both gyms offer a range of amenities to help members reach their fitness goals.


Anytime Fitness prides itself on providing 24/7 access to its facilities, allowing members to work out at any time that suits their schedule. With over 4,000 locations worldwide, members can easily find a gym near them while traveling or relocating. The facilities typically include cardio machines, strength training equipment, free weights, and sometimes even group exercise classes.

Workout Anytime also offers a similar convenience with 24/7 access to its gyms. While the number of locations may not be as extensive as Anytime Fitness, members can still find a local gym for their workout needs. The facilities at Workout Anytime usually include cardio equipment, weight machines, and free weights for a well-rounded fitness experience.

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Both Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime strive to provide members with top-of-the-line fitness equipment for an effective workout session. From treadmills and ellipticals to squat racks and cable machines, members have access to a variety of tools to help them achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, both gyms prioritize keeping their equipment well-maintained and up-to-date for a safe and comfortable workout environment.

Anytime Fitness vs Workout Anytime

Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime may sound similar in name, but they are two distinct fitness chains with their own unique histories, branding, and offerings. When it comes to comparing the costs associated with membership at these gyms, it’s important to consider various factors such as initiation fees, monthly dues, and additional amenities included in the membership packages.

Anytime Fitness was founded in 2002 in Minnesota and has grown to become one of the largest gym franchises worldwide. With over 4,000 locations in more than 30 countries, Anytime Fitness offers 24/7 access to its facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, personalized training programs, group fitness classes, and wellness programs. The cost of membership at Anytime Fitness varies depending on the location and membership package chosen by the individual.

On the other hand, Workout Anytime was established in 1999 as a smaller chain with around 100 locations mainly based in the Southeastern United States. Similar to Anytime Fitness, Workout Anytime also provides members with 24/7 gym access, top-of-the-line equipment, personal training services, and virtual fitness classes. Membership fees at Workout Anytime are generally more affordable compared to other high-end gyms without compromising on quality or facilities.

In comparing the cost of membership between Anytime Fitness and Workout Anyitme, it is essential to consider not only the monthly dues but also any initiation fees or additional charges for amenities such as tanning beds or massage chairs. Ultimately, the decision between these two gym chains should be based on individual preferences such as location convenience, available facilities, class offerings,and overall budget.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, while Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime may share similarities in terms of their name and operating hours, they are distinct gym franchises with their own unique histories, branding strategies, membership options, facilities, equipment, and costs. Despite being separate entities, both gyms strive to provide convenient fitness solutions for their members by offering 24/7 access to top-of-the-line equipment and amenities.

For individuals considering joining a gym, it is important to carefully weigh the differences between Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime to determine which option aligns best with their fitness goals and budget. Anytime Fitness boasts a larger global presence and more extensive marketing efforts, while Workout Anytime positions itself as a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality or convenience.

Ultimately, whether you choose Anytime Fitness or Workout Anytime will depend on your personal preferences and priorities when it comes to fitness. Both gym chains offer reputable services that cater to a wide range of individuals looking to stay active and healthy. So, if you find yourself asking “is Anytime Fitness and Workout Anytime the same?” – the answer is clear: while they may share similarities in concept, each has its own strengths that make them unique in their own right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anytime Fitness Give You a Workout Plan?

Anytime Fitness does provide workout plans to its members. These plans are personalized based on individual fitness goals, needs, and abilities. The plans may include strength training, cardio exercises, flexibility routines, and more.

Does My Anytime Fitness Membership Work at All Locations?

Yes, a membership at Anytime Fitness allows you access to all locations worldwide. This is especially convenient for those who travel frequently or have multiple locations near their home or workplace. It offers flexibility and convenience for members.

Who Owns Workout Anytime?

Workout Anytime is owned by Steve Strickland and John Quattrocchi. They founded the company with the goal of providing affordable 24/7 gym access to individuals looking to improve their health and fitness. Their dedication has helped grow the brand across the United States.

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