Workouts for Home Fitness

Yes, you really can shed pounds at home without bulky equipment. Home workouts are not just for thin people and old people. Even if you are not very thin now, you too can benefit by simply lifting heavy, eating right, and following a routine. You just need to follow some tips on how to get started with your home workout plan.

home workout

If you are planning to do some serious shaping up soon, you should think about doing some high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT is also known as high-volume, intense exercise. The concept behind HIIT is to work the body in a short period of time, usually no more than fifteen minutes, at a very intense level. For example, running on the treadmill or jogging in place on a trail with little or no breaks will work the upper body, upper and lower body parts, the whole upper digestive system, the cardiovascular system, and the respiratory system during one short session.

Another good option for a beginner at home workout is doing advanced bodyweight exercises. An advanced bodyweight exercise is a way of doing squats, dead lifts, bench press, shoulder press, lunges, etc. done in a manner so as to keep the entire body in shape. Advanced bodyweight exercises are perfect for those who have not tried doing these exercises before. They help burn calories and fat faster than traditional training methods.

In case you are planning to do some cardio work outs at home, you may be tempted to go for jogging on the treadmill, or taking a jog in the park. You could even think about joining a cross-training program, or taking a boot camp. However, these methods, while they will work for some people, may not be good for a beginner bodyweight or novice at-home workout. Why? Because these are training methods that involve much more than sitting down in front of the TV, or listening to music. A good beginner at home workout must be focused on increasing his or her metabolic rate.

The best for a beginner at home workout would be a combination of various techniques: speed and intensity workouts, interval training, and weight training. The first three options will help you increase your metabolism fast, while the last option will help you tone up and strengthen your muscles. If you do not know how to train like Batman, let me tell you this: you do not have to wear any special gear, do not use any special equipment, and you do not have to do any trickery. Just do basic push-ups and sit-ups, and you will be fine.

Some examples of good beginner bodyweight workout plans include push-ups, pull-ups, chest flyes, vertical pull-ups, horizontal pull-ups, and Turkish get ups. These are great workout plans because all of the exercises are done without straps, weights, or other equipment. They are also all variations of common exercises that train multiple muscles at once. For example, if you were doing bench press and shoulder presses, you would do them both on dumbbells, but when you do them side by side, you will be training your triceps, forearms, biceps, abs, calves, and glue together. You will also be training your quads, glutes, and back together.

Another excellent plan for beginners is the standard jumping jacks and straight pull-ups. If you are new to this type of workout, it would be advisable to start with the sets of one rep max, per set. Once you have become proficient at these workouts, you may move up to sets of three reps max. To make these areas difficult, you may want to add in hand holds, pauses, or other cheating devices to challenge yourself even further.

A bonus no-equipment workout that can be done at home is a plyometric bench press. This type of workout targets the big muscle groups in your legs, so that they are forced to work against each other. To perform this exercise, you should use a stability ball and perform a one-rep max on the balls’ surface. If you are going to do this exercise often, a good plyometric bench should be part of your workout routine.

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