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Q: What is One Personal Training Singapore?
A: One Personal Training Singapore is a fitness and wellness consultancy firm, which offers customized services to individuals who are interested in improving their physical wellbeing. We provide personal training services, including one-to-one coaching and group training sessions, as well as nutritional advice and lifestyle modifications based on the individual’s goals.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: The fees for our personal training services depend on the package you select. Our Standard Option includes 8 weekly sessions for $400 per month, while our Premium Option includes 16 weekly sessions for $800 per month. We also offer special discounts for packages of 24 or more weekly sessions.

Q: Who are your trainers?
A: One Personal Training Singapore employs a team of certified and experienced personal trainers, all of whom specialize in different areas including weight loss, strength building, injury rehabilitation, sports conditioning and functional movement assessments. All of Our trainers have extensive knowledge in nutrition and fitness that enable them to design comprehensive programs according to the individual’s needs.

Offer Nutritional Advice and Recommendations

One Personal Training Singapore offers custom nutritional advice and recommendations tailored to each individual’s overall health and fitness goals. Their certified personal trainers evaluate clients’ current diet and develop a healthy eating plan based on the clients’ lifestyle, activity levels, exercise routine and any other factors that affects their overall nutrition. Additionally, they provide general tips on how to incorporate more nutrient dense foods into the meals as well as portion control methods. Nutrition is considered one of the key components for physical fitness, as it helps provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help build muscles and energize you for an intensive workout. Along with suggesting what food items should be avoided so customer can stay on track with results. Nutrition advice is also offered in group sessions when possible which make the process of learning about nutrition easier and more accessible.

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One Personal Training Singapore could create a motivational video gallery on its website to help inspire others. The gallery should feature recordings of previous clients sharing their experiences about how they stayed motivated and worked hard to reach their goals. Each client can be featured talking about the goals that they set out to achieve when they first started personal training, what inspired them to keep going, and how they eventually reached or surpassed those goals with One Personal Training Singapore’s help. Additionally, the videos may include visuals of the client’s before-and-after photos and their journey toward achieving better overall health and fitness levels. The videos in this motivational video gallery will give viewers an insight into what is possible if they put the right amount of effort into their workouts and nutrition plans, helping to motivate both current clients and people considering signing up with One Personal Training Singapore.

Introduce a ‘Beginner’s Guide’

One Personal Training Singapore Beginner’s Guide is designed to introduce new personal trainers to the world of physical training. This comprehensive guide will provide advice on what to expect when beginning in the field, outlines best practices to get the most out of your personal training program, and provides recommendations for further learning.

The guide begins by introducing exercises that can help beginners form the foundation for their strength and endurance. It then moves forward by detailing the importance of proper nutrition and hydration when exercising consistently and outlines different methods of tracking progression over time, such as logging rep ranges, weight levels and time under tension. Additionally, the guide covers basic principles and methods for healthy weight loss or muscle gain and advises which type of exercise program suits which goals most effectively.

Finally, this beginner’s guide will provide valuable information on how to find a personal trainer (if desired) who is certified and experienced in providing quality instruction tailored to each individual’s needs. The guide will also offer tips for creating monthly workout plans according to one’s own fitness level as well as resources for continuing education about health and fitness topics pertinent to the industry.

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At One Personal Training Singapore, we offer a range of personal training packages so that you can choose the best fit to meet your needs.

Our basic package includes 12 one-hour sessions of professional instruction and guidance from our experienced team of trainers. The package also features comprehensive fitness assessments along with nutritional support to ensure healthy living habits are maintained for maximum results.

For those who require more intensive training, our advanced package offers 24 one-hour sessions, in addition to full physical assessments, personalized exercises and dietary coaching.

We understand that budget restrictions can be an obstacle when it comes to improving personal health & fitness, so we have created a special cost-saving option for those who prefer to spread the payment across a longer time period or have a smaller budget: our ‘pay as you go’ option allows you to pay per session.

The pricing structure for each of these packages is available on our website and can be tailored according to individual goals and needs.

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