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Welcome to the world of fitness! My name is Chanel Preston, and I’m a personal trainer dedicated to helping others reach their goals. As a certified fitness professional, I strive to provide proven results in both developing physical strength and emotional well-being. Through a combination of customized nutrition plans, tailored exercise regimens, and lifestyle changes, I will guide you through each step on your path to success.

My personalized approach looks at the bigger picture so that we can achieve optimal overall health. During our time together, we’ll focus on building functional strength which improves balance, coordination, flexibility and mobility while burning tons of calories along the way. We’ll also use mindful practices like yoga, breathing exercises and visualization techniques to build resilience and lasting peace of mind.

Most importantly, I understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their fitness journey. That’s why every client is given individualized attention in order to meet their specific goals in an environment that is supportive and positive. So if you’re ready for total transformation or want support taking your current routine up a notch, look no further – nothing beats working out with a personal trainer like me!

Benefits of a Working With a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer is a great investment for your health and fitness. Working with a personal trainer can benefit you in numerous ways.

First, having a personal trainer in your corner gives you the tailored feedback and guidance that is essential to reach your physical goals in the safest way possible. A trainer will teach you proper form, help you build an exercise plan specifically suited to your objectives, keep you motivated and on track throughout each session and beyond.

Second, having a personal trainer holds you accountable – when it comes to physical activity, missing one day quickly becomes two days and soon after skipping more days than not becomes the norm. With someone watching over you, keeping tabs on what’s happening inside and outside of the gym session helps ensure that any excuses or lack of motivation doesn’t interfere with achieving success.

Third, having access to personalized advice from those who are trained to impart valid advice is invaluable. You could have an entire resource library filled with books, manuals, magazines and websites at your disposal – but nothing beats the knowledge base of an experienced professional providing customized insight based upon their expertise as well as their understanding of each individual persons specific needs and obstacles faced by that person along their journey toward optimal healthiness.

Tips for Choosing the Right Trainer for You

When it comes to improving your physical fitness and meeting your health and wellness goals, there is no substitute for the assistance of a qualified personal trainer who can help you devise the right plan of action. With so many trainers available, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. To find your ideal trainer, here are some important tips:

1. Check qualifications: Check with the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) or other certifying organizations to confirm that the trainer holds current certification. Make sure they have knowledge in particular areas such as nutrition or rehabilitation that may be pertinent to meeting your goals.

2. Consider experience: Ask a potential trainer how long they have been working in the field and what kind of experiences they’ve had with dealing with various fitness levels, age groups, and special needs clients.

3. Knowledgeable about training techniques: Enquire about their understanding and implementation of proper lifting techniques and their abilities to teach complex exercises using correct form in each session.

4. Personal Chemistry: Find out how comfortable you feel around them; do you both share a similar approach to training? Do you trust this person with your body? A good relationship between you two will ensure further success in regards to personal training results as well as your overall satisfaction from hiring that particular coach.

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5. Schedule flexibility: Is their availability conducive towards achieving results within desirable time frames? Are they able to work around any daily obligations or commitments? Make certain that these details are agreed upon upfront before committing to any long-term contracts or sessions with any coach or gym facility.

6. Clear communication: In addition to being friendly and positive, an effective relationship should also involve honest open communication where ideas are shared between both parties … The same can be said for a successful coach-trainee situation

Chanel Preston’s Professional History

Chanel Preston has been a certified personal trainer for over 10 years. She has helped countless clients reach their fitness goals and create healthy, lasting lifestyles. Chanel is passionate about the work she does and always puts her clients first. Her enthusiasm for the industry inspired her to complete additional certifications in nutrition, conditioning, and performance coaching. This combined expertise allows Chanel to offer specialized advice in each of these areas. She is also active in the community and organizes several events throughout the year meant to motivate people and spread awareness of health and wellness benefits. She has established an enviable reputation as a professional who is both trusted and respected by her peers and clients alike.

Personalized Training Plans Created by Chanel Preston

Personal trainers can provide you with an effective roadmap to help achieve your fitness goals. When you team up with Chanel Preston, she will create a personal training plan tailored to your fitness goals and lifestyle. She will assess your current fitness level and design a plan that includes strategies to reduced the risk of injury and maximize results within your desired time frame.

Chanel will monitor your progress over the long term and make improvements as needed in order to boost results and keep motivation high. Her plans incorporate cardio, strength, flexibility and rest days into specific sessions so that every aspect of your physical well-being is taken care of while also tracking what’s happening inside the body through biomarker testing which comes complimentary with her program.

Furthermore, Chanel provides accountability through regular check-ins via FaceTime or online meeting platforms such as Skype so progress can be tracked easily at home or when busy with other commitments. And her 24/7 availability makes it easy for clients to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Not only does this provide them with instant access to tech support but also ensures no workouts are missed due to travel or a hectic work schedule.

What’s more, client success stories serve as an invaluable learning experience for others looking for guidance on their own journey; seeing first-hand just how Chanel helps clients improve their health raises confidence levels everywhere!

Reviews and Testimonials from Clients Who Trained with Chanel Preston

“I had been putting off going to the gym for a while, but when I finally decided to make an appointment with Chanel Preston, I am so glad that I did! She completely changed my outlook on working out – she was encouraging and motivating, yet demanding and pushed me to reach goals that seemed impossible. Within two weeks of training with her, I was able to double my strength and stamina. She also helped me form healthy eating habits which have made all the difference in my new body”.

“Chanel Preston is nothing short of an angel sent from above! Working out has always been intimidating for me, but with Chanel’s help and guidance, it suddenly felt achievable. My confidence skyrocketed as she taught me proper form and how much weight was safe for me to lift at any given time. Through her expertise about nutrition and exercises that target specific areas of the body, she helped me create a customized program that gave me amazing results in no time”.

“Chanel Preston is quite honestly the best personal trainer I have ever worked with – what makes her different from everyone else is that she actually delves deep into understanding her clients before prescribing a regiment or workout plan. Her personable demeanor combined with her knowledge about fitness quickly put feel relaxed and confident in maintaining a better lifestyle! Thanks to working with Chanel, I am now healthier than ever before!”

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Takeaways from Working with a Personal Trainer

1. Personalized Fitness Plan: A personal trainer can develop a tailored fitness program that is specifically designed to meet your goals and address any current or preexisting conditions you might have.

2. Expertise: Working with a professional ensures you will receive the best possible instruction on form, technique and safety for each exercise. The trainer also helps keep you accountable and motivated throughout your program.

3. Support System: Having someone who understands and supports your goals and objectives is invaluable as it keeps you focused on reaching them. Additionally, having regular scheduled check-ins with your trainer also ensures that you are progressing in the right direction and that any modifications will be made as needed.

4. Increased Confidence: Working with a dedicated personal trainer allows for a personalized experience which results in greater confidence when entering the gym or performing exercises at home. Knowing what to do and how to do it correctly makes the experience much more enjoyable and energizing, not just physically but mentally as well.

5. Focus on Results: Last, but certainly not least, goal setting is essential for keeping yourself on track for reaching desired outcomes of improved fitness, strength or physique transformation etc., therefore having an experienced coach helps ensure these objectives are reached in an efficient manner.

How to Reach Chanel Preston

If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, Chanel Preston is the right choice for you. She has been a professional trainer since 1999 and has worked with all types of clients in various settings including individual, corporate, and team training.

To contact Chanel Preston, the best way is via email. Her email address is [email protected]. She responds very quickly and can help you get started on your journey towards achieving your health and fitness objectives. In addition to email communication, Chanel can also be contacted by phone at (555)-555-5555 or through her website at for more information about availability, pricing, and different packages she offers. She provides one-on-one coaching from her home studio as well as group classes and seminars that could be beneficial if you are looking to build strength or learn different methods of performance enhancement or preparation techniques. Her services are tailored specifically to the individual needs of her clients so they can continue making progress even after the initial engagement ends.

Chanel prides herself on providing an incomparable quality of service through customized workouts based on each person’s particular body type, goals, lifestyle habits and preferences. With her vast knowledge and experience in exercise science as well as her sport psychology background she can maximize every workout while keeping it enjoyable and satisfying at the same time. If you want to make real improvements to your overall health and wellbeing then working with Chanel Preston will surely get you there!


A personal trainer can provide an enormous benefit to those looking to optimize their physical health and/or meet fitness related goals. When working with a personal trainer, individuals have access to someone who is fully dedicated to helping them make meaningful progress towards reaching their full potential. Not only do trainers assess an individual’s current physical condition, but they also create personalized plans that are tailored towards each person’s specific capabilities and needs. Furthermore, as personal trainers act as both mentors and motivators, they help keep individuals accountable while providing valuable feedback throughout the process. Ultimately, by getting the guidance needed from a personal trainer, people can feel empowered to start exercising properly and work towards achieving their health-related objectives in a safe and effective manner.

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