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Eduardo Alves is a highly skilled personal trainer, who has been transforming the lives of many individuals across the world through his passion and knowledge in fitness. For over 10 years, he has been educating people on proper health and fitness techniques, as well as helping them to achieve their full potential. He is certified in several disciplines, including corrective exercise, sports conditioning, nutrition counseling, and sports performance. With his expert guidance and specific tailored programs to meet individual goals, Eduardo Alves helps clients reach their desired body composition and overall well-being. He supports athletes needs from amateur to professional levels to ensure they are performing at their peak condition. Eduardo also specializes in rehabilitation training for those recovering from injury or illness. His ability to assess individual needs enables him to provide realistic expectations for his clientele ensuring steady progress is being made towards their goals. In addition to being a top notch personal trainer, he takes an active role in advocating for physical activity as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.


Eduardo Alves is a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience. He began his fitness journey back in 1999 when he joined the local gym in his hometown and soon fell in love with the wide range of activities available to him there such as weight lifting, yoga, and running. As he trained more, Eduardo started to find that those around him were starting to take notice of his burgeoning abilities. Those realizations led him to decide to pursue a career in personal training and from then on he was devoted.

Eduardo furthered his education by getting certified as a Personal Trainer and then doing an apprenticeship under some of the most well-trained instructors at the gym. After gaining valuable knowledge and experience from this work, Eduardo went on to start his own personal training business. Throughout all these years Eduardo has continued to educate himself further through courses, seminars, workshops and conferences so that he can help others’ health and lifestyle dreams become reality for them. In addition to having a very successful business working with individuals across numerous platforms and providing online programs, Eduardo has also facilitated group fitness classes at different colleges/universities that have extended his reach even further helping individuals reach their goals no matter how big or small they are!


With the help of Eduardo Alves, several clients have seen excellent results. He has helped a number of clients with weight loss, improved fitness levels and toning. Moreover, he has had successes in increasing strength and performance in athletes from a variety of sports, ranging from running to swimming.

Using cutting-edge training techniques, Eduardo’s plans are tailored to meet each individual’s needs, ensuring they can achieve their goals more efficiently than they could alone. He has also been able to motivate people and help them stay on track by providing emotional support when needed. Through his strong commitment and expertise, clients have not only developed new skills but were able to maximize their strength potential as well.

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Eduardo’s achievements extend past training clients into the wider community. He regularly provides group exercise classes at schools and local gyms to promote health and wellbeing amongst society and encourage more active lifestyles in young people. Further examples include helping athletes prepare for competitions by offering advice on pre-performance nutrition, body composition management and reducing injury risk through rehabilitation exercises. Most recently he completed a project providing adapted sports activities for disabled children to participate in for leisure purposes or competitive purposes if desired.

Training Strategies

Eduardo Alves is a personal trainer who specializes in developing and customizing programs to meet each client’s individual fitness needs. He believes that everyone’s fitness goals should be unique, as no two people are alike.

To ensure clients meet their fitness goals, Eduardo first meets with each person for an initial consultation. During the meeting, he spends time discussing the client’s fitness goals, past experiences with exercise, preferences, strengths and limitations. After gathering this information, he creates a personalized program of exercises to help them reach their desired results. This program is then tailored further as the client progresses over time.

Eduardo also takes into account a client’s dietary needs when devising a workout plan. He recommends healthy foods with balanced macronutrient ratios that will help clients reach their goals faster and more efficiently. He knows that eating well is important for success and he tailors meal plans accordingly for each individual depending on their body type and other factors. Because of recent advances in nutritional science and understanding of biological processes, Eduardo stays up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge dietary strategies and procedures to add to his clients’ regimens when necessary.

He also monitors how well his clients are responding to the workout plan, adjusting it as needed while providing continuous motivation throughout the entire process. This adaptability allows Eduardo to provide a service that is constantly personalized and adapted as needed by each individual’s body shape or health conditions. With these customized strategies coupled with Eduardo’s effective guidance, his clients have achieved physical fitness successes they never thought possible before.


Eduardo Alves has been a personal trainer to some of the world’s most successful athletes and celebrities. His clients raving about his skills, personalized plan, and results-orientation are ample proof that he is one of the best in the business.

World champion athletes such as gymnast Alex Naddour, bodybuilder Derek Lunsford, mixed martial artist Israel Adesanya and Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton have all worked with Eduardo Alves and are just some of his many satisfied clients. Celebrities like singing sensation Usher Raymond IV, comedic genius Jim Carrey, renowned fashion designer Victoria Beckham, and actor Vin Diesel have also worked with him in order to get back into shape or prepare for specific roles.

When it comes to personal training, Eduardo Alves knows what he’s doing and provides positive feedback from his clients who have seen great results from their work. Social media posts from long time client Usher Raymond IV detail intense sessions with Eduardo over months showing sustained progress towards their fitness goals. Jim Carrey’s agent shared their praise for him on twitter saying: “His rejuvenated energy can be attributed to working with Eduardo”. It’s clear that Eduardo Alves’ commitment to providing high quality personalised training has garnered respect and admiration from high profile clientele throughout the years.

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Programs and Services

Eduardo Alves is an experienced personal trainer, offering a variety of programs and services to help you reach your fitness goals. His approach is singularly tailored for each individual, with the aim of helping them meet their desired objectives by providing personalized training plans. He provides instruction on proper form to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. He also works closely with clients to ensure they are staying on track with their program and motivated as they progress toward their goals.

Through his programs and services, Eduardo Alves offers one-on-one private training sessions that take into account each person’s skill level and fitness objectives. He also provides group bootcamp classes that focus on high intensity workouts designed to get you sweating while achieving maximum gains in a short amount of time. If personal training isn’t an option, he offers comprehensive nutrition advice to help you make healthy choices when it comes to eating habits. In addition, he offers ongoing support throughout the duration of your program, checking in periodically and providing feedback to ensure that you stay consistent and motivated on your journey towards greater health and well-being.

Final Thoughts

Eduardo Alves’ approach of blending the physical and mental aspects of fitness is what makes him stand out from other personal trainers. He understands that proper exercise should not just be about getting in better shape; it should also be about learning to understand oneself, embracing a healthy lifestyle, and gaining confidence. His unique combination of professional martial arts background, years of experience, nutrition advice, and emphasis on mental wellness sets him apart from other personal trainers. He has an integrated approach to his training sessions that encompasses an individual’s physical needs, nutrition program, and psychological health needs. Eduardo Alves also keeps his clients motivated by having them set realistic goals and celebrating milestones along the way. This helps ensure that the progressive nature of his program enhances their overall health and wellbeing through sustainable lifestyle changes rather than short-term gains. Ultimately, Eduardo Alves strives to inspire everyone to improve their quality of life. He empowers individuals with knowledge and skills to reach their full potential—through exercises aimed at strengthening both body and mind simultaneously—and he plays an invaluable role in helping people achieve their fitness dreams while maintaining healthy relationships with food, movement, and perception of the self.

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