How Much Does A Certified Personal Trainer Make An Hour


A Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) is a fitness professional who advises and motivates people to become physically and mentally healthier. They design individualized programs to meet their clients’ needs, assist them in tracking their overall progress, and goal setting. CPTs are educated and certified health care professionals that specialize in designing individualized plans for their clients to help them reach targeted health levels within a given timeline.

The amount a Certified Personal Trainer makes on an hourly basis varies greatly depending on a number of factors such as experience level, location, facility type, certifications held, specializations offered and other qualifications. On average, CPTs can expect to earn an average of between $20 and $40 per hour depending on these factors. Experienced personal trainers with specialties in certain areas or extra education can expect to earn up to $60 or more per hour once they have developed clientele and referrals.

Certified Personal Trainers who are independent contractors instead of being employed by a facility may be able to make higher wages than those who are employed by gyms or facilities. Freelance personal trainers may set their own rates for sessions as well as offer discounts for group classes and packages that could result in increased earnings. Independent contractors may also have access additional benefits such as medical insurance and retirement plans if not already provided by the facility they work at on a contractual basis.

Additionally, Certified Personal Trainers who choose to pursue career growth can explore avenues such as opening their own training studio or writing books related to health topics that could lead to even more income potential. Although running a studio does require additional start-up costs which many CPTs may not be immediately prepared for, it is nonetheless an option viable for some CPTs looking for ways to expand upon their income potential while continuing down the path in pursuit of becoming fitness experts.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer

Being a certified personal trainer can be a rewarding, lucrative career for those interested in helping others achieve their fitness and health goals. The amount that a certified personal trainer makes an hour depends on several factors, such as experience, qualifications, location and the type of services they offer. Generally speaking, salaries range from $20 to $60 an hour, with most trainers earning an average hourly rate of around $30.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a certified personal trainer. For example, trainers have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with clients that can last for years. Additionally, certified trainers usually find themselves well-paid since they build up client lists and become established professionals in their respective communities. Certified personal training also provides a chance to get creative with various types of workouts and techniques tailored to individual training goals. Ultimately, the satisfaction gained in helping clients achieve their desired results is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a certified personal trainer.

Benefits of Being Self-employed vs. Employed by a Gym

The amount a certified personal trainer makes an hour depends on their business model, the services they provide, and the geographical location in which they are working. It is possible for personal trainers to make anywhere from $15 per hour working for a gym or as much as $175+ per hour providing private one-on-one training.

One extreme benefit of being self-employed as a certified personal trainer comes in the form of potential income. Generally speaking, self-employed trainers have the potential to earn far more than if they were employed by a gym setting due to the fact that they can charge individual clients more and aren’t tied down to an hourly wage or commission like employed trainers may be. Additionally, self-employed trainers often have flexible hours which allows them to take on more clients if desired.

Lifetime Fitness Personal Training Manager Salary

On the other end of this equation are those who are employed by a gym. While salary or commission wages may pale in comparison to what some self-employed ones bring in, they benefit from security (often receiving benefits such as health, dental and vision from their employer), structure (working shifts on the same schedule) sense of community (assistance from other employees and free use of many gym amenities).

Average Hourly Salaries for Certified Personal Trainers

The average hourly salary of a certified personal trainer can depend on location and experience. In the United States, depending on the area, the average rate for either a self-employed personal trainer or one who is employed at a fitness facility ranges from $15-$50 per hour. Highly experienced trainers with an outgoing personality and great marketing skills tend to make more per session than those who lack such traits. Many states require that you hold appropriate certifications in order to legally work as a personal trainer, and some also require yearly continuing education credits or recertification fees be paid in order to maintain certification.

In addition to hourly pay, personal trainers may also receive performance bonuses or incentives based on the number of clients they have or results their clients are achieving. Bonuses can range anywhere from 5-20% of the total revenue generated by those clients and will vary depending on the company’s incentives program. Lastly, many gyms provide free gym memberships, continuing education credits, discounts off retail merchandise and other benefits to their trainers which can help offset the costs associated with working as a professional trainer.

Factors That Impact a Trainers Hourly Pay

The hourly wage of a certified personal trainer is largely dependent on a variety of factors. Primarily, the most influential factor to consider is location. Personal trainers in metropolitan areas typically earn higher wages than those who work in rural locations due to larger populations and potentially more competition for their services. Additionally, the type of certification a trainer has can play a role in the wage they are paid per hour. Those who have internationally or nationally recognized certifications tend to charge more than those with lesser-known qualifications. It is also worth noting that trainers may adjust their rates based on the experience level of their clients or if they specialize in certain niches such as weight loss or sports performance. Finally, other factors such as notable professional accomplishments, popularity on social media, client feedback, and specialty equipment usage can also impact how much a certified personal trainer makes an hour.

How To Increase Your Earnings As A Trainer

The amount a certified personal trainer can make an hour typically depends on their location, qualifications, and experience. Some trainers may start at around $15 per hour, while more experienced trainers in more competitive areas might charge up to $100 an hour.

To increase your earnings as a trainer, consider offering additional services beyond one-on-one training sessions. Consider offering online training programs and classes that can reach a broad audience worldwide. You could also develop fitness supplement products or be a fitness model or mentor. You could also potentially collaborate with affiliates who will pay you for each referred client you bring them. Additionally, you should consider promoting your services on different platforms such as Instagram or YouTube and connecting with influencers who have large followings to help market your services. Building relationships with local gym owners and expanding into corporate wellness opportunities can also be great ways to increase your earning potential as a personal trainer. Finally, strive to stay educated on the latest technologies by attending seminars, conventions and completing certificate courses to continuously improve your skills as a certified personal trainer.

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Strategies For Finding High-Paying Clients

When it comes to finding high-paying clients as a certified personal trainer, it is important to establish a plan of action that ensures success. Here are some strategies for maximizing your income as a personal trainer:

1. Start by defining your target market and ideal client. Create a profile of the type of individual that you would like to work with and the types of things they have or will be interested in. This can include anything from socio-economic status to fitness goals and hobbies.

2. Once you have identified your target market, start networking! Join local gym groups, attend professional events related to health and fitness, look for speaking engagements at conferences, contribute guest posts on fitness blogs, etc. All of these activities will open up your circle so potential clients can find you.

3. Utilize social media sites to promote yourself as a trainer and connect with potential clients online. Posting industry tips, facts and helpful advice is one way to build relationships with people searching for trainers online.

4. When promoting yourself or speaking with prospective clients, always be honest about what services you offer and at what rate you charge per hour—this should be personalized depending on the needs of each client but should remain competitive so that prospects can see the value in working with you instead of another trainer in the area.

5. Leverage existing relationships by connecting potential clients with trainers who may not specialize in their particular training style but could grant referrals when appropriate—you could even offer discounts for referrals that convert into paying customers!


The amount of money a certified personal trainer makes per hour is dependent on a variety of factors. The type of facility they work at and the area in which they are located will greatly influence their salary. It is possible for certified personal trainers to make between $15 and $50 an hour, depending on their experience level and the certification courses they take. Trainers can also sign up to be independent contractors, allowing them to set their own hours and rates, but this option may be more difficult to obtain as it requires a larger initial investment into equipment and training materials.

Overall, if you have the drive and dedication, becoming a certified personal trainer can be a great way to earn a living due to the potential for earning a good living rate. With experience and continued training, certified personal trainers can increase their hourly pay rate or even choose specialize in certain areas such as pre-postnatal care or working with sports athletes. Having the freedom to choose your clients, operational hours and working environment gives those who become certified personal trainers the chance to make their careers in line with goals that are important to them in order to ensure fulfillment both professionally and personally.

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