What Being A Personal Trainer At Planet Fitness Is Like


Being a personal trainer at Planet Fitness is an incredible opportunity to help people transform their lives. Working in a supportive environment, you have the chance to use your knowledge and experience as you create personalized fitness plans for clients and help them reach their goals.

As a personal trainer, your primary goal is helping individuals reach their health and fitness targets. At Planet Fitness, this involves working with a wide range of members, from those looking to lose weight to athletes interested in advancement. Your expertise enables you to provide personalized advice on nutrition and exercise while motivating individuals to stay consistent in reaching their goals. You can also hone your abilities by creating different exercises for each individual’s needs, using the tools available at the gym – like free weights, weight machines, Cardio equipment and stretching mats/areas (depending on the club).

You’ll also be responsible for connecting with other members around goals outside of physical health. This involves developing relationships with clients that are based on competency but also incorporate compassion and understanding. After all, many of us don’t just need help physically – we need somebody who will also listen and understand our stories. Through forming meaningful connections with each member you help guide them through challenges they face internally along with any external factors that might be stopping them from getting where they want to be.

In addition to interacting directly with clients, being a personal trainer at Planet Fitness means promoting healthy habits amongst the larger community of members too. You may host classes or seminars that focus on healthy lifestyles—whether it’s food preparation techniques or nutrition education—leveraging your expertise as well as equipment provided by the gym in order to empower individuals beyond what’s seen on the surface . Get ready for an incredible journey filled with learning opportunities about health as you become a resource for both current/potential clients across every level of ability

Celebrations of Successes

Working as a personal trainer at Planet Fitness is a very rewarding experience. One of the best parts of the job is the opportunity to witness firsthand members’ victories and successes that can be attributed to personal training sessions. Whether it’s seeing someone reach a strength milestone for the first time, accomplish their pre-determined fitness goals, or simply have more confidence in tackling daily activities, witnessing these positive changes in members is incredibly gratifying. In addition to celebrating successes with individual members, it’s also very fulfilling to get to share inspiring stories of members who have achieved success with personal training with other coworkers and club goers. This way, trainers can help lend support and motivation to those looking to embark on their own health journey.

How to Get Started

The first step in becoming a Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness is to have some kind of certification or education relevant to personal training. You will also need CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification, which can typically be obtained through your local Red Cross. The next step is to create a competitive profile and apply for the position. After submitting your resume, you should expect an invitation to come in and interview with the team. During this interview they will assess both your skills and attitude, along with any special interests you possess that could benefit the gym.

Once hired, you will attend an on-site orientation session where you’ll receive information about gym policies, best practices for interacting with members and other topics related to Planet Fitness procedures. Depending on location, there may also be additional employee development courses available that focus on understanding their sales system and how to help members reach their goals effectively.

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As a Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness, you can expect to work closely with individual clients or provide classes for small groups depending on the needs of the gym at any given time. Working as part of a team gives you access to other trainers’ areas of expertise as well as new methods for helping clients reach their fitness goals more quickly and effectively. Additionally, it’s important to note all their facilities are open 24 hours a day so if needed one may switch shifts or days if necessary – meaning there’s always room for flexibility! Moreover, Planet Fitness prides itself in being very motivating yet welcoming atmosphere that trainers can use when helping members get in shape – an excellent trait of theirs that sets them apart from many other gyms today.

Scheduling Problems

Being a Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness can present different scheduling issues. They may range from trying to reschedule appointments due to expected and unexpected last-minute cancellations, dealing with members who don’t show up, or attempting to please everyone while still being mindful of that ‘’no judgement’’ atmosphere the gym strives for.

It is important to be understanding when it comes to member scheduling issues. After all, you are there to help each individual reach his/her goals and therefore expect not every session will go as planned. You might have members who consistently cancel sessions or do not show up at all, inconveniencing you and other members who could have taken the appointment instead. It’s here where your excellent customer service skills come into play – try politely asking the client about their absence or cancellation; this approach helps build loyalty and trust between your client and yourself. Additionally, at Planet Fitness it’s important have an understanding when clients don’t appear for their session; this is done by giving them subtle reminders of the importance of attending their exercise classes through emails and calls 1–2 days before their scheduled visit. However, despite all these efforts done on behalf of the gym manager and personal trainers, if a person doesn’t take advantage of the allotted time slot assigned then substitute sessions may need to be provided for other members looking for additional training opportunities.

Access to Resources

Being a personal trainer at Planet Fitness comes with access to a wide range of resources that can help trainers on the job. As one of the leading gym chains in the US, Planet Fitness has developed strong relationships with companies and organizations across the industry that allow trainers to have access to the latest information and tools. These include fitness and nutrition magazines, professional conferences, online databases, free webinars and seminars, mentorships, workshops, certifications and various associations—all created to support trainers in their work. In addition, there are digital resources such as mobile apps and software programs designed to aid trainers in administering client assessments and creating customized plans. Lastly, Planet Fitness offers a range of trainings specifically tailored to their trainers such as safety certified courses as well as advice on how to motivate clients and stay up-to-date on trends. With all these resources available to them, personal trainers at Planet Fitness can ensure they are delivering top-notch services for their clients while improving their own knowledge base in return.

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Becoming a personal trainer at Planet Fitness comes with the huge benefit of being able to touch people’s lives in many positive ways. Not only do you positively affect your clients’ fitness and physical health, but you also help your clients make improvements to their mental and social lives.

By helping people reach their fitness goals, personal trainers become more than just another person. They become a valuable source of motivation, encouragement, support and advice.

In terms of finances, the pay scale for personal trainers varies across different gym franchises depending on the type of qualifications they possess and the location they choose to work in. Generally speaking at Planet Fitness, personal trainers can earn an estimated starting rate between $25-35/hour depending on their certifications and experience. Typically an experienced registered personal trainer can expect to make up to $54/hour or even more with subsequent professional development activities or additional certifications within specialised areas of performance such as strength training, sports conditioning and nutrition counselling etc.. In addition to hourly fees, some PTs also offer commission-based programs which could bring in extra money based on client results or progress made over a certain period of time; and there is often the potential for bonuses from referring other clients too.

Work/Life Balance

Being a personal trainer at Planet Fitness requires excellent time management and organizational skills to ensure that you are able to keep up the balance between your work and personal life. It is important that you maintain a healthy balance between these two areas of your life in order to stay healthy and productive. This means taking regular breaks throughout the day, ensuring you have adequate rest, managing stress levels, eating healthily and engaging in exercise regularly. When arranging shifts and clients, be sure to leave time for yourself so that you can enjoy time with friends or family, take part in leisure activities or simply simply relax without feeling stressed or overworked. Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life allows you to stay both happy and successful.


Being a personal trainer at Planet Fitness is a rewarding experience. Not only do you get to watch your clients achieve their fitness goals, but you also develop strong relationships with them and have the privilege of sharing in their success. As a personal trainer, you’re able to customize workouts and assessments, provide nutrition counseling, troubleshoot issues related to members’ goals and assist members during their workouts. You can even specialize in certain areas like sports conditioning or weight loss. If you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer at Planet Fitness and helping someone by developing customized plans for their individual needs, then follow the steps outlined on Planet Fitness website and fill out an application today! With commitment, hard work and dedication, you will be able to make a positive difference in people’s lives – what could be more rewarding than that?

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