Planet Fitness Shoulder Workout

Planet Fitness offers many effective shoulder workouts that can help strengthen and tone this important muscle group. This planet fitness shoulder workout includes various exercises that can target each of the different muscles in the Deltoid, as well as the Trapezius and Rotator Cuff Muscles.

Utilizing a combination of weighted machines, free weights and bodyweight movements, one can easily mix up their routine to achieve maximum results from these exercises. The following paragraphs will outline a few basic shoulder exercises included in Planet Fitness’ shoulder workout, helping you take your training to the next level.

Seated Shoulder Press The seated shoulder press is an excellent exercise for targeting the front, middle and rear heads of the deltoid muscle. It is performed with a machine or a free weight such as a dumbbell or barbell while sitting on an adjustable bench. With this exercise, one should start with lighter weights before moving onto heavier ones as they get stronger over time.

This exercise is excellent for strengthening not only the deltoids but also other surrounding muscles such as triceps and trapezius muscles. Furthermore, individuals can opt for making slight adjustments to target particular areas in this exercise if they wish to do so.

Front Raises The front raise is an isolation movement that targets primarily the anterior (front) head of the deltoid muscle with minimal assistance from other surrounding muscles such as biceps and forearms. It can be done using either dumbbells or cables while standing upright with your arms at your sides in an extended position.

In order to maximize effectiveness when performing this exercise, it’s essential to ensure that you’re working against gravity all throughout its Range Of Motion (ROM).

Oftentimes people rush through reps too quickly without squeezing their muscle at the top and bottom part of each rep which will result in ineffective results overall. Exaggerating slower negative eccentrics can be especially beneficial for maximizing tension during each repetition further enhancing muscular development across each rep range.

Back Flyes Displayed by cable machines or dumbbells, back flyes are designed to mainly work your posterior (rear) head off deltoids along with latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, traps, infraspinatus and teres minor. Beginners may benefit more from starting out first utilizing either resistance bands or cables rather than increasing weight right away on machines. Your session should begin by performing 6-8 reps per set followed slowly progressing towards higher sets / reps / Resistance later on.

Ensuring good form all throughout is crucial for reducing any unnecessary strain on rotator cuff preventing future injuries. Process wise,Start off by keeping your arms slightly bending during ROM while engaging core & glutes during execution period aiming parallel focus across muscle activation so each individual perform peak contractions at top portion off moveimente allowing proper rehydration before taking break between sets.

Common Shoulder Injuries and Preventative Measures

Common shoulder injuries occur as a result of sports activities, improper body mechanics, and age. The most common types of shoulder injuries include rotator cuff tears, labral tears, shoulder tendinitis/impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder syndrome or (adhesive capsulitis), AC joint arthritis as well as clavicle fractures.

To prevent these injuries, there are a few key exercises that should be incorporated into any shoulder workout routine at Planet Fitness:

  • Warm up – Stretching is essential before any upper body exercise. It is important to stretch all muscles in the area, not just directly around the joint.
  • Strength Training – Focus on strengthening various aspects of the shoulders such as the rotator cuffs to increase rotational control and muscle stability.
  • Plyometrics – Plyometric exercises help to increase power within the shoulders during dynamic movements by utilizing eccentric contraction prior to concentric force production.

When beginning any type of shoulder exercise program at Planet Fitness it is important to begin with light weights and progress gradually in order build strength while avoiding injury. Work both sides equally so they will eventually develop similar levels of strength. Labeling every set with an appropriate load amount on your weight-lifting notebook may also reduce imbalance in size between both sides.

Proceed deliberately through the controlled range of motion which helps ensure that your joints are not overstressed; then observe a full lockout to maximize muscle contractions which will ultimately develop more muscular gains. Pay particular attention how you inhale and exhale through every exercise at Planet Fitness as controlling breath can improve power output tremendously.

Finally, proper form is paramount when performing any kind of exercise – use mirrors for visual feedback if possible and always follow visual cue from instructors when attending group classes at Planet Fitness.

Identifying Body Alignment and Muscle Groups

Having the right body alignment is crucial when doing any type of shoulder workout at Planet Fitness. The majority of shoulder exercises involve standing in an upright position with a neutral spine and feet placed hip-width apart. Keeping your head in line with your spine, eyes looking forward and chest open will help you keep your posture throughout the set.

It’s also important to focus on engaging the correct muscle groups while keeping other muscle groups completely relaxed. To ensure that all areas from the shoulders to the core are engaged, it helps to squeeze the glutes while slightly tilting your pelvis forward.

The easiest way to work on shoulder movements at Planet Fitness is by using machines designed specifically for shoulder exercises such as the overhead press machine or seated rows. If you are unsure about how to use these machines, staff members at Planet Fitness can provide guidance and instruction on how to properly set up each machine for maximum muscular gains.

When sitting down, always supported by the back rest, maintain high levels of posture, for stability and safety reasons. Finally make sure that when attempting a full extension of arms while using any machine, grip firmly while controlling even pressure throughout every motion being executed.

Planet Fitness provides many great options for people looking to tone up their shoulders as part of a fitness routine. By taking into account basic techniques for proper body alignment and focusing on activating key muscle groups during each exercise, you can make advances towards toned shoulders in no time.

Through using free weights or specialized machines such as their leg press or assisted pullup/chinup equipment you will be able to customize workouts specifically targeting weaker areas of your shoulders along with other areas within minutes. Remember though that this is not a race – take your time and practice proper form until more difficult versions of each exercise can be completed with confidence which will prevent injury or unwanted strain on muscles or joints.

Benefits of Shoulder Workouts

• Strengthen shoulder muscles to prevent injury • Increase stability of arm related activities • Improve posture and energy levels • Enhance physical strength Shoulders are one of the more complex parts of the body that are often neglected when it comes to developing a fitness routine. Strengthening the muscles around the shoulders can do wonders for overall health, both short-term and long-term. Here are some advantages of a regular shoulder workout plan:

  • Strengthening shoulder muscles can help prevent injuries in the future, especially due to vigorous workouts.
  • Having a stronger shoulder muscle group allows for increased stability during arm related activities such as weight lifting, running or even other sports activities.
  • It also helps in improving posture since toning this part helps regenerate energy levels. This leads to improved body alignment which makes everyday activities much easier.
  • Overall you’ll gain better physical strength and be able to perform athletic endeavors with greater ease than before.
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Planet Fitness offers various shoulder exercise programs for those who want to focus on toning this particular area of their body. The exercises combine both free weight and machine exercises offering users a comprehensive approach towards strengthening their shoulders. These exercises specifically target the entire shoulder region through bench presses or military presses as well as using pulley machines such as flys or high cable lateral raises.

All these workouts will ensure that your delts (deltoid muscles) get shaped perfectly while avoiding any strain on your rotator cuff muscles. In addition, if you opt for personal training at Planet Fitness, many trainers there have expertise and years of experience behind them making sure that your exercise routines are perfect suited to you needs and goals.

Warm-up Exercises

When it comes to fitness, warm ups are always important. A good warm-up helps reduce fatigue and prevents injuries during the actual workout. Doing a few dynamic stretches before Planet Fitness shoulder workouts is always recommended, such as arm circles, jumping jacks etc.

Main Exercises

An effective shoulder workout consists of exercises using free weights which target the various muscles that make up your shoulder such as deltoids and rotator cuffs. Below are a few good exercises that can be performed:

  • Military Press: Stand with feet apart slightly wider than your shoulders and hold a dumbbell in each hand just above your shoulders. Keep elbows close to body and press both arms above your head. Slowly return back down for one rep.
  • Lateral Raise: Start with feet apart in standing position holding dumbbells at hip level, palms facing inwards. Raise arm straight outwards until parallel with floor, keeping elbow slightly bent (form should look like letter ‘T’ from side). Slowly bring back down for one rep.
  • Bent Over Reverse Fly: Bend over from the hips keeping spine neutral and knees slightly bent holding dumbbells in hands in front of you with arms fully extended downwards towards ground for balance. Keeping elbows slightly bent, raise arms out to side until they reach shoulder height.
  • Upright Row: Standing up with feet apart, grip either end of a single dumbbell just outside of feet on same line as middle toes and pull up towards chin while externally rotating shoulders (arms should form letter Y). Lower hand back down slowly for one rep.

Using correct technique is essential during such activities in order to ensure Muscle gains without causing an injury or damage. Ensure enough time is kept between setsin order to rest between reps and concentrate on proper form without getting tired quickly; this will prevent common injuries like tendonitis from occuring.

Make sure to keep track of how much weight you’re lifting so you can push yourself further without overexerting or injuring yourself in the process. Finally, it’s important not to forget stretching after the session has been completed – even though this is often overlooked – so that muscles can re lax more quickly after intense activity.

Variations of Shoulder Presses

1. Shoulder Press The shoulder press focuses on the three muscles that make up your shoulder: the front, middle and rear deltoids. It can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells. To perform this exercise, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a weight in each hand at shoulder level with your palms facing forward. From there, press the weight overhead while maintaining good form. Lower the weights back to your shoulders and repeat.

2. Lateral Raises Lateral raises are an isolation exercise targeting the side deltoids for growth and strength development. Start by standing up straight with a pair of dumbbells in each hand at your sides (palms facing in). Then raise both arms out to the sides until they reach parallel with your shoulders, keeping your core tight throughout the entire motion. Pause and return to the starting position, then repeat.

3. Rear Deltoid Flyes Rear deltoid flyes target specifically target the rear delts and help improve posture by strengthening them.

To perform this exercise stand upright with your knees slightly bent and grip a pair of dumbbells in each hand directly at hip level with your palms facing behind you (outside of thighs). Keep a slight bend in elbows during movement; bring weights up toward shoulders while squeezing back of shoulders at high point of movement before returning to starting position and repeating.

4. Upright Rows The upright row strengthens both front and side deltoids while also working smaller secondary muscles like trapezius and rhomboids which all play important role in stabilizing shoulder joint during other overhead movements like pushing motions found in pressing exercises like bench presses. Begin by standing upright holding barbell or two dumbbells comfortably around mid thigh areapalms should be facing body or away from you depending on weight used.

Pull arms up towards chin area keeping elbows higher than hands as well as close to body until bar passes chin level before slowly lowering weight down towards starting position. Avoid excessive amounts jerking motion when performing this exercise.

Integrating Stability Balls into Lateral Raises

Stability balls are a great tool to integrate into your shoulder workout routine. Not only do they help to increase muscle engagement and core strength, but they can also provide important support to help protect your back and shoulders.

Planet Fitness recommends doing lateral raises with a stability ball for shoulder workouts. The exercise involves standing on the ball so that it is in-line with your body and holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Increase the difficulty of this exercise by raising the ball higher onto your toes while you extend the dumbbells outward, away from your sides, while keeping your arms straight. The key to engaging all of the muscles involved in this exercise properly is to keep your core tight and use small control movements when bringing the weights inward and outward during each repetition.

Now let’s look at how Planet Fitness would break down their recommended shoulder workout with a stability ball:

  • Start by getting comfortable on top of the stability ball.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles then pick up both dumbbells.
  • Slowly extend each arm outwards in a controlled motion. Avoid locking elbows throughout movement.
  • Hold extension for two seconds then slowly return arms towards body.
  • Repeat 10-20 times depending upon fitness level.

It’s also important to remember not to engage too much during this exercise as it may cause unnecessary strain on your shoulders and arms. Also, be sure to execute each repetition with deliberate control rather than quick or jerking motions as that can pull or stretch ligaments beyond what they should handle.

With proper execution of these steps you will see improved results over time as this exercise works all three deltoid muscles at once; anterior (front), posterior (back)and medial (middle).

Isolation Techniques for Upright Rows

Planet Fitness Upright Rows are a great exercise for working the shoulder muscles and improving overall shoulder strength. The exercise allows you to isolate specific muscles in your shoulders, meaning that you can target the areas that need the most attention. By having the ability to target specific muscle groups, this type of workout helps improve coordination between the shoulder and neck muscles, which is important for daily life activities such as lifting objects or reaching up into shelves.

When doing Planet Fitness Upright Rows, it is important to use proper form to maximize results and decrease risk of injury. Starting in a standing position with feet close together and knees slightly bent, you will want to hold the weight in front of you with palms facing down.

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From here, push your elbows outwards as far as comfortable while raising the weight up until it reaches shoulder height. Keep your torso stationary during this movement by contracting your abdominals and maintain good spinal alignment throughout the exercise.

Varying Techniques

Another key factor when performing Planet Fitness Upright Rows is varying techniques on how you execute them. For example, holding lighter weights while increasing repetitions can engage more muscle fibers in order to burn more calories than simply doing heavier weighted reps at a normal speed. Further variations can include alternating grips (overhand or underhand) when executing them or keeping elbows tucked in tighter towards your body instead of pushing them outwards away from you during each rep.

Pause Reps?

Additionally variation can come through what are known as pause reps wherein once your elbows have reached their highest point on each rep, hold it there for 1-2 seconds before slowly lowering back down to starting position.

This technique engages more stabilizing muscles around your shoulders which can give improved stability and balance during daily life activities such as walking up stairs without holding onto railings or picking up items off high shelves without having an unsteady grasp due to weak shoulder muscles lacking coordination between them and neck support muscles mentioned earlier on in this article.

Cool-down Exercises

It is important to properly cool down after a shoulder workout at Planet Fitness. Cool-down exercises help the body transition from a vigorous exercise routine to a resting state.

They also help improve flexibility and enhance range of motion. A few tips to keep in mind when cooling down: start with low intensity movements that mimic the dynamic movement used earlier, stretch all the major muscles groups (such as arms, chest, and shoulders) after each set or exercise, take deep breaths and focus on lengthening your spine for good posture, and avoid static stretching at this point as it can reduce muscle tension.

Static Stretches

Once the body has been sufficiently cooled down, static stretching can be done to increase flexibility and range of motion around the shoulder area. When doing these stretches, it is important to slowly reach up for a comfortable point of tension then hold that position for 20-30 seconds (being mindful not to push too hard in order to avoid straining).

Each repetition should be repeated 3-5 times per side. Common static stretches include Doorway Chest Stretch, Tricep Stretch with Wall Support and Band Pull Aparts.

Shoulder Mobility Exercises

These exercises can help maintain strong overhead support in shoulders as well as promote mobility range of motion so that daily activities can be done without fear of injury. The goal is to move the joint safely towards its end range while avoiding pain or discomfort during or immediately after the movements are done.

Examples of shoulder mobility exercises are Shoulder Circles, Lateral ArmRaise with Scapular Progression and ArmBar Complex Overhead Movements with Reach Out holding onto an immovable object such as wall or door frame for stability; these moves are especially helpful when having a shaky balance or needing external stabilization support.

Core Activation Exercises

To help maintain stability in shoulder during a Planet Fitness workout sessions (as well as outside gym atmosphere), core activation plays an essential role in providing support before moving into heavier lifting portion of workouts program. Core activation exercises can include but not limited to: Dead Bug Glute Bridge Push Up Variations Plank Walk Out Frog Pumps Flutter Kicks Superman Holds and Bird Dog Extensions etc.

All these drills should be executed rhythmically without any strain on lower back nor neck area for optimal performances progression over long term period.

Stretching Routine After Shoulder Workout

Before starting any shoulder workout, it’s important to properly stretch. Stretching increases flexibility and helps prevent injuries while also improving posture. Here are some great stretching exercises to try before your shoulder workout:

  • Arm Circles: Stand with feet hip width apart, lift arms out to the sides and rotate them in circles for 10 reps.
  • Shoulder Rolls: Roll shoulders back and down 10 times.
  • Passive Chest Stretch: Place arms behind the back and interlace fingers together. Gently press palms away from the body while keeping the arms relaxed.
  • Upright Row: Begin with feet hip-width apart, arms extended directly downward while holding a dumbbell or water bottle in each hand. Lift weights up towards chin while squeezing shoulder blades together.

After stretching comes exercises for building strength in the shoulders and upper body. A great Planet Fitness shoulder workout consists of three core moves:

  1. Shoulder Extension: > Start by standing upright with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and hands resting on cheekbones. Extend both elbows outward until they’re just above the level of your head.
  2. Seated Rotations: > Sit on a chair with legs spread wide, crossing one ankle over the other knee. Holding both ends of a band or towel in each hand, rotate from side to side as you pull on either end of the band/towel.
  3. Lateral Raises: > Stand upright with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and hold two dumbbells at hip height. Keeping arms slightly bent, lift weights up until they reach eye level then lower them slowly back down again.

“All three exercises should be performed in succession for 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions”, says trainer Kevin Fontes from Planet Fitness. “This will help to increase muscle strength as well as improve postural alignment.”


Planet Fitness offers a great shoulder workout that is designed to help people create strong, toned, and attractive shoulders. The workout includes four exercises which target the anterior, lateral, and posterior areas of the shoulder. Each exercise is started with 10 repetitions and can be gradually increased as the body adapts. It also includes specific form directions to help prevent injury during the exercises.

Although there should always be a degree of caution taken when performing any type of physical activity, following this routine could significantly benefit anyone looking to increase muscular strength and improve overall shoulder stability. It is important to listen carefully to all form directions provided by Planet Fitness trainers or instructors, as bad form can lead to musculoskeletal pain and cause further damage over time. Additionally, users should stretch both before and after their shoulder workouts for maximum recovery.

The Planet Fitness Shoulder Workout can be a great tool for those wishing to work out consistently and improve their well-being while receiving helpful instruction and advice from experienced trainers every step of the way. The main takeaway from Planet Fitness’ program is that proper form helps ensure safety during each exercise in order to limit the risk of gaining an unpleasant injury while training intensely with light weights.

As long as these tips are followed correctly and implemented into every regime people undertake at Planet Fitness for their shoulders they will begin to notice positive changes over time with regards to increased strength and stability in their posterior deltoids, anterior deltoids, lateral deltoids as well as muscles around the rotator cuff tendons that keep our arms connected to our trunks.

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