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Personal trainers can make money in a variety of ways. Some of the most common sources are salaries, private lessons, and additional opportunities.

Salaries for personal trainers vary widely across the country; salaries may vary depending on skill level, market size, experience, certifications held and other factors such as whether or not you work for a specific gym or organization. According to Ziprecruiter national average salary for personal trainers is $50K per year. However, this number doesn’t take into account regional differences in salary or variations based on experience. On the low end personal trainers may make $15/hr but there are at least some trainers whose base salary exceeds $70K per year with extensive knowledge and expertise in their field.

Private lessons can be another lucrative source of income for personal trainers. These individualized sessions typically fetch between $25 to $100 an hour depending on demand and locality – making it a profitable alternative to working with large multiple-client groups. Moreover private lessons offer more one-on-one attention which can lead to better client satisfaction since each session can be catered specifically to the individual client’s needs.

Finally there are also additional opportunities that may expand your potential incomes streams including online training programs (if you have the right equipment and internet connection), mobile training services, referral opportunities through social media and even nutrition certifications which might come in handy if helping clients manage dietary habits is something they might benefit from as they strive towards their fitness goals.

Salary Ranges

Entry Level: Entry-level personal trainers typically earn between $10 and $20 an hour. These individuals usually have little to no experience in the field and are often just getting started in their career. Their qualifications include basic certifications that allow them to teach classes and offer basic personal training services.

Intermediate: Individuals with some experience in the field typically earn between $20 and $30 an hour. They may hold multiple certifications, such as a nutrition certification or specialized certifications for certain types of exercise, such as Yoga or Pilates. They may also specialize in certain health issues, such as weight loss, injury rehabilitation, diabetes control, etc.

Advanced: Advanced personal trainers are highly experienced in the field and can be considered experts in their specialties. They can earn anywhere from $30 to over $75 an hour depending on the type of services that they offer and level of experience that they have gained. Those who own their own business, having invested additional time in marketing efforts or personal branding often tend to charge more due to their reputation or appeal in the industry.

To boost pay even further, many personal trainers look for additional forms of income such as weekend seminars or workshops that attract larger groups at a higher cost per hour rate than individual sessions do; teaming up with established fitness facilities or gyms; writing books related to fitness, nutrition etc.; hosting retreats; producing workout DVD’s/ programs; launching online membership sites; creating apps/software related to physical fitness activities; developing corporate wellness programs etc.

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Factors That Influence Pay

Specialization: A personal trainer who specializes in a specific sport or physical activity can expect to be paid more than one with a general base of health and fitness knowledge. This is due to the premium market for those with comprehensive knowledge and experience in nutrition, biomechanics, injury prevention and rehabilitation, which are usually specialized areas.

Location: Location can also play a large role in determining salary levels as personal trainers working in cities tend to command higher fees due to the larger populations who can potentially use their services. Additionally, trainers who have access to gyms or other fitness facilities also have the potential to make more money depending on rental agreements.

Skills & Experience: Skills and experience typically come into play heavily when it comes to setting salaries. Trainers with years of experience under their belt tend to be higher earners while those just starting out may not earn quite as much. Also relevant is any additional education or certifications obtained which will help demonstrate expertise and skillset abodes particular areas such as yoga instruction or group exercise classes.

Money-Making Opportunities

Private Lessons
One way that personal trainers can supplement their income is through offering private lessons. Private lessons allow the trainer to work one-on-one with an individual client, providing expert guidance without the distractions of other people in a group session. Training sessions generally last around 45 minutes and the rates will depend on the experience level and popularity of the trainer.

Group Training Sessions
Another potential source of additional income for personal trainers is organising group training sessions. With this setup, trainers can provide instruction to several clients at once, usually charging a flat rate or sometimes working on a per-person basis. Group training has the advantage of allowing personal trainers to maximise their time during each appointment and also create more opportunities for networking.

Online Programs
Personal trainers can also make money by providing online programs and video courses. The scope of these services varies greatly and includes workout routines, meal plans, virtual coaching sessions and more. It’s a great way for professional trainers to reach even more people with their expertise while utilising digital tools such as webinars or apps for Android or iOS devices to help deliver their services.

Maximizing Earnings

Diversifying skills is an excellent way to increase earning potential as a personal trainer. Look for additional certifications or courses that can broaden the type of services you provide. Additionally, become proficient in digital marketing and create a strong online presence through website design and use of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This will help extend your reach beyond current clients, grow a larger following, attract more potential customers, build credibility within the industry and help you to stand out from the competition.

Another great tip for increasing revenue is by offering packages or extended membership plans that allow clients to commit to longer-term training services at discounted prices. You can also offer differentiated rates depending on the type of plan they choose. By offering discounts over long term plans, you can provide better value to your customers while also increasing your income at the same time.

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Finally, consider partnering with local gyms or specialized training facilities; this could open up more opportunities and provide more diversified clients than working independently. Many partner firms will take larger percentage cuts of wages but offer benefits such as flexible scheduling help with marketing and advertising efforts for developing further growths for both parties involved.

Continuing Education

Continuing education is an important and worthwhile investment for personal trainers who are looking to increase their earning potential. When pursuing further education, trainers can expect to gain a heightened understanding of the basics of anatomy and biomechanics, new exercise techniques, nutrition principles for optimizing health and performance, and coaching skills for more effective communication with clients. Advanced certificates often open doors to increased career opportunities as well as higher salaries.

Furthermore, gaining advanced certifications can show employers that you possess expertise in your field, boosting your credibility when competing against other applicants. It also gives you the tools needed to take on a greater variety of job roles. For example, with the right continuing education credentials you may be given the option to work as a personal trainer in different sports teams, athletics programs at colleges or universities, or become a strength and conditioning specialist in professional sports organizations. All of these positions typically result in higher salaries compared to general personal training positions.


Personal training salaries are wide-ranging and dependent on various factors such as certification, experience and location. The need for personal trainers is increasing due to the popularity of health and wellness, making it a lucrative field that offers good pay and job security. It is important for trainers to keep their certifications up-to-date, gain experience and market themselves in order to maximize their earning potential.

In conclusion, a career in personal training can be extremely rewarding financially and offer job satisfaction through helping individuals achieve their goals. Personal training salaries vary greatly depending on certifications, experience, location and marketing skills; but with effort, qualification and knowledge it is possible to earn good money while doing what you love. Key takeaways include staying current in certifications, gaining experience, enhancing skills through continued education and utilizing social media or other marketing techniques when necessary.

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