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The Personal Training Institute New York is the premier institute for professional personal training in the city. With state-of-the-art facilities, top notch trainers, and a passionate commitment to helping each individual reach their fitness goals – we provide unparalleled training experiences.

At the Personal Training Institute New York, our approach integrates holistic practices with evidence-based training techniques. Our team of highly experienced and certified exercise professionals will develop an individualized program that meets your specific needs and goals. Each session is designed to optimize health, reduce stress, and increase quality of life through physical movement.

Photos and videos of our facilities show off all the amenities available to members – including personal cardiovascular machines, strength training equipment, free weights, yoga studios and more! View photos of our cozy locker rooms complete with showers and complimentary toiletries so you can make sure you look your best after each workout! Video clips of our trainers demonstrate their enthusiasm for helping you achieve all your fitness goals. Get a sneak peek into one of our group classes or watch a private session to see just how knowledgeable they are when it comes to getting results. Be inspired by seeing the amazing transformation stories from those who have worked closely with us over time.

Success Stories

Over the years, the Personal Training Institute New York (PTI NY) has enabled countless clients to reach their fitness goals. Many of them have seen remarkable transformations in both their physical and mental states thanks to such an advanced program.

One particular client, Joanne, has experienced rapid results: she lost 22 pounds in just 7 weeks! She also increased her energy levels and reported significantly improved body composition. Joanne said she felt more confident within her own body and had more stamina during daily activities, which is a testament to PTI NY’s commitment to getting their clients into the best possible shape they can be.

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Another success story concerns Tony, who was able to shed 24 pounds even whilst working full-time. After training with PTI NY for 6 months, he had achieved his target weight and reported an overall boost in confidence due to being able to control his diet easily whilst maintaining a regular exercise schedule.

These stories represent merely a few of PTI NY’s many success cases, but are an indication as to just how effective its program really is – with dedicated trainers and customised plans that cater specifically to each individual’s needs, there’s no better way of reaching your desired goals than by training with the pros at PTI NY!


At PTI NY, we understand that our clients want to get the most out of their training program, and we are committed to providing a great value for your hard-earned money. That’s why we regularly offer discounts and promotions to new members who sign up with us. We often have limited-time offers such as exclusive discounts on group training programs, special package deals with reduced rates, complimentary fitness assessments or nutrition plans, and much more. Additionally, those who have been referred by an existing member can enjoy our Referred Friend Program that grants great savings on their first sessions at PTI NY!

Health & Nutrition

At the Personal Training Institute New York, we prioritize health and nutrition. We offer a variety of classes and resources to help individuals develop habits that benefit their long-term health and wellness. In our health and nutrition classes, our experts cover topics such as:

• A variety of diet regimens, including plant-based diets, vegetarian meal plans, and vegan diets.
• Exercise routines, both aerobic and anaerobic, that fit your lifestyle and targeting specific areas of the body you’d like to tone or strengthen.
• Tips to create healthy eating habits while maintaining balanced nutrition
• Strategies for meal prepping so you can have healthier meals throughout the week.
• Comprehensive overviews on the importance of monitoring nutritional intake, hydration levels and sleep cycles.
• The need to balance physical activity with appropriate rest periods in order to preserve overall health.
• Advice on ways to enhance physical performance and avoid injury during exercise.
Our ultimate goal is for students to gain confidence in making informed decisions about their own health and well-being. Through our classes and resources, we provide knowledge necessary to create healthy habits that last a lifetime!

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Online Resources

The Personal Training Institute New York (PTI-NY) offers a variety of online resources for anyone looking for a convenient way to stay physically active. Online training sessions are tailored to the individual, so no matter your experience level or what type of activity you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone. Through PTI-NY’s online platform, clients can access personalized work-out plans featuring detailed instructions and illustrations that make understanding the exercises easy. In addition, PTI-NY also offers recipes specifically designed around nutrition goals and current eating habits, saving time and frustration when it comes to planning healthy meals. For more assistance with exercise routine, diet regimen, and overall health and wellness, users can also take advantage of virtual consultations with professional trainers who will provide answers and advice remotely. All these resources are available at any time on PTI-NY’s website for just about any device or web browser.

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