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Personal Trainer Woking stands out amongst other fitness options because it offers a personalized program design tailored to the individual’s fitness goals. At Woking, you have access to highly qualified and certified personal trainers who will help develop your fitness program so that it is specifically tailored for you and your body type. With their help, you can start improving your physical health from a variety of different areas – from increasing your muscular strength and endurance to improving agility, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Personal Trainer Woking can also provide nutritional counseling and guidance on overall diet, as well as assist with lifestyle changes to help bring about healthier eating habits. This kind of comprehensive support ensures that your workouts will be both individually effective and time efficient, so that you can reach peak physical condition in the shortest possible amount of time.

Qualifications of Practitioners

Personal Trainer Woking is proud to employ some of the most experienced and highly-qualified personal trainers in the industry. For example, the practitioner team are comprised of certified exercise physiologists, nutritionists, biomechanists, public health advisors and strength trainers. Additionally, our practitioners have years of experience and specialized training covering sports medicine, functional anatomy and exercise prescription, including high intensity interval training. They all boast qualifications from leading industry bodies such as: ACE Health Coach Certification, FITNESS AUSTRALIA Registered Exercise Professional Certification and International Olympic Committee Coaching Diploma.

Moreover, what really sets Personal Trainer Woking apart is its unique expertise in sports performance optimization. Our practitioners have considerable knowledge across various sport-specific areas such as: sport psychology & leadership development; tactical decision making; effective training exercises for specific sports; injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies; recovery techniques & nutrition protocols; metabolic conditioning & aerobic power training; coordination drills & movement efficiency. Just some of the many custom programs we offer include basketball skills development programs for teenagers, Olympic weightlifting coaching sessions for athletes or corporate wellness bootcamps for companies.

Benefits of Personal Trainer Woking

Having a Personal Trainer Woking can benefit you in many ways. It can help address your individual fitness needs and goals by creating a personalized exercise plan based on your current level of fitness, any health conditions or injuries and lifestyle considerations. This plan is tailored to your specific body type, helping you meet your unique and individual fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

The advantage of having an experienced personal trainer with you is that they can provide guidance and encouragement throughout the program, providing advice when needed. They are also able to offer modifications to certain techniques and exercises should you need them due to any limitations or special requirements due to injuries or other health conditions.

A personal trainer Woking can also be beneficial for those who already engage in regular exercise, as they may suggest different exercises or alternative ways of training correctly which could help improve progressions or prevent plateauing. They will also be aware of any potential hazards such as using incorrect form/ technique and squeezing too much into one session which could lead to injury. Overall, having a personal trainer Woking can be very beneficial, regardless of current levels of physical activity as they offer tailor-made programs designed specifically for their client’s individual needs.

Types of Training Provided

Personal Trainer Woking offers a wide range of training options for individuals looking to get the most out of their workouts. Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose weight, gain strength or improve your overall fitness, Personal Trainer Woking will create an individualized program tailored to meet your needs and goals.

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Some of the different fitness areas that can be covered include:

• Strength Training: This type of training focuses on developing muscle strength using resistance exercises such as weight lifting, bodyweight exercises and resistance bands. Examples would include squats, deadlifts and overhead presses.

• Cardiovascular Training: This type of workout requires steady movement over a period of time in order to burn fat and increase endurance and heart health. Examples are running, cycling or swimming laps, aerobic classes and burpees.

• Flexibility Training: Flexibility training makes use of stretching and mobility work to open up tight muscles and help build muscle balance around joints. Examples include yoga poses, pilates movements, foam rolling and assisted stretching.

• Core Training: Core strengthening focuses on engaging the deep abdominal muscles to improve posture and stability throughout daily life activities. Sit ups, planks or variations thereof held with good technique are all key components of core training.

Locations and Availability

Personal Trainer Woking is proud to offer a range of different locations for personal training sessions.

Our main training location is located at Esher Rugby Club, Claygate Lane, Esher, Surrey KT10 0NP. This is conveniently located in the heart of Woking, providing easy access from all parts of the town. Here we provide both indoor and outdoor facilities with a mix of state of the art equipment and natural terrain enabling you to get the most out of your personal training session. We also have plenty of parking available outside the club making it an ideal choice for those travelling by car.

In addition to this we also frequently host sessions in various parks and outdoor spaces around Woking – details can be found on our website or via our Facebook page where we announce upcoming events. These areas are perfect for those looking to make use of nature’s gym rather than using machinery. We choose these outdoor spaces to ensure there is something suitable for everyone and that everyone can experience the great outdoors whichever activity they are undertaking!

For customers who prefer more private training then we also offer one-to-one sessions from our highly experienced trainers in either their own homes or ours (subject to availability).

We understand that not everyone has the same accessibility needs so if any specific requirements need to be accommodated please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

For anybody that would like more information about Personal Trainer Woking’s services and locations please feel free to contact us via our website or alternatively get in touch with us directly on 01798 792 880 / [email protected] and someone will be happy to assist you further with anything you may need or answer any questions you may have regarding our services and locations available.


The Personal Trainer Woking offers three levels of training packages.

Basic package: This package includes two consultation and assessment sessions, one high intensity interval training session per week along with fitness plans tailored to your needs. The cost of this package is £65/month and payments can be made through bank transfer or PayPal.

Premium package: This package comprises of four consultations, three HIIT sessions and personalised nutrition advice in addition to the services provided with the basic package. This package costs £95/month and payments can be made through bank transfer or PayPal or via a credit or debit card.

Plus package: This package includes six consultations, four HIIT sessions as well as nutritional advice customised for your individual goals. In addition to these services, there will also be regular reviews and follow up consultations. The cost for this package is £120/month and payments can be made through bank transfers or using PayPal or a credit/debit card.

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Real Results

At Personal Trainer Woking, we’ve been helping people achieve their fitness goals for years. Our customers have seen amazing results since becoming part of our team, so why not join them and get the same results?

Our trainees come in all shapes and sizes, with different goals in mind. Whether they’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or just feel better about themselves, Personal Trainer Woking helps them get there. We combine an expert personalised workout plan with comprehensive nutritional advice to put our clients on the right track to success.

To give potential clients an idea of what kind of results they can expect from joining us here at Personal Trainer Woking, we’d like to share some of our favourite success stories.

Take Jenny for example. She joined us looking to lose weight but had tried and failed numerous times before. With regular training and guidance from her trainer she was able to reach a healthy bodyweight after just 3 months! She now has more energy than ever before and loves how she feels having achieved her fitness goals with us.

Or take Paul who hired us to help him build muscle mass. After sticking with his trainer’s strict program of lifting weights, he saw amazing progress in just 6 weeks. He was ecstatic when he saw how much bigger his muscles had grown within such a short timeframe! He puts this down to dedication and passion shown by both him and his personal trainer.

These are just two examples of the successful transformations we’ve helped create here at Personal Trainer Woking – there are countless other stories like this that demonstrate our commitment to helping people achieve their best selves through physical activity and proper nutrition! If you’re ready for real results, make sure you contact us today!


Personal Trainer Woking provides an effective and enjoyable way to reach your health and fitness goals. Our tailored approach to fitness helps you achieve results that are suited to your individual body shape and lifestyle. With a variety of classes, one-on-one sessions, and metabolic conditioning programs available, we will ensure that you get the most out of every workout. Our team of experienced trainers provide personalized guidance to improve your strength and endurance, helping you to feel healthier, more energized and ready for anything life throws at you.

At Personal Trainer Woking we understand it can be intimidating to take the first step, which is why we offer support every step of the way. We strive to create unique fitness plans tailored specifically to each client’s needs so that each session is as productive as possible. Our aim is for people not just to be fit- but also healthy, happy and feeling great about their bodies no matter what goal they have set themselves.

If you’re interested in taking the next step on your path towards becoming the fittest version of yourself then contact us today! We would love to discuss how Personal Trainer Woking can help you reach all your goals safely, efficiently and enjoyably. Not only do our highly qualified trainers provide top of the line gymnastics technology but we also believe in creating an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable, motivated and supported throughout their journey. Contact our team today at (insert contact details) and start making positive changes in your life with Personal Trainer Woking!

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