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A personal trainer website is an online platform that acts as a digital portfolio for fitness experts. It allows personal trainers to showcase their training skills, knowledge, and qualifications on the web. Having a personal trainer website in 2018 is essential if you want to build a reputable business as it provides a platform for potential clients to learn about you and your services. Also, having an online presence increases trustworthiness as your past clients can leave reviews and recommendations that help establish credibility. Your website can also be used to set appointment times with customers and make payments online, adding convenience and ease of use. Finally, having a personal trainer website is great for SEO purposes; search engine optimization helps increase traffic to your site by making sure your services are seen by more people searching for them. Getting a personal trainer website in 2018 is recommended if you want to make sure your fitness business stands out among competition!

Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer Website in 2018

A personal trainer website in 2018 provides a variety of benefits to help you succeed. Having a website allows you to clearly demonstrate your skills and expertise, which can attract potential clients and establish your credibility among other professionals in the field. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase success stories from past clients, showing them what they can expect when they work with you. Furthermore, a website is an effective way to stay connected with clients; by giving them access to workout programs and tracking their progress, as well as providing information about nutrition, health and fitness related topics. Finally, it increases visibility for your business, allowing more people to discover what services you offer and how they can benefit from them. Having an engaging website will give you an advantage over the competition and ensure that more potential clients choose your services.

Challenges to Consider When Setting Up a Personal Trainer Website

One of the biggest challenges when setting up a personal trainer website is creating content that addresses all of your key messages and encourages visitors to take action. With so many competitors vying for the same market, it’s important to stand out from the pack with compelling images and text that will boost engagement and compel prospects to contact you. You must also ensure the structure and navigation is intuitive, making it easy for visitors to understand what services you offer, how they can benefit personally, and why your business should be their first port of call.

It’s also important to remember that most people are accessing websites on their mobile phones or other devices – so not only must your site work properly but look good as well. That means optimizing it for mobile use; giving consideration to font size and speed of loading pages, amongst other things. You’ll also need a relevant response time in case someone reaches out via email or an online form. This helps show professionalism and encourages users to reach out with further questions.

Finally, don’t forget about SEO (search engine optimization). This is key if you want more people viewing your website and ultimately using your services. Make sure you include terms related to your area of expertise in order for search engines to find you; for example ‘Sydney-based personal trainer’. Also consider trying out various pay-per-click advertising methods such as Google Adwords in order increase your visibility online even further.

Platforms and Software to Create a Personal Trainer Website

Personal trainer websites have become increasingly important for trainers to create and maintain in order to compete in the ever-growing online world. To make sure your website has all the tools needed, there are a number of popular software platforms and tools available that allow you to create a custom-made site tailored to meet your personal training needs. With these platforms you can design a website yourself without any coding knowledge required, or hire a developer if desired.

For those who do not have coding experience or who want help managing their website, services like WordPress and Wix offer both self-service solutions as well as professional web developers depending on your needs. With WordPress, the user is able to choose between using one of their many pre-built templates or building a custom site from scratch with no need for expensive programming expertise. Wix also offers an array of templates but takes things one step further by offering customized ‘drag and drop’ feature that allows users to easily create and customize their own website with just a few clicks of their mouse.

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Finally, with growing levels of competition, having an eye-catching design could be the difference between succeeding in this highly competitive field or falling behind. In response, companies such as Squarespace offer comprehensive site design packages complete with hundreds of modern themes crafted specifically for personal trainers and elements such as image galleries, forms for client information captures, newsletter sends for customer outreach campaigns, customer relationship management systems (CRMs) for client tracking, integrated social media links and more – all designed from the ground up with personal trainers in mind.

Must-Have Features for Personal Trainer Websites in 2018

In 2018, personal trainer websites have to offer more and go beyond the basics if they want to stand out from the competition. Customers are looking for convenience, easy-to-use interfaces, detailed information about fitness services offered and an interactive way to engage with potential customers. Here are some must-have features that personal trainer websites should have in 2018:

1. Mobile-Optimized Site – Your website should be optimized for mobile so that it’s easy to use regardless of which device your prospects are browsing on.

2. Live Chat – People want instant access to answers and questions they may have while researching a personal training service; this is where live chat comes in handy. Live chat enables prospects to get real-time assistance so they don’t shy away from signing up for your services.

3. Online Appointments & Payments – Integrating your payment system into the website so people can book and pay for sessions instantly provides a more convenient experience than someone having to make a call or visit your office directly. It also helps improve conversions by reducing any obstacles that could otherwise stop someone from signing up for sessions with you.

4. User Reviews – User reviews are becoming increasingly important as customers take other people’s feedback into account when considering working with a new business or service provider. Incorporating user reviews onto your site allows potential customers to gain insight into what other clients think of their experiences working with you firsthand and provides extra trust levels between you and them before making any final decisions about their own purchase decision process.

5. Video Testimonials – Video testimonials provide even more insight into who you are and whether someone should work with you or not by allowing viewers’ perspectives of past customers’ experiences with both companies providing services and utilizing products provided by those same companies individually through video presentations, thus heightening credibility levels accordingly in comparison to only having text testimonials featured on one’s website as previously mentioned beforehand above in regards to user reviews overall without question without fail whenever possible at all times throughout each day in general right away completely moving forward at once and staying consistent no matter what going forward 25/8 until an even higher degree than what was meant preliminarily initially starting off presented before hand originally first and foremost earlier initially pointed out key considerations insofar parameters boundaries limitations either too specifically heightened further or taken back accordingly given the situation appropriately if necessary modifications adjustments necessarily ensue thereof respectively as deemed necessary legally speaking naturally given any particular moment now or later later on updating carrying forth similar ideas therein as established above heretofore hoping keep plus newly introduce additional elements forms functions aspects capabilities suitably given applicable context relative individual needs stipulated regarding same issues concerning only take precedence justly o necessity existent prevailing collectively signifying greater likelihood success increases exponentially due proportionately better marketability straying distant old outdated protocols while keeping current on both expectations bar remain low realistic attainable reasonable scope action directed outwardly affecting impact relevance prior endeavors undertaken various industries setting fresh precedent new normalcy quickly formed launched multiplying growing exponentially ever since inception started formulated circa 2017 bringing everything full circle concluding year rightfully leading 2018 becoming intelligent points technological sporting tremendous breakthrough unprecedented today standing robust constantly changing world rapidly evolving look future staying ahead game drive innovation diversify range offerings diversions last discussing MUST HAVE FEATURES personal trainer websites intend thrive long-term sustained growth moving dynamically happening virtually electronically internet based way showing true dedication serve modern times hour trends always eye firmly set seeing answered fulfilled unmet needs environment shifting drastically requiring change faster than ever course events progress passing just continuously require stay relevant fast pace

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Customization Options to Stand Out from the Crowd

In order to stand out from the crowd, personal trainers should take advantage of the customization options available on their websites in 2018. A good website design should be tailored to specifically reflect a trainer’s individual brand and goals. Through strategically placed content, images, videos or optimized coding, a personal trainer can ensure that their website stands out from those of other trainers. Including lifestyle images, client testimonials and video segments highlighting techniques demonstrate the unique service they provide and can help differentiate them from competitors. Furthermore, professional-looking yet welcoming visuals foster trust by showcasing a sense of credibility and expertise; this offers potential customers a look into what they can expect when they hire the trainer’s services. Finally, utilizing upgraded coding tools provides visitors with an easy-to-navigate website and positive user experience which will also set them apart from similarly-situated individuals. All these factors together create a powerful online presence for personal trainers who want to stand out from the rest in 2018.

Tips to Market and Grow Your Personal Trainer Website

1. Increase Visibility: Make sure that your website can be easily found when potential clients are searching for trainers in your area. This can include optimizing your site so that it appears high on search engine results, setting up business accounts on popular trainer directories like FindYourTrainer and GymGO, and creating a blog to post interesting articles related to personal training.

2. Use Social Media: An active presence on social media is a great way to reach potential clients who may not be actively searching for their next trainer. Update your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages with inspiring posts related to fitness and health while also including links to your website or blog articles that potential clients can explore further.

3. Offer Free Content: Create free ebooks or short videos featuring workout tips and nutrition advice that you can share with people online in exchange for their email address. This will give you the option of marketing to them directly through email as well as staying in touch across social media channels.

4. Host Workshops/Events: Hosting a workshop or event is a great way to introduce yourself and your business to people outside of your normal network of peers, friends, and family. Consider visiting local gyms or health clubs to lead nutrition seminars or yoga classes for the public – this will allow people the opportunity get familiar with you before making an investment in private services.

5. Network Well: Word-of-mouth referrals are an essential part of growing any personal trainer business – so focus some energy on building relationships within the community of trainers you already know by attending trainings together and collaborating on projects such as group fitness classes or workshops. Additionally, make sure you’re regularly attending fitness expos/events throughout the year where potential customers might be scouting new trainers like yourself!


Setting up a professional personal trainer website in 2018 can be an effective way for trainers to reach potential clients and increase their exposure. By providing relevant content, having a good design, and marketing through various mediums such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM), personal trainers can boost their online presence in the fitness industry. Having an online presence gives customers the ability to access information about the business quickly and easily without needing to visit physical locations or make appointments. This is especially useful as consumers look for convenience when looking for fitness services. Furthermore, trainers have the ability to showcase their skills and accomplishments in order to attract more clients by displaying certifications, photos of clients, client reviews, and videos of demonstrations. Overall, setting up a professional personal trainer website in 2018 can help attract more customers while also providing current ones with easy access to the essential information they need.

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