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Personal Trainer Pattaya stands out as a unique and superior provider of personal training services in the Pattaya area. Our competency lies in our commitment to providing customised, result-driven workouts tailored to each individual’s needs. We have an experienced team of trainers who are passionate about helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be. With proven techniques and comprehensive knowledge, we offer comprehensive advice on how best to meet your fitness objectives whilst taking into consideration variables such as age, lifestyle, eating habits and medical conditions. Our training sessions combine functional strength training with aerobic conditioning for improved body posture, coordination and muscle tone. All our training is conducted in a friendly environment where safety and proper protocol are top priorities. What makes us the best choice is that we take great pride in our reputation for excellent personal service and high results from our dedicated team of experts.

Who Can Take Part in the Classes and Who is Behind This

Personal Trainer Pattaya is open to anyone looking for an effective, fun and challenging workout solution. The team behind this project are experienced trainers with qualifications in fitness instruction and exercise rehabilitation, backed by the knowledge provided by personal trainers spoken highly of in the local industry. They had all been personal trainers at various gyms and other fitness organizations, so they had a great deal of experience in working with clients who required personal assistance during their workouts. The trainers have degrees from accredited universities in sport science, along with certifications from the internationally renowned NASM Agency (National Academy of Sports Medicine), making them well-experienced, qualified individuals who understand the needs and demands of any kind of personalized exercise program.

What Types of Classes Are Available and What Is Taught

At Personal Trainer Pattaya, we offer a wide selection of classes for people with all experience levels. Our beginner classes are designed to provide an introduction to basic fitness concepts and exercises such as stretching, running, aerobics, and weightlifting. We also offer more advanced classes focused on specific exercise skills, such as HIIT and interval training as well as core conditioning.

Our classes use a combination of both traditional weight training and modern methods such as dynamic joint stabilization, kettlebells and TRX suspension trainers. In addition to the traditional weights and machines used in our classes, we employ Plyometrics training which focuses on improving power development while reducing injury potential! These specialized pieces of equipment provide members with targeted exercises that will challenge your body’s ability to adapt to different levels of intensity. We also utilize medicine balls, free weights and stretch bands to round out our workouts for a complete cardiovascular-muscular system workout.

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What Facilities Does Personal Trainer Pattaya Have?

Personal Trainer Pattaya is open seven days a week from 6 AM – 10 PM. The facility favours a modern and Scandinavian-style design to create a pleasant atmosphere for its members. Amenities include free Wi-Fi access, complimentary cookies, and cold towel service after each session. There’s also a designated area for stretching or additional exercises. Equipment provided includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowers, stationary bikes, cable pulley machines, dumbbells and more. Personal Trainer Pattaya offers guided exercise programs designed to help individuals stay active regardless of their age or current fitness level. In addition to their knowledgeable personal trainers, the facility also has physiotherapists and nutritionists on hand to help clients pursue the results they’re looking for in their diet and exercise plan. For more information about membership options, visitors can contact Personal Trainer Pattaya directly or visit their website for further details.

What Are the Prices and Packages Available?

Personal Trainer Pattaya offers a variety of packages and prices to suit all fitness levels and budgets. Below is an overview of our most popular packages:

1. Starter Package – Ideal for people who need help getting started and have limited knowledge of working out, this package includes a nutrition plan, exercise schedule, support to help develop your routine and 2 consultations per week with a Personal Trainer. Price: 1800 Baht per month

2. Intermediate Package – This package is perfect for the more experienced exerciser wanting guidance towards achieving their fitness goals. It features 4 consultations per week with a Personal Trainer, access to group or team training sessions and ongoing progress tracking which will keep you motivated and focused on your goals. Price: 2500 Baht per month

3. Advanced Package – This comprehensive package includes 6 consultations per week with a certified Personal Trainer in Pattaya along with online tracking of your workouts as well personalised nutrition advice tailored to your individual goals. It also includes a 12-week program review with follow-up consultation if needed. Price: 3500 Baht per month

Discounts and specials vary according to the service required but we offer up to 10% discounts for flexible booking periods of 6 to 12 weeks, as well discounts for referrals from existing clients. We also offer group discounts when multiple people join together at the same time or when an entire family signs up together. Contact us today to find out what discount options are available!

What Other Services Does Personal Trainer Pattaya Offer?

Yes, Personal Trainer Pattaya offers a range of services beyond just personal training. The facility provides group classes, nutrition coaching and weight loss programs as well as individual sessions designed to fit your needs. The facility also offers exclusive in-house gym rentals enabling you to enjoy the use of our equipment for private or group events. We also provide space for special events such as birthday parties, office outings, and teambuilding exercises that are customized for your needs. Our party packages offer the complete experience including catering options, decorations, music and planning assistance.

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How Can You Contact Personal Trainer Pattaya?

Yes, you can contact Personal Trainer Pattaya through text or email. For the former, you can find their phone number on the official website along with their social media pages. If you want to reach out via email, there is an email address listed on their official website where users can submit questions and queries. However, it is always a good idea to book an appointment with the trainers in order to make sure that you get the best possible training session for your fitness goals.


Personal Trainer Pattaya offers an array of services to meet a variety of specific needs and goals. From boot camps and personal training sessions to nutrition plans and meal prepping, they will help you develop sustainable healthy habits through tailored programs that are designed to fit your lifestyle. Moreover, their trainers are experienced, highly qualified professionals with certifications in Fitness Science, Exercise Science, and Nutrition Science from leading universities in the country. They have extensive experience working with clients from all walks of life; from teenagers looking to lose weight to athletes preparing for competitions. The team is results driven and provides encouragement every step of the way; striving to ensure that every client meets their ultimate goal. Additionally, Personal Trainer Pattaya provides flexible scheduling options to accommodate personal and work schedules and respond to urgent requests without delay. Above all, they provide personalized attentive service while helping each individual reach their optimal level of fitness health safely yet effectively. These reasons make Personal Training Pattaya the best choice for those who wish to embark on a successful journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

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