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Magnus Lygdback, a personal trainer with over 15 years of experience, has always had an immense passion for health and fitness. Growing up in rural Sweden, he was raised by his grandparents on a small family farm. Although he didn’t have access to the latest gym equipment, Magnus found ways to stay active; running through the fields chasing chickens and cows and climbing trees to pick summer fruits were a part of his daily routine.

Even as a young man, Magnus had a natural gift for training and inspiring others to stay fit. As soon as he was old enough, Magnus moved from Sweden to pursue his dream career as a personal trainer in the United States. His unique ability to motivate people quickly made him one of the most sought after trainers in NYC and it wasn’t long before celebrities across the US started noticing his talents.

Throughout his career, Magnus has dedicated himself to bringing out the best in people by helping them unlock their full potential—mind, body and spirit —and reach their ultimate fitness goals. He strongly believes that physical activity isn’t just something you should “get out of the way”—it should be viewed as an integral part of life that can lead to mental clarity, improved energy levels and overall better wellness. He likes to make sure every last detail is taken into account when it comes to each client’s individual health plan and helps them find ways to create healthy habits that can be maintained beyond their weekly workout sessions together.

Despite having worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names,Magnus also loves working with everyday people now more than ever because he understands everyone needs help achieving their fitness goals no matter their lifestyle or gender identity–which is why he provides personal training services for even those on tighter budgets starting at $50 per hour so everyone can benefit from his expertise regardless of how much they are able to pay for private sessions.. Whatever your goal might be or age range you fall into—Mangus Lygdback offers up world-class guidance infused with years of experience earned throughout many transformations journey!

Training Methods

Personal trainer Magnus Lygdback has made a name for himself through his unique and innovative training methods. Strengthening the body and focusing on overall wellness are at the center of his approach to fitness. Because of this, Magnus incorporates a variety of training and movement exercises into his sessions. He specializes in strength training, core workouts, resistance band exercises, plyometric drills, yoga, and more. He also employs HIIT (high intensity interval training) to shock the body with quick bursts of energy-packed movements that increase caloric burn. Additionally, he uses nutrition planning along with his training program to help people reach their goals faster. Every one of Magnus’ clients gets an individual assessment and workout plan created specially for them so that they can get maximum results as quickly as possible. With this tailored program, clients see improved posture, better balance and coordination in whatever they do while also gaining a greater understanding and respect for their bodies.

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Magnus Lygdback has been a personal trainer for over 10 years and was recently named Personal Trainer of the Year by Fitness USA magazine. He is widely recognized as one of the top trainers in the fitness industry, having earned numerous awards and recognition from top publications such as Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness magazines, as well as being featured on the cover of Popular Exercise Magazine. He has also been nominated for several prestigious fitness prizes, such as the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame Award.

In addition to these awards and recognitions, Magnus has been featured in many high-profile media outlets as an expert commentator on various health and fitness topics, including nutrition and physical activity. Further expanding upon his credentials in the field, he is also a certified member of both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). His expert skills have led him to train clients at different levels, from professional bodybuilders to everyday exercisers. Throughout his career, Magnus has successfully identified each client’s individual needs and goals in order to help them reach their peak potential.

Phenomenal Life Transformation Stories

Magnus Lygdback is an extraordinary personal trainer, with a passion for driving change through individualized fitness plans and goal oriented programs. He has helped many people transform their lives in ways they never thought possible. Through his YouTube page and Instagram page, Magnus has collected hundreds of transformation stories featuring before and after photos, as well as short video clips of individuals reaping the rewards of his personalized training sessions. He shares these stories to encourage others, inspire those struggling to stay on track with their fitness goals and remind them that ‘nothing is impossible when it comes to health’. The amazing stories you will find apply to all sorts of different situations including weight loss, physical rehabilitation from injury or illness, improved mental health due to exercise and confidence building. It is so wonderful to witness his clients becoming stronger, fitter, more confident versions of themselves each day.

Fitness and Wellness Tip

Personal trainer Magnus Lygdback offers valuable fitness and wellness tips customized to fit a variety of skill levels and goals. He suggests that while getting in better shape is a challenge that requires dedication, his actionable tips can make it easier. For those just starting off, he recommends self-assessment, establishing realistic goals, and trying to develop good habits like exercise and diet plans that one can stick with for the long term. For experienced athletes, he provides more difficult and advanced workouts such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or circuit training. Additionally, he tailors his advice depending on individual goals; for example, if an individual is trying to lose weight then he may recommend switching up their approach from steady traditional cardio to interval spurts between weightlifting sets. In addition to physical training advice, Mr. Lygdback is passionate about promoting mental health and well-being through healthy lifestyle changes. He advocates for taking time for relaxation such as yoga or meditation and encourages nutrition habits with the goal of supporting overall health rather than restricting oneself excessively. Overall, Mr. Lygdback’s wealth of knowledge makes him an ideal resource for fostering both physical and mental wellbeing.

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Magnus Lygdback is an extremely talented personal trainer who takes pride in helping his clients reach their goals. From athletes looking to improve their performance to newcomers starting out on their fitness journey, Magnus commits himself to providing only the best support and guidance that is tailored to each individual’s needs. His achievements have been highly praised by all of his clients.

In addition, Magnus has established a strong professional rapport with many of his clients leading to long lasting relationships. He works hard to ensure complete client satisfaction and often goes beyond expectations to get results for his customers. As a token of appreciation for this dedication, here are some quotes from some of his loyal clients:

“Training with Magnus changed my life – he helped me reach goals I never thought were possible. His understanding and insight into fitness helped build my confidence which soon led to remarkable results!”-Tommy L., client

“Thank you Magnus for your patience and willingness to help me throughout this transformational process. I’m in the best shape of my life now!” –Kelly S., client

“I would recommend anyone who wants results to work with Magnus – he always pushes me forward while keeping the workout fun and enjoyable –Greg K., client

It’s clear that Magnus’ commitment to excellence has earned him unconditional admiration amongst all those he has worked with previously – a testament that speaks volumes about his unparalleled professionalism as a personal trainer!


Magnus Lygdback is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach helping people reach their fitness and health goals. To learn from Magnus, you can follow his profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as his blog on his official website. On these platforms, you can find daily tips about nutrition, exercise regimens suitable for your lifestyle, and success stories of his clients. Subscribe to see how he is transforming lives all over the world! Along with keeping up with Magnus’s advice on social media and his blog, why not take it a step further by signing up for one of his monthly programs? You get access to meal plans tailored to your individual body type and goal; exclusive discounts on members-only products; regular inspiration through weekly emails; direct phone coaching with Magnus himself; discounts on nutrition tests which will give you even more insight into what is best for your body; plus exclusive rewards such as eBooks! It’s time to start living a healthy life – join Magnus Lygdback today!

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