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Addition of an Online Offering section

At Helix Studios, we understand that a traditional gym setting won’t work for everyone. That is why we are proud to offer our clients an array of online personal training resources, complete with expert guidance from experienced trainers.

Our online offering includes personalized programs tailored to your body type and fitness level, as well as various tools – like nutrition guides and instructional videos – that will help you stay on track in achieving your fitness goals. All of this can be accessed directly from our website or mobile app, so no matter where you are in the world, our trainers’ expertise can always be easily within reach.

On our platform, you’ll benefit from program refreshes with each new season, as well as opportunities to join group challenges and communicate with coaches and dieticians who specialize in nutrition planning. You’ll also receive regular feedback on your progress through advanced analytics such as heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring.

Most importantly, you can rest easy knowing that when it comes to creating a plan that works best for you and fits your lifestyle, personal connection is never lost. Our dedicated trainers will always have their ears open should you have any inquiries or concerns about personal workouts.

Whether you prefer getting down and dirty at the gym or taking a more convenient approach via our online offering, here at Helix Studios we are committed to helping you live the healthiest life possible!

Expansion of the Benefits and Goals section

At Helix Studios we are proud to offer our clients an array of personalized fitness and wellness programs that have been designed with their specific goals in mind. Our personal trainers create custom workouts tailored to not only help you reach your desired fitness level, but also to keep you motivated and engaged. In addition to specialized exercises that can help diminish physical aches and pains, improve stamina and focus, reduce stress, and increase flexibility and strength, our experienced personnel also strive to provide the emotional support needed for a successful journey.

We believe that training should be seen as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix approach. All of our trainers aim to cultivate lasting relationships with their clients by assessing both mental performance levels and physical progress. We employ a wide-ranging approach which includes nutrition guidelines and experientially driven trainings that foster physical activity motivation while emphasizing important life skills such as self-discipline and positive thinking. Furthermore, our program sessions can also be adjusted and modified based on individual needs or personal objectives.

Addition of a Lifestyle section

At Helix Studios, personal training goes beyond the walls of the studio. We understand that true progress happens through guided action bringing together diverse elements of total health: physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual from the inside out. Our commitment to our clients is to provide you not only with personalized workout plans but also a holistic approach to wellness with the addition of a Lifestyle section providing tips and advice for living a healthy lifestyle outside the studio.

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In this section we offer easily accessible information on nutrition to fuel your body properly; creating meaningful goals and an action plan to reach them; give sound understanding in stress-management tools; promote respect for one’s self and appreciation of their unique journey; mindfulness practices geared toward inner peace during vigorous exercise; and connections between daily activities, sleep and overall health. All information must be supported by medical research and provided by various certified professionals in fields such as nutrition, fitness, dietetics, yoga teaching, stress-management coaching etc.

At Helix Studios we believe it’s essential to commit to complete self-care as it increases life satisfaction, physical alertness, creativity development as well as reduces depression levels. Therefore we invite you to embark with us on this journey towards achieving optimal health – mindfully exploring each aspect of our being equally.

Expansion of the Variety of Programs section

At Helix Studios, we offer a wide variety of personalized fitness programs to ensure that all our customers have the best possible work-out experience! We have specialized strength and conditioning classes utilizing various pieces of equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. Additionally, we offer core-strengthening classes which focus on stabilizing the body and improving posture. For those looking for cardio options, we have bootcamps focusing on circuit workouts with high intensity to really get your heart rate up! Our studio also offers HIIT classes and interval training for those wanting to burn calories in a short period of time. To top it off, we provide yoga and Pilates options for anyone wanting a more relaxed but still challenging workout.

Addition of a Nutrition section

At Helix Studios, our personal trainers go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are reaching their health and fitness goals. We understand the importance of nutrition in achieving these goals. That is why we have added a nutrition section to our program.

Our highly trained Nutritional Experts will provide advice on eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet. They will offer individualized meal plans crafted for each client’s specific needs, as well as suggest tips on how to make healthier living choices while seeing results. The experts can also help design shopping lists filled with nutritious items so that clients know how to keep their diets stocked with wholesome meals. The nutrition section of the program also includes pointers on dining out, snacking smartly and addressing underlying triggers to emotional eating habits. All of this is aimed at helping our clients lead healthier lifestyles, reach their fitness goals and achieve lasting well-being.

Addition of an Accessibility section

At Helix Studios, we recognize that our customers come from diverse backgrounds and may have individual needs due to physical or special limitations. As such, we stress the importance of accessibility in our personal training studio and strive to ensure everyone is able to experience our quality services.

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Our trainers are trained in disability awareness, so they are equipped to provide a tailored approach if someone informs them of their specific needs or physical limitations. We take into account all the related health concerns during the programming of exercises and focus on making sure each customer has a safe yet effective exercise program that meets their individual requirements.

We also provide access to assistive technologies for customers needing extra support, such as Ergonomic chairs and specialized fitness machines adapted for people with mobility issues. Our studio team will also work closely with an individual’s physiotherapist or medical practitioner to provide a comprehensive health and fitness plan that meets their objectives.

Helix Studios prides itself on its commitment to accessibility. We truly believe that everybody should be able to enjoy exercise in a safe environment regardless of past injuries or physical limitations

Addition of a Technology section

At Helix Studios, we understand that technology plays a huge role in helping customers reach their fitness objectives. We employ cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers get the best results possible.

First and foremost, our experienced personal trainers are trained to use a range of data systems to monitor progress and develop tailor-made training plans. This helps customers stay on track and make the most of their exercises, in terms of intensity and duration.

We also have Heart Rate Variability (HRV) machines which offer personalized fitness programs depending on current metrics. HRV enables our personal trainers to assess progress more accurately as well as suggest changes that can prove beneficial for individual customers. This system is highly effective since it takes into consideration lifestyle activities, such as diet and sleep quality, to generate personalized exercise plans for each customer.

Finally, we deploy the Biosig switchgear units which measure the electrical activity of both skeletal muscle and cardiac muscles in order to give insight into an individual’s overall health status. It does this by providing accurate readings about muscular strength and endurance levels which allow adjustments in effort from less intense exercises to harder ones based on individual needs.

Ultimately, these tools help Helix Studios provide the most comprehensive service available by taking advantage of the latest tech in fitness programming and data analysis. Our mission is to help our customers achieve holistic physical wellbeing while promoting their mental health and creating healthier lifestyles over time.

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