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Virtual online personal training is an increasingly popular approach to getting in shape with the help of a trained fitness professional. Rather than have the personal trainer come to your home or meet you at a gym, they can provide workouts remotely via video calls, texts and emails. Clients will receive customized workout plans that can be tailored to their individual needs and goals. The virtual environment opens up a much broader range of choices for clients as they can essentially “shop” for the perfect trainer who matches their personality and desired approach to fitness.

When it comes to pricing, online personal trainers tend to charge either an hourly rate or a flat monthly fee. The hourly fee usually ranges between $30-$70 and may include additional services such as nutritional advice, program design and accountability check-ins. Those opting for a flat monthly fee may be offered bonuses like complimentary nutritional coaching or discounts on products related to fitness. It all depends on what the trainer is willing to offer within their package. Additionally, many experienced trainers also offer discounted packages for bulk purchases as well as custom packages on an individual basis, depending on what the customer needs from them. Further discounts may be offered in certain circumstances, such as referral credits or cross-promotions with other providers that are offering similar services.
Taking into account each component of an online personal trainer’s service offerings, prices tend to vary greatly depending on geographic location, experience level of the trainer and any added features that may accompany their main service packages – but whatever decision is made by clients should ensure they are getting value for their money at all times!

Types of Services Offered

Online personal trainers offer a wide range of services tailored to their individual clients’ needs. Some of the most common types of services available include simple video lessons, one-on-one virtual coaching, personalized nutrition counseling, and exercise programs specifically designed for each individual.

Simple video lessons may consist of instructional videos or demonstrations explaining how to perform specific exercises correctly. This can be especially helpful for individuals who are new to physical activity or want to start a workout routine from home. One-on-one virtual coaching can provide more in-depth instruction when it comes to workouts and nutrition plans. Personal trainers may also recommend appropriate nutritional guidelines and monitor their client’s progress as they follow them. Additionally, some online personal trainers are able to create customized exercise programs that meet each client’s goals and fitness level. These programs often include detailed instructions on correct form and technique, along with targeted exercises designed to target specific problem areas. Finally, many personal trainers will offer dietary counseling tailored to each individual’s unique lifestyle and caloric needs.

Factors Affecting Price

Qualifications: Professional personal trainers typically have qualifications such as certifications and specialties (for example, in nutrition or sports performance science) that may affect the price. The credentials and experience of a trainer will influence their rate.

Clientele: Some personal trainers specialize in certain areas, offer specialized classes or work with specific types of clients. For instance, a person who wants to train for a marathon might be willing to pay more for help from an experienced marathon runner than for the average personal training session. Another example is people whose main goal is bodybuilding may want to hire someone with experience in competitive bodybuilding, which could cost more than traditional fitness training services.

Other Factors: Other things that can influence online personal trainer prices include how many days per week the client will work out (some trainers offer discounted rates for multiple sessions), the location of the sessions (virtual sessions may be cheaper than those performed in person or at a gym or fitness center), and even gender (some trainers charge different rates depending on whether they are working with male or female clients). Some other factors like training style and special promotion discounts can also make a difference in the final cost.

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Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online personal training offers many benefits that traditional in-person personal trainers don’t. Perhaps the biggest draw is improved accessibility and convenience. Individuals are able to use online personal trainers wherever they are at any time of day without having to worry about scheduling sessions around their work or travel commitments. Additionally, they can access services from anywhere—whether they are traveling, attending college, or working remotely—without worrying about whether their trainer is available nearby.

Other advantages of working with an online personal trainer include better support and accountability during off-hours or after meeting times; increased ability to customize and adhere to personalized exercise plans; and easier tracking of progress, nutrition, health markers, and recovery metrics. Furthermore, individuals may find that it is much less expensive than traditional training since online personal trainers generally charge lower rates for their services. This could be because they don’t have the overhead associated with a physical gym membership or facility rental fees. They may also offer packages and discounts that make it more affordable to access quality fitness coaching without having to worry about sacrificing quality or results in order to save money on services. Finally, typically there is no long-term commitment when using an online trainer – clients may subscribe for a block of sessions or use “pay as you go” services on an as needed basis rather than committing to costly monthly contracts.

Comparisons to Traditional In-Person Training

Comparing online personal trainer prices to traditional in-person training can be difficult, as there are many pros and cons for each option.

The main advantage of an online personal trainer is the cost. Prices for online personal trainers tend to be lower than traditional in-person trainers who charge higher fees due to overhead expenses associated with running a physical business such as rent and utilities. Additionally, with an online trainer, you get one-on-one coaching tailored to your individual needs at your convenience.

On the flip side, the downside of using an online personal trainer is that you don’t have direct access to your instructor if you need extra help or guidance during a workout session. You will also miss out on the camaraderie and motivation gained from working out with other people in a gym or studio setting. Finally, training with a set program rather than creating an individualized plan may hinder longterm progress if left untreated.

Ultimately, deciding between an online or in-person personal trainer depends on your budget, lifestyle, and fitness goals. Consider weighing both options before making a decision so that you choose the best one for yourself.

Strategies to Help Keep Costs Low

Working with an online personal trainer can be an excellent way to achieve your fitness goals. It is possible, however, that the cost of hiring one can be intimidating and expensive. Fortunately, there are strategies to help keep costs low and maximize your investment.

One great way to manage costs is to begin by following a general training program first before deciding whether you need a more personalized approach with extra support from a professional trainer. This also gives you time to get comfortable with the exercises and you can track your own progress on your own as well as better prepare yourself for when it is time to utilize an individualized plan from a personal trainer. Once you have taken these initial steps, it’s important to compare different trainers based on their experience, qualifications, services offered, and rate packages or discounts for multiple sessions in bulk packages or month-to-month plans.

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When searching for deals, look for trainers offering free or discounted consultations before you commit to any long-term programs so that you can assess if the particular methods used will fit your needs and abilities. Also take into account if the real-time professional guidance provided by the model adopted by the chosen trader will be sufficient for effective results without requiring actual live coaching sessions even through video conferences. Lastly, ask family, friends or online reviews to assess how satisfied others have been with the services of various trainers in order to guide your decision making process.

What to Look for When Shopping for an Online Personal Trainer

When shopping for an online personal trainer, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with both the quality of service and the cost associated with their services. Many online personal trainers offer a range of services at different price points, so doing research ahead of time can help ensure you have realistic expectations when it comes to purchasing an online personal training package.

It is important to keep your own needs and goals in mind when selecting an online personal trainer. Different trainers may offer different packages, some specifically tailored to certain goals or body types, for example. Identify what type of online session would work best for you and research prices from different providers before making a decision.

In addition to researching fees, be sure to look into credentials and reviews of potential trainers as well. Find out what type of background they have in health and fitness, such as degrees or certifications. Look into what others say about them through reading reviews or viewing feedback on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. It is also helpful to see videos or photos showcasing the progress clients have made in training with that particular coach before investing in their program.

Doing some extra research will help you understand the quality of training vs cost associated with working with the personal trainer, enabling you to make an informed decision on choosing a program that meets all your needs successfully.


Online personal trainers can help people to achieve their fitness and health goals at a fraction of the cost of in-person training. Online personal trainers typically charge an hourly rate that should be considered in relation to the cost savings and convenience it provides compared to visiting a gym or studio for in-person sessions. Rates vary among trainers, but the most popular services tend to run between $30 – $65 per session. Additional guidance may be provided through text message, email, Skype, or telephone calls for no extra fee. Services may also include customized nutrition plans, meal tracking and grocery list creation, lifestyle advice and more. Ultimately, finding the best value comes down to one’s individual needs, budget and preferences in terms of trainers and services offered by them.

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