Life Fitness G7 Training Dvd

The Life Fitness G7 Training Dvd is designed to improve fitness and provide an overview of everyday workouts. With the use of various exercises, it leads you through a step-by-step program of proper technique and body strengthening. For even better results, it also teaches good habits for improving overall health and wellness goals.

The video is suitable for a wide variety of fitness levels, from people who simply want to stay active to those looking to professionally train for sports competitions or marathons. It includes everything that is needed such as detailed instructions and demonstrations of movements as well as different equipment used in workout routines. The DVD has been created by professional trainers and athletes in order to make sure that viewers are able to gain maximum benefit from the exercises.

At a price tag of just $20 USD, this Life Fitness G7 Training Dvd provides great value as well as convenience compared to paying for group classes or individual sessions with a personal trainer. Furthermore, the DVD can be watched repeatedly without any extra cost unlike most gym memberships which typically come with additional service fees.

In addition, it allows users the added freedom of innovative exercise techniques due to its extensive move-by-move guidance which can be easily followed. As an all-in-one guide for getting fit, the Life Fitness G7 Training Dvd eliminates the hassle of research or trial and error to find successful results.

For those looking to advance their physical abilities or are training for a specific event such as running a marathon, then this Life Fitness G7 Training Dvd could prove invaluable when trying to reach their desired goal in optimal performance and beyond.

Understanding proper fitness principles can help ensure that each workout session is safe and effective by providing professional quality advice within one comprehensive package allowing its users the same expertise that professional athletes may receive at a fraction of their cost while still maintaining ultimate digital convenience all from home.

Benefits of the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD

The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD provides an efficient way to work on strengthening the body, toning muscles, and staying in shape. With the help of this DVD, users can easily learn how to perform exercises properly, become more focused in their workouts, and encourage themselves to stay active throughout the day. This product allows those who already have a basic understanding of fitness to increase their knowledge and skills in order to become healthier.

The basic steps of this program cover different kinds of exercises that are focused on multiple muscle groups. These exercises target particular areas or can be combined together for a full-body workout. With a comprehensive list of moves and tips for proper execution, users will be able to get a great result from their training.

One unique feature of the Life Fitness program is its utilization of Pilates principles. Pilates helps users focus their attention on both body and mind, boosting coordination, balance, flexibility and breathing techniques over time. Through its emphasis on core strength building exercises such as planks, roll-ups, and leg extensions, users can safely increase their overall fitness level.


  • Gives instruction on how proper form should be maintained during exercise
  • Focuses on strengthening various muscle groups
  • Utilizes Pilates principles for improved mind-body connection
  • Provides routines that are tailored towards individual fitness goals
  • Uses online resources like FAQs for additional support

Features of Life Fitness G7 Training DVD

The Life Fitness G7 training DVD is a comprehensive, professionally led video collection that provides users with strength, core, mobility, and aerobic exercises. It includes instruction from world-renowned fitness experts on how to perform various exercises and stretches using the G7 Total Trainer.

In order to maximize the potential of their G7 Total Trainer and get the most out of each workout session, users have access to workouts developed by pro trainers, which are tailored to individual fitness levels and goals. Additionally, each workout contains dynamic stretching tips as well as informative safety guidance from experts who have mastered the form and technique for true results.

This DVD also comes with four segments dedicated to teaching proper form for a total body workout using small equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells. Each segment features an overview of the workout routine along with several sets of instructions that demonstrate comprehensive G7 exercises suited for all ages and skill levels.

  • Dynamic stretching tips
  • Safety guidance from experts
  • Workouts tailored to individual fitness levels and goals
  • Proper form for a total body workout using small equipment
  • Segments featuring overviews of workout routines
  • G7 Total Trainer Exercises suitable for all ages & skill levels

This DVD also includes two additional bonus sections that cover cool down techniques in addition to focus drills that promote endurance during exercise sessions while helping users maintain stability in their muscle movement throughout the duration of a specific workout program. The instructional segments are divided into five easy parts so you don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated trying to learn something new.

The final part includes twelve weeks of exciting progressions you can follow once you have perfected your skills utilizing the included instructional material.

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Demo of the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD

The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD is an educational and instructional video brought to you by Life Fitness, a respected leader in the home fitness market. It’s designed to help you get the most out of their Next Generation G7 Gym. Through this video, they’ve created a comprehensive training program with over 50 different exercises that are broken down into manageable workout plans for both beginners and more advanced users alike.

The DVD begins with an overview of the Life Fitness G7 Gym and its features. This includes explanations of terminology such as resistance levels, range of motion, target muscles, and technique tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of each movement. The program then guides viewers through detailed demonstrations of the various exercises available on the equipment. Each exercise is explained in detail including proper form, target muscles and any modifications needed for different body types or abilities.

As you progress through each exercise section, viewers get an inside look at how to use the machine and properly progress from beginner level all the way up to challenging intensity levels. With illustrated diagrams next to each kind of exercise it makes it easy for even a first timer user to follow along with ease.

Additionally there are helpful reminders about vital safety tips that should be followed throughout your workout sessions such as hydration tips before during and after you train, nutrition advice tailored for athletes trying to maximize progress and build lean muscle mass plus recovery strategies so your body can rest appropriately before getting back into your next session.

Overall this video can be extremely helpful for anyone looking to make strides in their fitness journey whether it’s an absolute beginner or someone progressing up the ranks towards professional athlete levels of fitness performance. Whether you’re looking for simple exercises getting fit or eyeing competitiveness in competitive sports leagues – this tutorial serves as a trusty resource guide that will inspire achievements quickly.

What to Expect During the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD

Life Fitness G7 training DVD is a comprehensive series of videos that introduce users to proper exercising form and techniques. This training video is essential for any fitness enthusiast who wants to remain injury free and achieve their maximum potential. Before beginning the Life Fitness G7 training DVD, it’s important to understand the time commitment as well as the frequency and form required for each exercise listed in the program.

Time Commitment

The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD asks that users dedicate 60-90 minutes every other day to completing the entire program. This includes reviewing techniques, taking breaks between sets, and finishing each workout with cool down exercises.


Users of the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD should expect to complete two full workouts per week for at least 6 weeks in order to experience all the benefits associated with the program. It’s important to note that additional workouts are beneficial but not necessary if following a weekly schedule closely.


Those using this training program will also need to pay attention to how they complete exercises so as to avoid injury during workouts. This means mastering proper exercise form as outlined in each instructional video-making sure arms, legs, neck, back, and torso are properly aligned when performing exercises or stretches so they can benefit from each routine offered by Life Fitness G7 Training DVD.

Associated Risks

When participating in any fitness regimen, risks are associated with use of equipment or during physical activities that could cause injury or even death if done improperly. Those who follow a workout plan from Life Fitness G7 Training DVD need be aware of these risks before beginning:

  • Joint overuse resulting in injury
  • Using incorrect or inadequate form which can result in sprains, strains or ligament damage
  • Injury due to fatigue caused by overexertion

Comparing Life Fitness G7 Training DVD with Other workouts

The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD is a fitness program that helps give you an intense full body workout. It provides users with an all-in-one workout DVD that includes a variety of exercises such as kettlebells, medicine balls, body weight exercises and high intensity interval training (HIIT). This makes it an attractive choice for those looking to improve their overall physical fitness level.

Compared to other workouts, the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD has numerous superior features:

1. Unique exercises – the exercise selection is unique compared to many generic workouts on the market today, as it focuses on mobility, strength and bodyweight exercises using kettlebells and medicine balls.

2. Variety – users are able to switch up their routine from session to session; this allows them to stay focused and get better results in terms of both improving their fitness level and losing weight.

3. High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT is included in this DVD which makes it great for those who want to quickly build muscle mass while burning fat at the same time.

4. Professional Instruction – the instructor included in the Life Fitness G7 is professional and offers detailed instruction of each exercise, making it easier for users to properly complete each exercise without risk of injury or incorrect form.

In comparison to other workouts available on the market today, the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD offers numerous benefits over other forms of exercise. This includes providing unique and varied exercises designed specifically for those wanting an intense full body workout, as well as offering professional instruction with HIIT included for advanced fat burning and muscle building techniques.

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These benefits make this program a stand out among other workouts available today; one that can truly help people reach their personal physical goals faster than ever before.

Safety Tips for Doing the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD

When it comes to working out, safety should always be your first priority. The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD is a great way to exercise and stay fit while also staying safe. With the help of this training DVD, you can follow along with step-by-step instructions on how to properly perform exercises and stay injury free. Here are some safety tips for doing the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD.

Warm Up

It is important to always warm up before starting any exercise program. Doing a light warm up or bodyweight stretching will ensure that your muscles are ready for whatever workout you are about to do and get your blood flowing and heart pumping. This will prevent soreness and increase your performance since warmed up muscles work better than cold muscles.


Following the instructions of the Life Fitness G7 Training DVD is essential for proper exercise form and avoiding injuries. Not following the steps as instructed could lead to injury or worse so make sure pay attention to the details given in each exercise step. Avoid trying any complicated moves until you master the basics as instructed in the DVD first for maximum safety results when using the program.


It is also important that you focus on proper form during your exercises in order to maximize results and minimize risks of injury from incorrect form. Awareness of proper body alignment and having good coordination throughout movements keep your body balanced so that it’s capable of handling heavier loads throughout the workout without strain or stress on joints or certain weak muscles which could lead to injury over time if not done correctly.

If you feel pain or discomfort while performing an exercise, stop immediately, adjust your form, and then continue with caution after getting more comfortable with proper alignment during a movement.

FAQs About Life Fitness G7 Training DVD

  • Q: How effective is the Life Fitness G7 training DVD?

    A: The Life Fitness G7 training program has proved to be incredibly effective for increasing strength, power and overall physical condition within a short period of time. It provides an intense workout that combines functional exercises with traditional strength training, allowing individuals to get the most out of their exercising regimen.

  • Q: Is the Life Fitness G7 training program safe?

    A: Yes. This program was designed with safety in mind. The workouts are suitable for any user level and can be tailored to each individual’s needs. Moves are thoroughly explained using detailed video demonstrations by certified trainers. Furthermore, stretching exercises are included at the end of each session in order to help avoid injuries.

  • Q: How long do I have to stick with this routine until I start seeing results?

    A: Results often depend on how committed you are and how controlled you are with your nutrition and lifestyle choices outside of your workout sessions. You may begin noticing changes within as little as three weeks when following the recommended exercises outlined in this program up to 6 days per week.


The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD is an incredibly useful product for users looking to get the most out of their home gym equipment. It provides comprehensive exercise programs which can take users from beginner to advanced level, while also allowing them to tailor the workouts to their specific fitness needs and goals.

All of this plus helpful portable demonstrations means that users can push their limits and achieve new levels of physical fitness in a very short period of time.

The Life Fitness G7 Training DVD is incredibly easy to access. It can be found both online and in physical stores, where users can purchase the DVD with accompanying instruction manual.

Alternatively, those who subscribe to one of LifeFitness’ subscription services will be able to download the work-outs directly into their device without leaving the comfort of their home. Either way, once purchased or downloaded, navigating through the video library is made simple by interactive menus and an intuitive layout which provide users clear instructions on how best to progress.

The benefit of using this Workout DVD are numerous and tangible. For starters, by providing users with customizable workout plans they can stick with a program which suits their fitness objectives and progress as they increase in skill level over time – something not often achievable when attending physical classes or working out alone in a gym environment.

This DVD also gives people an insight into what it’s like working out on real-life gym equipment so that recreational athletes know what to expect when doing routines outside of the home setting. Last but not least is the convenience factor; people can follow along at any hour of day or night without having to worry about travel time or such like – perfect for busy professionals who need results fast.

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