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Kevin Gates is a beloved hip-hop artist who has achieved major success in the music industry and received immense popularity over the years. However, he’s not alone on his journey to success – his wife, Dreka Gates has been an integral part of his success story since day one. As Kevin Gates’ personal trainer, Dreka is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise and even educates fellow trainers in both areas.

Dreka and Kevin have worked tirelessly over the years to stay healthy, active and maintain their physical fitness goals. She creates individualized plans tailored to fit her clients’ needs and goals while providing effective guidance and encouragement along the way. In addition to creating custom workout routines for herself and her husband, Dreka focuses on nutrition plans as well as per her own background in health sciences. She also excels at teaching proper form technique and offers instructional lessons so that people can maximize the effects of their workouts.

Apart from training her clients, Dreka is actively growing her own social media presence through inspiring posts about fitness tips, trends, stories about herself and Kevin, positive affirmations for empowerment, healthy relationships advice, etc. Through this platform she continues to advocate for better mental health awareness as well as raises funds for multiple charities worldwide. Through her professional influence and philanthropy work, she hopes

Dreka’s Background and Why Her Training is Different

Dreka Gates, wife of Kevin Gates and certified personal trainer, brings a unique background and training style to her classes. She holds certifications in sports nutrition, health education and yoga instruction which she uses to create custom fitness plans for each client. Born in New Orleans, she attended Louisiana Tech University where she studied health education and kinesiology. Upon qualifying as a certified trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Dreka worked as a wellness coach at various fitness centers before deciding to pursue personal training full-time.

Her experience with clients has informed her teaching style. While pushing her clients to reach their goals, Dreka also takes into account their physical condition; adjusting the intensity and duration of exercises according to individual needs. Her classes often incorporate poses from yoga combined with other traditional conditioning exercises for a holistic approach to working out. Her focus is not only on losing weight but on promoting overall wellbeing through movement, dieting and education. Finally, due to her ACE certification, clients can trust that they will be receiving a safe workout routine tailored specifically for them by an industry-recognised professional.

The Strength of Dreka’s Training

Dreka Gates, Kevin Gates’ wife and personal trainer, is a powerful force in fitness. Dreka is motivating, inspiring, and dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals. Her specialties include weight loss, strengthening core muscles, endurance training, and introducing new exercises to challenge minds and bodies.

By combining traditional elements of strength and conditioning with innovative approaches, Dreka handcrafts every workout program tailored to the individual’s needs. The results are breathtaking — she helps clients lose weight and gain muscle while increasing overall energy levels. She stresses proper form during workouts and pays attention to the little details that help build long-term habits for physical health. By focusing on mindset development alongside physical challenges, she offers her clients well-rounded guidance which fosters mental clarity and emotional stability.

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Under Dreka’s guidance, Kevin Gates has been able to keep his body in a harmonic balance through lifestyle changes without dramatically altering his daily routine. Whether it be exercising for an hour — or as little as fifteen minutes — per day or making small adjustments to dieting habits like incorporating healthy snacks into meals or starting off the morning with a protein shake instead of breakfast cereal — she helps create positive lasting results with her personalized care plans.

Client Success Stories

One of the most inspiring examples of people who have benefited from Dreka Gates’ personal training is her very own husband, Kevin Gates. His transformation in body and mind has been remarkable ever since starting to work with Dreka. Before he began his journey, Kevin was overweight and had high levels of both physical and mental stress. Along with nutrition and exercise plans tailored by Dreka for him, she has been able to help him increase strength and endurance. What’s even more impressive is that this success was achieved without the use of steroids or any other performance-enhancing substances. Thanks to Dreka’s commitment and guidance, Kevin now looks better than ever before. He even said himself that “if it wasn’t for Dreka pushing me nobody would have thought I could be in such great shape”. Thus, the couple serves as a prime example for those interested in achieving similar results with their personal training goals.


Q: How long has Dreka been a personal trainer?
A: Dreka has been a personal trainer for over 5 years. During that time, she has worked with some of the top athletes and celebrities in the world. She also has her own fitness program called “GatesFit” that was designed by both herself and Kevin Gates to help people reach their goals no matter what they may be.

Q: What types of workouts do you do during training sessions?
A: Depending on the individual’s fitness level, age, and goals, Dreka will tailor each session to fit the person’s needs. Generally, session can include cardio exercises, core exercises, weight lifting or calisthenics. Additionally, she often includes balance drills, agility drills and martial arts drills to ensure clients stay focused and challenged during each exercise session.

Q: What results can I expect from working with Dreka?
A: Clients of Dreka can expect improved overall health and well-being. With consistency and dedication her clients have experienced increased strength along with more lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat percentage due to improved nutrition choices. Additionally clients gain improved flexibility, balance as well as agility making everyday activities easier to achieve.

Make an Appointment with Dreka

If you’re looking to get in shape or just maintain your current fitness level, setting up a session with Kevin Gates’ wife Dreka as your personal trainer is an excellent option. To make an appointment, contact Dreka directly via her website or social media page. Provide details such as desired session length and the type of workout you are interested in so that she can tailor a plan to best meet your needs.

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When you come for your first session, be prepared to discuss your goals and answer any questions that Dreka may have about them. She will likely also ask about any injuries or special conditions that she should be aware of as she creates a program for you. After discussing goals, Dreka will put together a custom-tailored plan based on a combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training moves, balance work, and more depending on the goal set.

Dreka’s sessions generally include a warm-up period at the beginning and end of each workout to prepare your body for exercise and help prevent injury. In addition to the physical training, Dreka will provide guidance on nutrition and lifestyle considerations needed to help achieve success towards meeting the goal set. After each training session, she’ll provide recommendations on what exercises you can do on your own if needed, and follow up with encouraging words between scheduled appointments.


Dreka Gates is the personal trainer and coach behind Kevin Gates, the rapper and entrepreneur. She has over 10 years of experience in physical conditioning and nutrition, helping individuals transform their bodies while reaching their highest level of health. Dreka offers online coaching sessions, provides her own specialized meal plan, and helps you adjust your lifestyle in order to reach your desired fitness goals. She has worked with some of the top names in entertainment such as Drake and Migos, training intensively for three months at a time. With Dreka’s services, you can safely work toward optimal health, knowing how to modify your diet in order to achieve lasting results.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to reach strong physical health, then look no further than Dreka Gates. With over 10 years of experience paired with her expertise in nutrition and exercise regimen customization, it’s easy to see why she is the personal trainer of choice for many successful entertainers today. Her ability to help people enhance their body composition while also achieving overall optimal health makes her an invaluable partner in the journey toward bettering yourself. With her customized meal plans plus convenient online coaching services, you too can join the ranks of those who have already experienced immense success through Dreka’s efforts – so start your transformation today!

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