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Overview of How-To Train Your Dragon 2 Personality Test:

Are you a dragon or a Viking? Answer these questions to find out with this unique questionnaire. Put your knowledge and imagination to the test with How To Train Your Dragon 2 Personality Test! Designed to be both how and fun, this assessment will challenge you to think about what type of dragon or Viking you are most like. So take a few minutes and answer all the questions as honestly as possible. When done, you’ll discover which one of the characters from How To Train Your Dragon 2 you are most similar to!

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) is a sequel to the highly successful 2010 film How To Train Your Dragon. It follows the story of Hiccup and his Night Fury dragon sidekick, Toothless, who have grown up in a time of peace between dragons and Vikings on the island of Berk. After discovering an ice cave with wild dragons, the two embark on an adventure that brings them into contact with their long-lost father Valka and introduces them to a dragon trapper named Drago Bludvist. As they come to terms with Valka’s past, they also come face-to-face with Drago’s ambitions for ultimate power and control over every dragon he can find. With the help of their friends Astrid and Gobber, Hiccup must confront this new enemy before all hope for peace is lost. This memorable movie features fantastic animation along with a stunning musical score and elements from fantasy literature worthy of any fairytale. Take this personality test to discover how much you relate to Hiccup’s adventures in How To Train Your Dragon 2!

Take the Personality Test

The Personality Test consists of seventeen questions divided between four categories: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, and Agreeableness. Before taking the test, it is important to read the definitions for each category listed below.

Openness: Those with high scores are imaginative and open to new experiences.
Conscientiousness: Those with high scores are reliable, well organized, and able to focus for long periods of time.
Extroversion: Those with high scores tend to be enthusiastic and talkative.
Agreeableness: Those with high scores tend to be friendly, kind-hearted, and courteous towards others.

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To take the test begin by selecting one answer from each question that best reflects your personality or personal habits. Once you’ve answered all the questions add up your score for each category – Openness (Q1-4), Conscientiousness (Q5-8), Extroversion (Q9-12) and Agreeableness (Q13-17). After doing so refer back to the table below which will pinpoint which dragon type most closely matches you based on your total scores in each area.
High Openness + High Conscientiousness = Night Fury
Low Openness + High Conscientiousness = Gronckle
High Openness + Low Conscientiousness = Deadly Nadder
Low Openness + Low Conscientiousnes = Hideous Zippleback

Different Personality Types

Gronckle: A Gronckle is known to be a loyal and friendly dragon. They have slow flying speeds but compensate with their ability to carry heavy loads, creating a formidable defense wall with their armor-like scales. They thrive in hot weather and enjoy basking in the sun. Their fire breath is also quite formidable, capable of producing superheated lava-rocks that can dissolve nearly any material.

Night Fury: Night Furies are often misunderstood dragons due to their secretive nature and almost invisible appearance at night. Night Furies have supernatural strength, speed, and agility, which make them excellent flyers and attackers. They are able to shoot powerful bolts of energy from their mouths capable of extreme destruction.

Deadly Nadder: The Deadly Nadders are an incredibly loud dragon species due to the rattling spines on their backs that vibrate in flight and generate enormous fan-like wingspans when opened wide. Deadly Nadders may seem fiercely intimidating but they are actually rather gentle dragons if treated correctly. Their shoulder-mounted flame blasts allow them to generate devastating fireballs shot from long distances for effective attack strategies as well as provide an abundance of heat during colder climates.

Hideous Zippleback: The Hideous Zippleback is generally known as a very dangerous dragon even though they don’t physically appear threatening because of their small heads and legs which further emphasizes their large hefty bodies covered by spiked spikes covering its round body, resembling a hedgehog ball on steroids! This dragon species is notable for being able to exhale two types of gas; one explosive gas from one head, then a spark ignition gas from the other head which when combined create deadly explosions that can take out multiple opponents quickly.

Dragon Elemental Quiz

The How To Train Your Dragon 2 Personality Test allows you to find out what type of dragon element you would be if you were one! This quiz is based on the elements from the movie and takes a few minutes to complete. The four elements are Fire, Earth, Ice, and Air. The dragon’s element reflects its personality and special abilities. When answering the questions in the quiz, think about how each element relates to your own life. After completing the quiz, readers will discover their own unique element which will indicate their natural personality traits!

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This quiz is a fun way to connect with characters from How To Train Your Dragon 2 and learn more about yourself at the same time. When finished, readers can click on the link below to take the test:

Final Thoughts

Knowing your dragon type is an incredibly helpful and fun tool that can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships. Being able to identify the qualities of your dragon type can be beneficial in learning how to take on certain tasks, goals, and challenges. Depending on the type of dragon, different attributes and skills are associated with it that can help you accomplish things or make decisions in the best way possible for yourself. Additionally, knowing your dragon type can help to understand how you handle relationships with others. By being aware of which traits represent each dragon type, you can become more mindful of how you communicate with others and build stronger relationships.

Some key takeaways from knowing one’s dragon type include being mindful about mental energy, communication strategies, personal strengths & weaknesses, values & beliefs, and interaction styles between yourself and others. Being aware of these categories allows us to be better empathetic listeners when in conversation with others while also knowing our limits regarding personal time management. Identifying what works best for ourselves is key when navigating daily routines or important decisions so that we are making healthy choices that promote self-care and growth!

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