How To Set Up And Do A Ecover Fitness Challenge

It’s cold outside, the middle of winter and you have an unfulfilled fitness challenge lurking in the background. Cold weather, busy work schedules or boredom with your fitness regimen can cast you off track. Don’t cave in to these excuses. Instead, follow through on your fitness goals with this 30-days fitness challenge. The best part; you do not have to be super fit or belong to a fancy gym to participate in this challenge.

fitness challenge

First, decide on a fitness level that you are comfortable with. Are you new to the fitness world? Or do you find yourself constantly challenging yourself to keep up with a never-ending list of fitness challenges? If you find yourself struggling or just frustrated by the daily grind of maintaining your fitness level, this family workout challenge is for you!

Fitness Challenges Workout Routine Do not worry about creating an elaborate workout routine to follow when on this family fitness challenge; as long as you choose one exercise or muscle group to focus on for at least 30 days, your routine will be complete. This gives you ample time to develop and strengthen your weak areas and work on increasing your strength in those areas. You may also find it helpful to alternate your workouts on this challenge so that you are not constantly overburdening yourself with a full-body workout.

Now that you have chosen your muscle group or areas to focus on during your 30-day fitness challenge, start by choosing a workout routine that includes exercise that targets your weak area(s) and focuses on one move or repetition. It is easier to obtain motivation for completing this family fitness challenge when it is one that you can accomplish alone and doesn’t involve any extra pressure or struggle. Also, once you complete your first 30-day challenge, you will gain momentum and be able to increase your stamina and challenge yourself with more workouts.

Fitness Motivation As mentioned, working out on your own family workout routine will give you added motivation to complete each and every workout session. Try setting short term goals for each day and visualizing yourself hitting each goal. This will give you added incentive and help you stick with the family challenge! You may also want to include some sort of reward for finishing your goals. For instance, if you were able to lose one pound after one month, why not reward yourself with a shopping spree or a weekend getaway? The possibilities are endless when it comes to rewards!

Mini-challenges Another great reason to participate in a mini-challenge is because it offers something that can easily be worked into a larger challenge. For instance, you can do a 30-day challenge that focuses on losing a certain number of pounds. This can be accomplished by doing a Ecover mini-challenge. You can also choose to work on any number of areas, such as weight loss or fitness level improvement.

Family Staycation When you participate in a mini-challenge with the whole family, you are forced to work together to achieve the goal. It provides for an excellent opportunity to bond, foster communication, and even teaches children about teamwork and cooperation. Not only will this mini-challenge strengthen family bonds, it will also provide a good chance to bond with your children and teach them how to succeed in a challenge-like situation. If you choose to do an Ecover mini-challenge, make sure you include everyone in the family so that they can learn from each other.

Pacing Yourself One of the best tips I can give you when working out is to start at a slower pace and gradually return to a faster speed as your fitness level improves. It is very tempting to quickly warm up and then work your way up to harder exercises, but this rarely leads to any long-lasting benefits. Start with an easy walk that you can finish in a reasonable amount of time. It will build confidence and teach you to always start your workouts in a reasonable manner.

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