How To Get Lululemon Personal Trainer Discount

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What is a Lululemon Personal Trainer Discount?

Lululemon offers personalized discounts to personal trainers on select clothing, accessories and gear. These discounts range from 10-25% off full price items, with deeper discounts on sale items in the outlet store and lululemon Athletica app. Some of these discounts also include free shipping and member rewards points.

For example, personal trainers may save 10% annually on online orders, 15% on seasonal collections that come out every three months, or 20% off clearance events throughout the year. Certain weekends may even bring 25% savings while shopping the outlet store. Personal trainers can also get exclusive access to limited release products through their members-only area.

“Ways to Stay abreast of New Discounts”

1. Sign up to the Lululemon newsletter: Subscribing to the Lululemon newsletter is a great way to stay on top of their latest discounts and promotions.

2. Follow them on Social Media: Following Lululemon on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram is a great way to be the first in line for new promotions and discount codes.

3. Use coupon websites: Don’t forget to check out coupon websites where you can search for any available discounts at Lululemon.

4. Check store flyers and circulars: Don’t forget to keep an eye out for promotional flyers or circulars from your local Lululemon store that may list new discounts or sales.

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5. Ask an in-store Sales Associate: Get insider information about exclusive discounts by asking an employee at the Lululemon store near you directly about deals they have going on!

Include Social Media Outlets

If you want to stay up to date on the latest releases and promotions from Lululemon, you may want to follow their official channels on social media. You can connect with them on Twitter and Instagram, where they usually share new product launches, discounts, exclusive offers, and other Lululemon-related content. They often provide special discounts and other promotional codes for their followers as well. Additionally, use hashtags like #LululemonPersonalTrainerDiscount or #FitnessSpecials when looking for training discounts. This way you can easily find any relevant posts about discounts offered by Lululemon.

Expand on Other Discounts Available

In addition to the Lululemon personal trainer discount, there are a variety of other discounts available. For instance, Under Armour’s pro program offers exclusive deals and discounts up to 25% off on Under Armour gear for verified personal trainers. New Balance also offers a special program exclusively for personal traineres, providing 20%-50% off select styles and discounts on orders over $150. Reebok also regularly releases coupon codes that can be applied when purchasing online with discounts up to 40%. Additionally, asics is renowned for offering a quality selection of apparel and sports shoes, which often have discount codes available that provide up to 40% off specific styles. Sports Retailers such as Decathlon and Kmart are also known for selling products at discounted rates.

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