How To Cancel A Personal Trainer At La Fitness


Working with a personal trainer at La Fitness can offer many health and fitness benefits. An experienced and certified personal trainer specializes in exercise physiology, nutrition science, and counseling to help clients achieve their fitness goals. With the guidance of a knowledgeable professional, clients can have an incredible workout experience that produces positive results in variables like strength, cardiovascular endurance, joint stability and flexibility, body composition and weight management. A personal trainer provides structure and professionalism to a fitness routine as well as tailored advice around dietary plan to deliver substantial progress within days or weeks rather than months or years with no supervision at all would take. Nevertheless, if you don’t plan on continuing your relationship with your personal trainer at La Fitness, here are the steps you need take in order to cancel it:

1. Verify Your Cancel Date: When hiring a personal trainer at La Fitness, you signed an agreement stating how long you wished to be coached (usually 1 month minimum). Check this agreement to determine when the cancel date is so that it may be honored by your gym.

2. Contact Your Personal Trainer: Before canceling your PT services at LaFitness make sure to reach out for one last session either online or in-person if possible. It’s important that you are honest about why you are leaving from now on will reduce any misunderstanding during the cancellation process.

3. Submit The Cancellation Form: There’s usually an online form for canceling your trainer services at LaFitness which must be filled out completely and accurately before officially stopping sessions . You’ll need the agreements start date as well as other information pertaining to payment amounts along with which type of membership they held while training with them (i.e., individual/shared).

4. Pay Any Outstanding Balance Owed: You may find out after submitting the cancellation form that there is an outstanding balance owed on previous payments or fees associated with being trained by your personal trainer at La Fitness – if so make sure these balances get paid off prior to full cancellation of their service(s).

5. Write a Thank-You Note: Though it’s not entirely required it is still important to show appreciation when parting can be very beneficial when wanted newfound relationships whether with future professionals or fellow gym members – so never forget expressing gratitude even after leaving la fitness!

Clarifying La Fitness’ Cancellation Policy

It is important to be aware of La Fitness’ cancellation policy before cancelling a personal trainer. Depending on the state, members may need to give at least 30 days prior notice via written or online request to cancel their services with a personal trainer at La Fitness. If members fail to provide proper written notice prior to their desired cancellation date, they may still incur fees or charges related to their contract agreement. Therefore, it is always recommended that members review their agreement carefully before filing a cancellation request and ensure that they are aware of all the requirements. If a member wishes to avoid the potential financial burden associated with unexpected fees and charges, they should take extra care in notifying La Fitness of their desire to terminate their membership agreement as soon as possible, preferably before the end of the month if possible. Members who wish to further clarify any details about the La Fitness cancellation policy can contact customer service representatives for specific information.

Reaching Out to Your Trainer Before Making The Decision to Cancel

Before making the decision to cancel your personal trainer at LA Fitness, it is important to first reach out to them. Ask yourself why you want to cancel and discuss this with your trainer. Perhaps they can help resolve any issues and help you re-evaluate if you actually need to make the decision that leads to cancelling. Speak openly and honestly with your trainer – they understand and have witnessed individuals having struggles in meeting their goals before. They may be able to provide solutions to helping you stay on track towards success. By being honest, this discussion can lead to more effective results moving forward and a deeper relationship between both of you.

Step-by-Step Process for Canceling Your Personal Training Session

1. Contact your personal trainer: To make sure that you are both on the same page, it is important to contact your personal trainer. You can reach out to them by text, email, or by phone. Make sure you explain in detail why you are canceling and any other relevant information.

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2. Sign into your La Fitness account: To access all of your membership information you will need to log-in to your La Fitness account online or with the app. If you don’t have an online account, please create one so that it’s easier to manage going forward.

3. Look through the Personal Training section: Once logged in, find the ‘Personal Training’ section which can easily be found in the main menu bar near the top of any page on or under ‘My Account’ in the mobile app. Click on this link and you should see all of your current and past training sessions listed here with a ‘Cancel Session’ option next next to each session title .

4. Select ‘Cancel Session’: If all goes according to plan, you should now click this button and wait for it to process and complete – we recommend waiting 30 seconds before repeating this step just encase someone else reads off of our page!

5. Confirm cancellation of session: Now that everything is in order and done correctly, there should now be a confirmation message on screen for canceling a session – Hopefully there won’t be any more surprises but if something does come up, please don’t hesitate give La Fitness customer service team a call at 1-888-795-7206 or email them at [email protected]

Cancelling In Person

If you would like to personally cancel your Personal Trainer at LA Fitness, it is a relatively straightforward process. Firstly, contact the LA Fitness center you have been attending and ask to speak with the staff in charge of scheduling trainers. Explain calmly and clearly that you would like to cancel your Personal Trainer’s services due to any reason that fits you best. If the conversations get too heated, politely ask to speak with the manager present so they can facilitate the process for you.Once everything has been sorted out, it is important for you to sign all the cancellation papers that may be presented by the staff as a record and proof of termination.

You should also double check if there was an initial contract that was signed when engaging a personal trainer from La Fitness which will generally provide details on how cancellation policies work if applicable. Make sure that you understand these regulations before signing any documentation and if need be, seek legal advice from a professional regarding any conflicts of interest or misunderstandings related to this matter. After all documents are in order and taken care of, LA Fitness will likely send you an email or other form of communication confirming your cancellation request.

Cancelling Over the Phone

If you need to cancel your personal trainer at LA Fitness, it’s best to do so over the phone. Doing so will give you a paper trail and record of the cancellation. If possible, call the gym directly and speak with the manager or personnel in charge of cancelling sessions. Explain that you need to be taken out of your contract with the gym and why, as this information will be helpful for future scheduling purposes. The manager may also want to discuss your reason for canceling before officially processing it. Make sure to confirm when your final session is and any fees that may potentially be involved if applicable.

Cancelling In Person

You may also opt to visit the gym in person is if that works better for you. Again, explain why you need to be taken out of your contract with the gym, determine when your final session is, and ask about any fees that might incur due to the cancellation process. Once identified, sign an official form or document provided by the gym detailing these details as a way of solidifying your request and making sure it’s prepared properly on behalf of both parties involved – yourself and LA Fitness. Always ensure you have extra copies of this paperwork just in case something happens down the line where a form needs to be refiled or redone again.

Cancelling Online

If you would like to cancel a personal trainer at LA Fitness, the most efficient method is to do so online. To begin, you will need to log into your profile on the LA Fitness website using your username and password. Once logged in, find and click on the ‘My Training’ tab near the top of the page. You should then be able to see your list of trainers along with their individual contact information. From here, you can select an individual trainer’s name or profile and hit ‘Cancel’ or ‘Unsubscribe’ under their contact information. This will officially terminate your working relationship with them moving forward.

You may also need to contact a customer service representative if this option does not appear within your profile account. This may be done through live chat, email or by calling 1-888-254-3548 (toll-free). When speaking directly with a customer service representative, they will be able to adjust any active contracts or arrangements made with trainers moving forward as needed. Additionally, they can provide professional help if any issue arises during the cancellation process that cannot be managed online.

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Pros and Cons of Canceling Your Training

1. You will have more free time in your schedule.
2. You can save money by not having to pay for a trainer.
3. You will be able to take on more responsibility and become more self-reliant when it comes to creating a fitness routine of your own, or with the help of friends or associates.

1. You may lack motivation and accountability without a personal trainer pushing you to work out and reach your goals.
2. You may experience difficulty in putting together an effective program due to lack of knowledge or know-how, resulting in wasted effort and time spent on exercises that do not benefit your ultimate goals.
3. Without professional expertise and feedback, it can be difficult to progress safely while avoiding injury and maintaining correct technique while exercising.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Training Sessions

1. Set your Goals – Before you meet with your personal trainer, take some time to consider the physical activity goals you would like to achieve. Be sure to be specific, setting yourself short-term and long-term goals for optimal results.

2. Communicate Your Level of Fitness – Make sure that you provide your trainer with details on your current level of fitness, so they can adjust the session accordingly by either adding or removing certain activities in order to suit your needs and capabilities. You should also be honest about any physical ailments or injuries, as this will help them tailor the exercise routine accordingly and keep you safe.

3. Maintain a Positive Attitude – Keep a positive attitude throughout each session and try not to get too frustrated if things don’t go perfectly every time – mistakes are normal! Listening to the advice of your trainer is one of the most important ways to ensure great progress and reach success with your goals.

4. Practice New Workouts at Home – To make the most out of each session, practice short workouts at home between training sessions which will help solidify any tips or techniques taught by your personal trainer during the sessions themselves. This will help improve progress and make it easier for trainers to assess what areas require further work during future visits.

5. Follow Through with Good Nutrition – Eating healthy is essential in helping reach peak physical performance levels both in and outside of training sessions; as such, it’s important that implement good nutrition guidelines into everyday life without fail from day one under the guidance of a professional trainer who can advise on portion control and recommend foods beneficial for optimum training performance.


Canceling your personal training with La Fitness is easy and convenient. In order to cancel your membership, you will need to contact the Member Services team directly by phone, email or in-person at the nearest location. You will then need to fill out the cancellation form and provide them with necessary information. The process can be completed quickly provided you know the details of your account, ensuring that you are returned any unused prepaid services. If you have any questions about canceling your personal training with La Fitness, their Member Services team is available to help guide you through the process.

At this point, it’s important to weigh all factors before finalizing your decision to cancel personal training at La Fitness. To ensure that cancellation is in your best interest financially, you should consider comparing the overall cost of keeping versus canceling personal training services. Additionally, don’t forget that a lot of progress and hard work has gone into building up fitness levels with a personal trainer – which may take some time to reestablish once cancelled. Ultimately, it’s important to do what’s right for your lifestyle and goals when making this decision – if that means canceling personal training at La Fitness then make sure to go through proper procedures and request refunds forms if applicable.

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