How Much Is The Nasm Personal Training Certification


The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers a widely-recognized personal training certification for those who want to work as certified personal trainers. This program is designed to instruct trainees in the safe, accurate and effective methods of designing individualized strength and conditioning programs, as well as provide evidence-based exercise science information. The curriculum covers assessments, program design, nutrition counseling and fitness coaching strategies related to health and performance outcomes.

The cost of the NASM Personal Training Certification depends on which package you choose. Their basic level program starts at around $699 and includes the study materials, two practice tests, access to all study resources, their exam review course and the exam fee itself. If you are looking for more comprehensive packages with additional services such as career coaching or a retake promise policy, you may need to pay extra fees that start around $899 dollars. In addition to this fee, there is an annual recertification fee of $99 entering its second year that must be paid by all NASM Certified Personal Trainers every year to maintain their professionalism and current knowledge base in the field of exercise science .

Overall, completion of the NASM Personal Training Certification can open many doors for potential job opportunities in fields related to personal training or fitness instruction. Though it does come with some costs depending on your chosen package type, those who complete this program will have acquired hands-on practical experience plus have achieved a reputable NASM certification that remains valid for two years after completion.

Cost Breakdown

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers a variety of Personal Training Certifications to help fitness professionals grow their careers. Certification requires both classroom and hands-on experience, making the price associated with signing up for one of the various levels of certification higher than other certifications. Depending on the level of expertise sought after, the total cost could range between $699 to $1999.

When considering a NTSM Personal Training Certification, it’s important to know exactly how much the entire package costs; fees tend to vary according to which training option is chosen and there are several elements that factor into pricing such as enrollment costs, books, exams and resources.

One thing NASM doesn’t deduct from the overall cost is the testing fee which can range anywhere from $129 – $450. Depending on which tier program is selected for an individualized study plan, there can also be charges associated with sample exams, test prep courses and exam vouchers or retake credits down the road should they opt not to pass on their first try. Once trained, individuals now have access to ongoing education tools such as webinars and additional resources such as job boards etc., many at discounted rates compared to non-program members offering trainers more savings over time while they build their business.

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In addition to these items, trainers will also have access to exclusive discounts from affiliate partners at places like Amazon Business so that all necessary materials needed for personal training practices may be purchased at lower costs than if buying in retail stores. Ultimately this helps offset some consumer expenses or even directly reduce overhead costs meaning that when all said and done professional trainers get far more bang-for-their buck investing in NASM’s Personal Training Certification Program

Getting Started

The enrollment package for the NASM Personal Training Certification includes all of materials and resources necessary to successfully complete the program. The package includes the course manual, audio lectures, online course quizzes, resource library access, practice questions and exam voucher. Additionally, once you register you will receive full customer support from NASM’s team of advisors who are committed to helping certification candidates achieve their goals.

In order to enroll in the NASM Personal Training Certification program you must create a secure account on their website. Once your account is set up, you can choose which study materials you would like to purchase such as the complete certification package or one of their individual options. After selecting your package or options , you will be prompted to pay an enrollment fee which starts at $699 plus taxes, fees and shipping costs. The payment plan available allows those interested in getting certified spread the cost into two payments for convenience and affordability purposes.

Exam Day

The NASM Personal Training Certification Exam is a 160-question test that includes questions about anatomy and physiology, exercise technique, program design, health assessment, basic nutrition and behavior change. The exam also covers the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s OPT Model, which is their system for designing safe and effective exercise programs. To pass the exam, individuals must demonstrate that they understand key concepts and principles by achieving a score of 70% or higher. The exam should take approximately 3 hours to complete. For test day preparation, resources such as the NASM study materials and practice exams are available through their official website. Additionally, candidates are encouraged to take an approved review course to brush up on their existing knowledge prior to taking the exam.

Continuing Education

Renewing your NASM Personal Training Certification is important to ensure you are up-to-date on the latest fitness trends and safety procedures. Keeping your certification current requires a continuing education cycle of five years in which certified personal trainers must earn two Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every year.

CEUs can be earned in a variety of ways, from taking online courses or reading course material and tests, to attending live workshops and conferences, as well as webinars or courses affiliated with NASM’s partner organizations. The cost for CEUs varies depending on the type of course selected. Online courses range from approximately $25 to $100 per CEU, while more interactive activities such as attending a workshop may vary significantly at the provider’s discretion. Additionally, the cost of registering for the NCCA accredited CPT Exam is $550. Renewing your certification also requires an annual registration fee that ranges from $49 to $99.

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Beyond the Test

NASM provides a variety of resources for personal trainers including webinars, training materials and tutorial videos. The webinars provide an opportunity to hear from industry experts about the latest trends in health and fitness as well as learn best practices for working with clients. Training materials can help certified trainers expand their knowledge base by drilling down into specific areas like strength training or nutrition. Tutorial videos provide step-by-step visuals that allow the user to follow along and brush up on topics they are more familiar with. NASM also offers free practice tests to assess knowledge pre-exam and prep courses to prepare users for actual exams. Additionally, trainers can get continuing education credits to stay up-to-date on changes in the field. Finally, NASM provides job posts and career advice helping trainers find their dream job after certification.


The cost of NASM personal training certification will vary depending on the type of program you choose. An entry-level certification can cost around $699 while the more advanced certifications can range up to $2,399. Each level brings a different set of learning modules and services, so it’s important to shop around to compare prices and consider what resources you would be receiving.

Overall, the NASM Personal Training Certification is an investment that could greatly benefit your career growth in the long run. While there is definitely a financial cost associated with these programs, if you’re serious about becoming a certified personal trainer then this may be an invaluable step in advancing your career goals. It’s important to remember that being certified reflects dedication and knowledge in this field, both of which are highly preferred by many employers and clients alike. Additionally, having a valid certification from such a well-established organization as NASM can open many doors for you in the fitness industry. Not only does it help show potential employers that you have acquired specialized skills and knowledge but also demonstrates your commitment to achieving reliable results with people who entrust you with their health and fitness goals. Ultimately, investing in your education through the NAASM certification allows set yourself apart from other trainers while also gaining access to support while studying as well as industry discounts once you become certified..

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