How Much For A Personal Trainer At Altons Powerblock Gym


The cost of hiring a personal trainer at Altons Powerblock Gym varies depending on several factors, such as the level of expertise and the duration of your training. Generally speaking, the overall expense is determined by the type of personal training services you require. For example, if you need just basic guidance to help improve your exercise program and knowledge of nutrition, then a beginner-level package may be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you are looking for a trainer to develop and guide an individualized program that is tailored to meet your specific goals – whether in terms of weight loss, muscle building or improving stamina levels – then a more experienced trainer may be suitable.

In addition to considering your specific requirements from a personal training perspective, it’s also wise to consider budgeting and how much you can afford to invest in your progress. Altons Powerblock Gym provides experienced and certified trainers who will work with each client on an individual basis in order to ensure maximum effectiveness from the sessions; this means taking into account any pre-existing health conditions such as injuries or illnesses that might affect clients’ abilities or limitations. Therefore, when deciding how much you’re willing to spend on personal training services at Altons Powerblock Gym it’s important that you factor in not only the level of expertise desired but also necessary elements such as long-term goal setting and injury prevention techniques.

We recommend that all clients who wish to enlist the help of a personal trainer at Altons Powerblock Gym start by discussing their individual needs with our staff so they can determine what type of service would best suit their fitness goals; this will provide them with an indication as to pricing options available. Ultimately, we want all our customers to get the most out of their sessions so that they can reach their desired physical goals efficiently and safely!

Services Offered by Personal Trainers At Altons Powerblock Gym

At Altons Powerblock Gym, personal trainers offer a range of services to members. Personal training sessions include one-on-one instruction or small-group classes, focusing on weight loss, functional fitness, and other goals. Trainers will develop a customized program tailored to the individual’s needs that may include strength training, cardiovascular exercise, core work, flexibility exercises and corrective movement patterns. They are also available to provide nutrition guidance and tips on forming healthy habits, as well as offering accountability in order to help you reach your fitness goals. In addition to instruction during scheduled sessions with the trainer, some packages may include remote access for additional support between sessions. Investing in a package of personal training services at Altons Powerblock Gym is an excellent way to achieve optimal results and create positive lifelong habits. Prices for personal trainers vary depending on how many sessions are purchased at one time but generally start at around $40 per session if bought individually.

How To Price Group Personal Training

Questions to Ask When Choosing A Personal Trainer

1. What are the trainer’s qualifications? It is important to find out what educational and professional experience a trainer has in order to ensure that they are properly trained and qualified to provide you with quality, effective guidance.

2. How much does a personal training session cost? Before committing to working with a personal trainer, it is important to understand how much they charge for sessions so that you can plan ahead and make sure it is an affordable and viable option for you.

3. What payment methods do they accept? Most gyms accept payment directly through their website or by using cash or credit card payments. Find out exactly how the gym will process payments so that you can begin preparing in advance.

4. How often should I be training? Depending on your goals, skills level, and schedule, an experienced personal trainer can help guide you on a tailored program based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

5. Are there any longer-term pricing packages available? Many gyms offer discounted rates when signing up for multiple sessions at once or monthly subscription fees for recurring clientele – make sure to ask about packages like these if you anticipate needing ongoing training assistance over time.

Cost Breakdown

At Alton’s Powerblock Gym, you can get private personal training for a variety of different packages. The most economical option is to purchase a single session at $45. For better value and bulk discounts, there are 3-session packages available from $129, 6-session packages from $249 and 10-session packages from $399. They also offer group training in 2-month packages with 12 sessions for a total of $499.

For those looking for more intense personal training programs, Altons Powerblock Gym offers pre-bundled packages that include fitness assessments and personalized fitness plans. These are available as either 4 sessions over the course of 2 months at $649 or 8 sessions over 4 months at $1,199. There is also an additional on-boarding fee of $149 required before starting any bundle program.

Finally, Altons Powerblock Gym also provides clients with the Option to access Personal Training Longevity (PTL) Programs which allow members to work on long term goals such as weight loss mentoring, balance training or injury prevention planning. These PTL options start from just $159 per month for 12 months with additional coverage provided for up to 18 months if desired at a slight cost increase per month.

Special Offers and Promotions to Take Advantage Of

At Altons Powerblock Gym, you can get a personal trainer for as low as $19.99 per session. If you’re looking for a better deal, we have several promotions and specials that are sure to fit your budget.

Our most popular offer is our 10-session package. For just $189.00, you will get 10 sessions with a certified personal trainer and access to our state-of-the-art gym facilities. This package also includes exclusive offers including discounts on nutrition products and personalized fitness analysis.

Personal Training Certification Organizations

We also offer special discounts throughout the year on various services such as massage therapy and spa services. On select days, we even offer viewings of live fitness events like weightlifting competitions and bodybuilding shows! Visit us at Altons Powerblock Gym today to learn more about our promotions and special offers or to book an appointment with one of our trainers!

Strategies for Maximizing Your Personal Training Sessions

Personal training sessions at Altons Powerblock Gym are typically priced based on the number of sessions booked and the experience level of the trainer. Generally, personal trainers charge an hourly rate for their services based on their credentials, location, length of session, and amount of travel. Additionally, there may be discounts for booking multiple sessions or a “package” of sessions.

To maximize your individual personal training sessions at Altons Powerblock Gym, it is important to be well-prepared before each session in order to get the most out of your workout. Prior to meeting with your trainer, create a list of specific goals that you want to accomplish during the session. During each session make sure to have a clear communication between you and your personal trainer; this will help ensure that expectations are set correctly and will minimize potential problems. Additionally, ensure that both parties understand what is expected after each session; make sure there is an understanding between you both regarding follow-up feedback, guidance and advice so that measurable results can be reached by the end of your overall training program. Lastly, it is recommended to establish a regular schedule to optimize your workouts; doing so will help maintain motivation and results over time.


Working with a personal trainer at Altons Powerblock Gym is an ideal way to get your fitness goals on track. A personal trainer can provide individualized instruction and guidance tailored to your unique needs. They provide one-on-one attention, personalized exercises, and motivation to ensure that you can reach your fitness objectives safely and efficiently. A personal trainer also helps you stay motivated while improving technique and strength. Furthermore, they offer instruction on nutrition, stretching, weight training and more. With the right instruction, it’s much easier to make consistent progress towards achieving your overall health and fitness goals.

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