How Much Does Personal Training Cost At 24 Hr Fitness

Breakdown of Services

24 Hour Fitness offers a variety of personal training options, allowing clients to tailor their services to best meet their individual needs. Training options range from one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer, to small group classes and specialty courses offered in select 24 Hour Fitness locations. No matter what the level of fitness or experience needed personal trainers are able to provide information, guidance, and motivation.

One-on-one Personal Training: This option consists of one-hour personalized attention from a certified personal trainer focused on developing an individualized program for health and fitness goals. Each session costs around $65 or more depending upon location, but may offer discounts when bundled in packages of ten or more sessions.

Small Group Classes: Individuals can join multiple members for weekly classes run by a trainer ($20-$30 per person per class). These focus on techniques for strength and conditioning, as well as nutrition counseling related to achieving target weight loss and other goals related to physical health and wellness. Schedules and availability will vary based upon location.

Specialty Courses: During periods such as the summer months 24 Hours Fitness runs a specials programs that focus on pool exercises, outdoor training, semi-private classes and large onsite activities (the cost will vary based upon location). Additionally select locations may offer yoga and Pilates classes with certified instructors ($15 -$30 per person).

Sample Fee Structures

One-on-one Training:

30 minutes session – $60/session or package of 10 sessions – $550
45 minutes session – $70/session or package of 10 sessions – $650
60 minutes session – $90/session or package of 10 sessions – $800

Semi-Private Training (2–3 People):
30 minutes session – $50/person or package of 10 sessions – $450/person
45 minutes session – $60/person or package of 10 sessions – $550/person
60 minutes session – $75/person or package of 10 sessions -$675/person

Small Group Training (4–10 People):
30 minute session – $35–45/person or package of 10 sessions per person:$300–400
45 minute session –$40–55/person or package of 10 sessions per person:$350–450
60 minute session –$50–65)or package of 10 sessions per person:$400–500

Personal Training Lifetime Fitness Cost

Cost-Saving Ideas

Some cost-saving options for 24 Hour Fitness personal training include bundling multiple sessions together or taking advantage of any sales or discounts that the gym may offer. Bundling gives members the ability to pay for multiple personal training sessions at a discounted rate as opposed to paying individually for each session. Additionally, 24 Hour Fitness often has promotional offers where members can get discounts on select packages of personal training services. It is also important to check regularly with your 24 Hour Fitness gym to see if they are offering any new promotional offers. Lastly, if you’re willing to purchase a longer term package or commit to a larger bundle of sessions, many gyms offer significant discounts that can help reduce the cost.


24 Hour Fitness offers several incentives for personal training at their gyms. One incentive is that personal trainers will often give discounted rates for packages of 5 or 10 training sessions. Additionally, clients will also receive a complimentary health and wellness assessment by their trainer before beginning a program. Other incentives include personalized nutrition counseling and coaching, access to mobile apps and online tools, discounts on 24 Hour Fitness merchandise, free classes and workshops, free guest privileges at the gym, complimentary email or text reminders of upcoming sessions, as well as simplified payment options with no hidden fees or contracts required. In addition to these benefits, loyal customers who return for additional training sessions may be eligible to earn complimentary reward points towards gift cards, discounts on 24 hour fitness products and services, or even free months of membership at the gym!

Additional Resources

The cost of personal training at 24 Hour Fitness will vary depending on the location, type of membership, and program chosen. However, the average cost per session is around $65 to $85, with packages available for multiple sessions. Prices may also vary depending on experience level of the trainer, specialty services offered (like nutrition consultations), and other factors. Programs usually range from 4 to 12 weeks in duration and include personalized fitness plans as well as professional guidance throughout.

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To find out more about pricing options at your local 24 Hr Fitness center, you can contact a personal training coordinator directly or inquire online.

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The cost of personal training at 24 Hour Fitness depends on a variety of factors, including the type and length of your program and the expertise level of the trainer. Those looking for ongoing personal training may get a better rate than those signing up for a single session. On average, members may spend between $50 and $120 per hour-long session with a personal trainer. Prices can vary based on location as well; for example, sessions at SuperSport locations are typically more expensive than those offered at Active or Sport clubs.

In addition to hour-long sessions, many 24 Hour Fitness locations also offer additional services such as partner training, group fitness classes, specialty workshops, goal setting consultations, etc., which may require an additional fee. The best way to determine the cost of your personal training program is to contact your local 24 Hour Fitness location directly for pricing information specific to you and your health fitness goals.

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