How Long Is Competent Person Training Good For


Competent Person Training is required for a variety of industries, such as construction, civil engineering, or any other job where workers are exposed to risks and hazards. The training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to identify safety hazards in the workplace and devise workable solutions.

In order to remain certified, most competent person programs require annual refresher training modules and update courses on current industry regulations and guidelines. The duration of valid certification for Competent Person Training varies according to the program or industry regulations. Generally, completion certificates are proven valid for two years. Renewal occurs after a worker has completed online or in-person continuing education classes that furthers their competency in that field. Many companies may only provide short-term certifications as they feel more obligated to ensure their personnel maintain an updated level of safety competency compared to those who go offsite for certification trainings that may last several weeks. Ultimately it depends on the employer’s requirements and demands regarding how often they expect their workers to participate in refresher training courses.

Overview of Required Training

Competent Person Training is typically valid for three years and must be refreshed regularly in order to maintain the necessary knowledge and skills for the job. Competent Person Training requires a solid understanding of:

A) Occupational Health & Safety: Participants must demonstrate an understanding of health and safety regulations, standards, and best practices as they pertain to their specific industry.

B) Emergency Response Procedures: Participants must also understand emergency response procedures and how to properly manage an incident if it arises. This includes knowing when to call 911, the methods that should be implemented to mitigate any hazard, and which safety systems need to be activated in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

C) Risk Management: Participants should have a strong foundation in risk assessment techniques and be able to identify potential risks before they become a problem or cause an accident or injury.

D) Training Techniques: A competent person must understand how to communicate safety information in a way that both engages participants and motivates them to take action toward adherence with safety regulations.

E) Conflict Resolution Strategies: Competent persons are expected to resolve disputes between employees as quickly as possible while minimizing emotional intensity and preserving everyone’s dignity when possible. They should also know how to use fair but firm measures when enforcing protocols or imposing disciplinary actions in order to maintain order within the workplace.

Certification Cost and Requirements

The length of time that competent person training is valid varies depending on the type of certification and governing body. Most certification requires a set number of hours to be completed and then the certification must be re-certified at regular intervals – typically every three to five years. Generally speaking, if one chooses a certifying body with high standards, such as OSHA or NSC, there may be higher testing and renewal fees associated.

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To maintain OSHA certification for example, an individual would need to complete its authorized refresher courses or additional educational/training courses relevant to their particular industry as continuing education units. This can include online courses, attending conferences, or seminars in their field of expertise. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could potentially result in suspension or termination of their certificate. Similarly those certified by NSC must renew their status every two years and will be required to pass an online examination in order to do so.

Therefore it is important for those requiring competent person training to weigh up the cost-benefit ratio before embarking on certification. Each organization will have different requirements and fees – as well as different levels of certification – which should also factor into the decision-making process when considering how long is competent person training good for.

Exploring Different Training Programs

The length of time a competent person training course is good for depends on the organization or institution that provides the course. Generally speaking, competent person training courses can remain valid for up to six months, but this period can be extended in some cases.

For example, it may be possible to continue using the training materials and resources obtained from an online competency-based assessment for up to one year or, depending on the circumstances and material covered during the course, even longer. Similarly, certain regulatory organizations provide ongoing certificates or re-certifications when applicable.

On the other hand, some qualifications require continual assessment to ensure that individuals are maintaining their levels of knowledge and skills – these qualifications will often need more frequent renewal periods than those which do not require individual assessment. In these cases, it is important to check with the relevant organization providing the training to understand what their rules are regarding renewal periods and assessments.

How Long is Competent Person Training Good For?

Competent person training is valid for a certain period of time after it has been completed. The duration of the training depends on the specific type and scope of the training, as well as the industry in which it was obtained. In many cases, the competency certificates are valid for two years. However, some certifications may be good for three years or longer.

When deciding how long competent person training is good for, it is best to review all relevant regulations and evaluate any applicable industry requirements before making any determinations. Professional development activities can also help maintain your competence level over time to ensure continued safety compliance. Additionally, consider whether there have been refresher courses since taking initial competency certificate training so that your knowledge stays up to date with recent developments that could impact your organization’s operations. Lastly, if an employee or contractor leaves their job or changes industries, their certification may need to be renewed or retaken depending on the type of training received and industry guidelines in place.

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Ongoing Training and Renewing Certification

Competent person training is an essential requirement for those who wish to remain safe and adhere to good working practices. People certified as competent persons need to renew their certification every few years, depending on the industry and specific requirements of the regulatory body which has certified them.

It is important for those that hold a certificate of competence to participate in periodic refresher training sessions. This will help ensure that they remain up to date with any changes in rules or regulations that may have occurred since their initial training was completed. It is also essential for them to understand any new technologies, products, and services as they become available.

Renewal should be done by taking additional classes at a professional training site or even online. Renewal usually involves re-screening followed by a further examination – written or practical – which tests their understanding of compliance standards and procedures. Professional bodies can provide guidance on this process when required but the renewed certificate will typically be awarded at the end of the assessment period following successful completion of tasks set out in the course material.

Out-of-date certification indicates a lack of vigilance over safety protocols and procedures, something that no employer should accept from anyone responsible for employee safety compliance. Making sure staff ongoing competency is current through regular refresher courses renewing certification often sets a standard for best practice across organisations and industries globally.


Competent person training is essential for achieving legal compliance in the workplace and maintaining a safe, productive working environment. Depending on the type of industry, competent person training can last from 1-5 years. It is important for employers and employees to stay up to date with their training and certification needs by investing in or attending refresher courses regularly. This will help ensure that all safety regulations and protocols are followed correctly, as well as establishing proper procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency or other hazardous situation. Keeping competent person skills at the forefront helps to ensure that each worker is properly equipped health and safety-wise while they perform their duties.

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