Cross Train Fitness Nau

Cross Train Fitness Nau is a premier premier fitness club that has been providing Northwest Arkansas with quality fitness services since 2020. We specialize in HIIT, Functional Training, Kinesis Training and more. Our motivating staff of certified personal trainers are passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals and improve your overall health. We strive for quality results and outstanding customer service at every visit.

At Cross Train Fitness Nau we offer personalized coaching plans designed to fit each individual’s specific fitness needs. Our energy-filled classes provide an intense workout for all skill levels from beginners to advanced. Our HIIT workouts focus on intense intervals designed to burn fat and build lean muscle with each visit.

Functional training uses body weight exercises designed to stimulate muscles while increasing strength and coordination. Kinesis training is a dynamic system that uses adjustable resistance machines on tracks to engage multiple muscle groups conveniently selected by a certified trainer at any time during your session, making it safer for those who have back issues or other movement limitations.

Cross Train Fitness Nau memberships come with many benefits including access to state-of-the-art equipment, discounts on nutrition services such as protein shakes and meal plans, free group classes (limited availability), and special offers throughout the year. Furthermore, our trained staff review progress with each member during their sessions.

With our knowledgeable team holding each individual accountable helps them stay motivated, focused on activities tailored its user ensuring they get maximum results. All of these factors help members remain goal oriented and feel more confident about reaching their desired outcome over time.

Overview of Our Services

Cross Train Fitness Nau is a modern gym facility that offers comprehensive services and powerful results. We offer weight training, cardio-vasucular exercise, group workout classes, fitness assessment testing, personal training, nutrition advice and meal planning. Our team of fitness experts are available to help you get the most out of your workouts ensuring fast and safe results.

Weight Training

At Cross Train Fitness Nau we have state-of-the-art weight machines. Our range includes Hammer Strength equipment for functional strength endurance and universal pulleys for custom made bodybuilding resistance programs. An initial consultation with our specialist trainers ensures optimal form and safety while performing exercises to achieve maximum results.

Cardio-Vascular Exercises

Our extensive cardio equipment caters for all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced athletes. Our high-end treadmills reach speeds up to 16km/h and feature inclines up to 15%. Bike lanes featuring upright bikes, spinning bikes and Aerobics allows individuals to select preferred MP3 music programs as they cycle away their stress in style. Rowing machines provide an effective full body workout as they simulate real water rowing motion.

Group Workout Classes

As part of our group classes, we offer Boot Camps that focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates which increases flexibility, core strength & posture improvement, Kick boxing which utilizes punches & kicks for total body conditioning as well as Yoga that improves balance, co-ordination & breathing techniques. All these class sessions are led by our experience instructors who motivate you towards achieving your fitness objectives.

Fitness Assessment Testing

Especially useful for beginners or those transitioning from one exercise program to another we recommend engaging in our fitness assessment testing program so that goals can be set according allowed your current health status at a practical level. Nutrition advice will also be provided in order to optimize the results obtained through regular study cycles • State-of-the-art weight machines • Range of cardio equipment • Boot Camps • Pilates classes • Fitness assessments • Nutrition advice.

Highlighting Our Unique Offerings

Cross Train Fitness Nau offers a variety of fitness programs and services for individuals. Unlike many other gyms, our gym locations have a unique approach to helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

In addition to traditional strength and aerobic classes, we also offer specialty HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), yoga, Pilates, boxing, boot camps and endurance training courses. We strive to not only provide the latest fitness trends but also information on creating lifestyle changes that are sustainable in the long term.

At Cross Train Fitness Nau you’ll find an experienced staff that is dedicated to providing quality instruction to all fitness levels. Our instructors have years of experience in teaching group classes as well as helping one-on-one clients make realistic changes for their body and mind.

Our approach of combining the expertise of our instructors with your commitment to efforts will give you the best chance of achieving your desired outcomes for improved physicality, strength and overall well-being. With Cross Train Fitness Nau, everyone can take control of their health without having to go it alone.

Healthy Habits Tailored To Your Needs

Our health and wellness team takes a personalized approach when it comes to developing healthy habits. We all understand that each person’s individual needs must be taken into account if they are going join us in our quest for improved overall wellness. Thus we focus on understanding what motivates each individual prior to mapping out a program specifically tailored towards their abilities.

When crafting individual plans, we consider physical condition, dynamic level of exercise fit for each person, any special dietary requirements which should be taken into account – such as vegan diets or gluten sensitivity – as well as any personal ailments or chronic injuries needing special attention toward recovery methods.

All these factors help us develop programs backed by evidence-based knowledge which uses scientifically proven techniques designed with safety in mind in order to achieve the best results on both short-term and long-term aspects while taking away potential risk factors associated with attempting tasks beyond capability levels at any given moment in time.

Customized Programs For Different Goals

At Cross Train Fitness Nau we show dedication with every program designed according to whatever goal a member may have. Whether it’s weight loss or muscle building; an explosive sports performance or simply finding ways toward recovering from an injury; our knowledgeable team provides carefully crafted programs tailored around the different needs present within each person joining under our wing.

Aside from designing effective nutrition programs suitable for you body type paired with targeted workout routines,we bring forth accountability through motivational videos shared along biweekly progress reports submitted directly by coaching personnel guiding you throughout your journey,thus allowing us a close overview when managing potential risks borne out by specific conditions coming about during your period taking part at any given stage.

Overall our custom created sessions focus not just on altering physique but – more importantly – forging new habits based off introducing healthy exchange regimes toward restoring optimal daily habits where mental stability is strongly considered just as much as getting the highest metabollic results possible.

Benefits of Joining The Cross Train Fitness Nau Community

Cross Train Fitness Nau is a great community to join if you are serious about achieving your fitness goals and improving your overall health. The trainers at Cross Train believe in a holistic approach to training that focuses on building strength, power, balance and flexibility. With the support of other like-minded people, Cross Train offers an enjoyable atmosphere to motivate and inspire its members. Here are some of the benefits of joining Cross Train Fitness Nau:

  • Accountability: When joining any workout or wellness program, accountability is key for seeing results. At Cross Train, each member is given personalized attention and coaches work with them to help them stay motivated and on track with their fitness goals.
  • Variety of Exercises: Cross Train makes sure all members get the best out of their workouts by offering a range of exercises that target different areas of the body. This ensures individuals can both maintain muscle tone as well as work towards improving general health.
  • Caring Environment: Community support and motivation makes it easier for individuals to stay focused on their objectives without getting demotivated or frustrated. What’s more, safe environment helps new members feel comfortable while learning complex exercises.
Personal Fitness Trainer Certifications

Cross Train also places an emphasis on nutrition by providing nutrition counseling sessions for those who need guidance with diet plans. On top of that, they offer yoga classes and recreational sports activities for those who want to relax after a hard day’s work out too. All in all, anyone looking for great facilities with dedicated instructors will find just what they need at Cross Train Fitness Nau.

Our Specialized Team of Trainers

At Cross Train Fitness Nau, we take great pride in our team of highly-qualified trainers. Our staff includes both certified personal trainers and coaches who specialize in specific sports. Our trainers are:

  • Dedicated to helping clients reach their fitness goals
  • Experts in nutrition and diet planning
  • Skilled in strength training techniques
  • Adept in providing safe and effective workouts for all ages and fitness levels

Our coaches are experienced in developing specialized programs for competitive athletes that will help them maximize performance. They are knowledgeable about the latest research on hydration, rest, stretching exercises, corrective exercises, active recovery techniques, resistance training, plyometrics and much more. By keeping up with the latest trends in their respective sports they also ensure your workouts are always challenging and engaging.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to personalizing your workout program according to your individual needs. Whether you’re looking to increase strength or get toned for a marathon, our experts will create a personalized fitness plan just for you.

We understand the importance of getting results quickly, whether that means achieving an elite level of fitness or simply taking a few steps towards leading a healthier life. We provide the motivation to stay motivated through positive reinforcement from our expert trainers as well as offering nutritional guidance throughout the process so that you’ll never hit a plateau while striving to reach your desired objectives.

Professional Facilities and Equipment Overview

Cross Train Fitness Nau is a fitness center located in Northfield, Minnesota that strives to promote health and wellness for their members. They offer a wide variety of services from personal training and yoga classes to weightlifting and cardiovascular training.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art cardio machines, plenty of free weights and strength machines, stretching mats, medicine balls, and racks for Olympic bars. Cross Train has also invested in top-of-the-line equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals with built in screens that have access to streaming video content like Netflix movies or Internet radio stations as well as programs that adjust resistance levels for tailored workouts.

Individuals looking to work on nutrition for an overall healthier lifestyle will benefit from the onsite nutrition bar where they can get meal replacements like protein shakes or smoothies while socializing with other members before or after a workout session. The nutrition bar conveniently features sinks and microwaves in case anyone wants to cook something up at the facility.

One of the best features Cross Train Fitness Nau provides its members with is its full selection of virtual training options. These include attending live virtual class sessions led by certified trainers, creating customized program plans based on individual goals, or accessing prerecorded instructional videos they can follow along at their own pace right in the comfort of their own home.

There are many advantages to this service; whether it’s avoiding the busy gym atmosphere when trying to reach personal fitness goals or having extra support through direct interaction with a trainer during a live virtual class session, CrossTrain’s virtual classes are there for everyone’s needs.

Finally, another blissful bonus that comes with being part of the CrossTrain community is its “Member Rewards Program” which was created to encourage individuals who take advantage of working toward their health goals each month by offering rewards such as discounts for supplements purchased at their facility or exclusive event invites like discount shopping days during special sales periods.

This program puts members first by incentivizing hard work to promote physical activity and healthy choices all while enjoying great value during this journey towards improved well-being.

Benefits of Being Part of Cross Train Fitness Nau

Cross Train Fitness Nau is an excellent facility for those looking to stay fit and healthy. With a range of facilities available, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing Cross Train Fitness as their go-to gym. Here are some of the top benefits of joining Cross Train Fitness:

  • Access to fully equipped facilities – Cross Train Fitness is well-equipped with all the machines, equipment, and features you need for a full workout. From treadmills and rowing machines to weights and assisted pull-up bars, there’s something for everyone here.
  • Nutrition guidance – Cross Train Fitness offers comprehensive nutrition advice and menus that you can follow in order to reach your goals faster. The nutritionists on staff provide tailored advice depending on the individual’s requirements.
  • Group exercise classes – Cross Train Fitness also puts on some great group exercise classes. These classes have varying levels of intensity suitable for different people at different stages in their fitness journey. Whether you’re just getting started or already well on your way there will be something here that fits your needs.
  • Free access to personal trainers – Personal training sessions with professional instructors are included in the membership fee at CrossTrain Fitness, giving members access to one-on-one coaching without having to pay extra.
  • Physical therapists on hand – Injuries can happen when pushing hard during workouts. Having physical therapists on staff means that if this does occur then expert help isn’t far away.

These are just some of the many benefits offered by Cross Train Fitness Nau which make it a great option whether you’re attempting a complete lifestyle change or simply looking to improve your existing routine. It’s easy to see why so many choose Cross Train Fitness as their gym.

Group Training Options and Benefits

Cross Train Fitness Nau (CTFN) is a fitness facility based just outside of Austin, Texas. At CTFN, members are offered a range of different group training options with various benefits.

Group training at CTFN give members three main advantages: camaraderie among trainers, expert coaching and accountability. When partaking in group training, members are also connected to a community of likeminded individuals with similar goals and interests; thus increasing the overall motivation levels and support network within the group.

Camaraderie Among Trainers

Group training at CTFN offers members camaraderie among trainers that is hard to find in traditional gyms or home settings. Everyone participating in group training sessions know they are all striving towards shared goals, such as becoming stronger, fitter and healthier.

This camaraderie builds trust and strengthens relationships among participants that carries over into their personal lives too. Group training can offer people with potential lifelong friendships – another reason why it is such an attractive form of exercise for many folks.

Expert Coaching

Group training is lead by expert coaches who know how to get the most out of each session on both an individual level for each participant but also on a collective level for the whole group. Expert coaching creates the perfect balance between challenging everyone while still making sure everyone has enough energy to reach their peak performance levels during every session.

Whether big or small groups, experienced coaches can identify when participants need more support or guidance during any given activity so that nobody feels left behind or overwhelmed.


Accountability is one of the main advantages that come with being part of a larger group – especially compared to exercising alone at home or in a traditional gym setting where consistency is hard to come by without external motivation from others involved in reaching personal fitness goals.

Group training increases accountability as people are less likely to back out of attending if they know other people will be counting on them – this provides an extra layer of motivation for every member involved.

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Financial Incentives for Joining

Cross Train Fitness Nau is a health and fitness club that has a lot to offer its members. One of the biggest advantages for joining this club is the financial incentives that they offer. With these incentives, members can save money on their monthly membership fees and other associated costs that come with using a fitness center.

In addition to these savings, Cross Train Fitness Nau also offers additional rewards for those who are committed to living a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of their top financial incentives:

  • Discounts on Monthly Membership: Cross Train Fitness Nau offers discounted rates when members join for at least 6 months or more. This allows them to save money each month while still enjoying access to their facilities and services.
  • Referral Rewards Program: Those who refer new members will receive a discount on their own monthly membership when the referred person signs up.
  • Fitness Challenges: By participating in one of Cross Train Fitness Nau’s fitness challenges, members can win valuable prizes like free months from their membership or gifts cards for select stores.

These financial incentives make it easy to integrate regular exercise into your life and stay motivated on your fitness journey while saving money in the process. For instance, it’s possible to earn gift cards by participating in weekly workout challenges which can be used towards purchasing supplements or gym apparel from outside sources.

Plus, if you have several friends willing to join you at Cross Train Fitness Nau then you can all take advantage of the referral reward program which gives each person a discount on their monthly membership fee.

Finally, there’s the opportunity for long-term savings with discounted rates off of regular monthly fees when signing up for at least six months or more. This especially efficient considering that most people prefer signing up under one full year commitments so as to reap maximum benefits from this beneficial health club option without compromising quality.

It’spossible to make substantial savings by being an active member at Cross Train Fitness Nau taking full advantage of what’s available in terms of financial incentives available with association with this establishment.

Success Stories from Our Cross Train Fitness Nau Members

Cross Train Fitness Nau has been successful in helping many members reach their health and fitness goals. Every day, we work with our members to help them on the journey toward a healthier lifestyle and become the best versions of themselves. Our members come from all walks of life, representing different ages, genders, and ethnicities. Each unique individual can achieve their individualized goals through our guidance and support at Cross Train Fitness Nau.

The success stories that we hear every day at Cross Train Fitness Nau never cease to amaze us. From losing an abundance of weight to drastically improving overall health markers, our members have put in countless hours and dedication in their journey. One story that stands out among the rest is Mariana’s before she joined Cross Train Fitness Nau she was overweight with little prior knowledge about nutrition or working out.

She signed up for one month with us and sought guidance from our trainers about what type of exercises she should do and what foods she should be eating; among other advice from our inclusive staff. After continual hard work and dedication for two months, Mariana has lost 60 pounds.

For many members though, it goes farther than just reaching their fitness goals; it’s about building confidence as well. Crystal is one of those examples who feared working out in a gym environment before coming to Cross Training Fitness Nau, but soon found her strength when working with one of our oldest trainers who walked her throughout each exercise until she felt comfortable doing the workouts on her own.

Now completely confident working out both on her own or with partner workouts, Crystal keeps progressing further everyday towards her desired goals; continuing to exceed even her own expectations.

At Cross Train Fitness Nau, we feel incredibly privileged to play a role in such inspiring transformation journeys throughout every corner of your communities across the state. We continue striving forward today promoting healthy lifestyles through community events where all are welcome while also providing online resources for virtual classes which allow us to serve an ever growing network nationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cross Train Fitness Nau is an established sports and fitness facility located in the heart of Miami, Florida. It provides a full range of services for individuals looking to get fit and stay active.

The gym has state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable trainers, and a friendly atmosphere for those coming in with any level of experience. Whether you are looking for general fitness or specialized sports training, Cross Train Fitness Nau has something to offer everyone who walks through its doors.

What Services Does Cross Train Fitness Offer?

Cross Train Fitness Nau offers a wide variety of services to help members reach their fitness goals effectively and safely. The following list highlights some of the available options:

  • Group exercise classes such as yoga, spinning, Zumba, and Pilates
  • One-on-one personal training sessions to help create customized workout plans
  • Assistance with nutrition planning to complement workout goals
  • Access to expert trainers that specialize in different areas such as strength training, cardio conditioning, core strengthening muscle building.
  • Sports specific performance coaching

In addition to these standard offerings, Cross Train Fitness Nau organizes challenging fitness competitions throughout the year allowing individual members as well as teams compete against one another. Additionally, seminars and workshops are held on various fitness topics like proper form and technique assessments from experienced professionals at varying intervals.

Lastly, Cross Train Fitness Nau also provides supervised childcare services so parents can work out without worrying about their children while they are busy getting fit themselves. They also provide access to free Wi-Fi so that members can stay connected while getting fit.


Cross Train Fitness Nau is an amazing gym that offers a variety of classes and activities for their members. From Zumba to kickboxing, you can find something to do every day. Not only are the classes fun and varied, but they also provide an effective full body workout that can help improve strength, endurance, agility, and overall fitness.

The staff at Cross Train Fitness Nau is top notch. Their instructors are positive and encouraging, pushing each person as much as needed while still making sure they don’t overdo it. It’s this kind of environment that helps motivate people to stick with their workout regimen long-term so they can achieve their fitness goals more quickly.

One quality aspect of Cross Train Fitness Nau that makes it stand out from other gyms is its focus on health education. They offer nutrition seminars and cooking classes which teach members about healthy eating habits and how to choose the best foods for them.

There are also fitness lectures which present information on digestion, hormones, exercises techniques, stretching techniques and more. This wealth of knowledge helps members make decisions about their lifestyle choices in order to live a healthier life overall.

For these reasons alone, Cross Train Fitness Nau is worth trying out. With such a wide range of offerings combined with expert staff and health knowledge resources available it provides everything you need to successfully achieve your fitness goals or just give your day a good pick me up. So if you’re looking for the perfect place to get fit or just start having some fun with exercise classes again then give Cross Train Fitness Nau a try today.

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