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Chris Keith is a professional personal trainer who has been helping clients reach their fitness goals for over ten years. He prides himself on providing personalized, comprehensive workouts tailored to each individual’s needs and abilities. His commitment to his clients’ success, along with his enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness, have earned him the reputation as an exceptional personal trainer.

Chris Keith approaches each of his clients in a holistic way. He knows that physical fitness involves more than just exercise; it also encompasses proper nutrition, stress management, and other lifestyle components. He works closely with his clients to create optimal habits in all aspects of their lives so that they can achieve long-term results from their workouts. His unique approach to personal training not only gets results but also helps individuals improve their overall wellness.

One distinct advantage of working out with Chris Keith is his understanding of how one’s body works and reacts to various exercises. Through years of experience and continuous learning, he has become an expert at formulating customized exercise plans based on individual needs and goals. From strength training to weight loss program design and sport-specific training programs – no two programs are ever the same! His knowledge ensures a safe workout environment and also allows his clients peace of mind knowing they are getting the most effective workouts designed specifically for them.

In addition to designing personalized programs, Chris Keith provides support throughout the entire process – from initial consultation through your first successful workout session. His positive reinforcement and encouragement ensure that you stay motivated while staying committed to your fitness journey. He truly cares about each client’s progress, offering advice when needed so that you reach your desired fitness level in no time at all!

Experience & Qualifications

Chris Keith has been a personal trainer for more than 10 years. In that time, he’s earned a variety of qualifications to bolster his expertise and provide the best possible service to his clients. His qualifications include: a bachelor’s degree in applied science with a specialty in health and exercise sciences; an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer certification; an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Elite Trainer Certification, and National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) certification. He also holds specialized certifications in senior fitness and kettlebell training, plus various workshops related to strength training, corrective exercises, nutrition coaching, and injury rehab & prevention. Chris’ impressive credentials demonstrate the kind of knowledge and dedication he brings to each individual.

Training Philosophy

Chris Keith’s personal training philosophy revolves around diving deeper into the methodology behind his high-level results. He believes in creating and maintaining efficient and effective workout plans based on what his clients need as individuals. He prides himself in having an unmatched ability to effectively identify and correct weak links of any physical structure, enabling even the worst athletes to become successful and meet their goals. In order to provide a better sense of why his clients have such high standards for success, Chris has created what he calls the “Fitness Formula.” This formula is composed of three main components: Strength & Conditioning, Performance Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices.

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Strength & Conditioning includes strengthening muscle tissue while improving overall coordination and overall level of fitness through exercises tailored to that individuals needs. Performance Nutrition revolves around teaching his clients how to create proper macronutrient ratios based on their individual body type and goals. Finally, Lifestyle Choices covers an array of topics including sleep habits, stress management ,and portions of food sizes specific to each individual’s needs. From these qualities taken together, Chris uses his approach to make sure that each client reaches their full potential while staying physically safe along the way.


Chris Keith is a personal trainer who has an impressive track record of helping his clients reach their fitness goals. He doesn’t just make physical changes in the lives of those he trains; instead, he helps them recognize and understand their inner strengths. He recognizes that for each client, there is something unique about them that contributes to their success and helps them move closer to reaching their goals.

In addition to his dedication to helping clients reach tangible results from their efforts, Chris also celebrates the victories of those in his care. Whether a client has hit a new personal best on a lift or run, has met an ambitious weight loss target, or simply feels more confident in the gym, Chris deems any advancement worthy of recognition and celebration. The wins for his clients may be big or small but he honors all of them as meaningful successes earned through hard work and commitment.

Chris goes beyond simply viewing each step forward as an opportunity for celebration; he encourages each client to feel proud of accomplishments they have made along the way. Whether it is finishing an extra rep or working out with greater intensity than before, Chris celebrates any achievement as if it were their major win. Furthermore, rather than allowing them to rest on these laurels, he reminds clients that every success achieved is only a starting point to building more progressively toward better physical health and wellness. With Chris in your corner, you will never stand still when there are always opportunities to reach even higher goals!

Special Deals

Do you want to achieve your fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle? With the help of Chris Keith, you can do just that! As a certified personal trainer, Chris has the knowledge, experience and drive to help you reach your fitness objectives. He is dedicated to providing holistic support for his clients so that they can reach their goals with long-lasting results.

Chris’s specialities include: weight loss, strength training, bodybuilding, sports conditioning, fitness assessments, nutrition advice and diet planning as well as providing an overall support system. All of his plans are catered specifically to each individual’s needs. His evidence-based approach focuses on realistic outcomes and measurable progress that can be seen over time. He pushes the envelope and keeps up with the latest research relating to exercise science which enables him to be one step ahead ­of the game when it comes to helping clients reach their health objectives.

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Whether you are looking to lose 10 pounds or gain 20 pounds of muscle mass; Chris’s special deals provide you with a variety of options tailored specifically for your goals. With private 1:1 sessions or small group sessions created in a fun learning environment – no matter what your skill level is- he will make sure that you get maximum results from each workout session. In addition, he also offers online virtual coaching packages for those who require support from afar during these uncertain times. So don’t wait any longer – take advantage of Chris Keith’s special deals today and start achieving your fitness dreams!


Chris Keith is an experienced personal trainer who works with clients to help them reach their fitness goals. He believes that working hard and staying motivated are two important keys to success in achieving those goals. Chris encourages his clients to persevere when they feel like giving up and to constantly remind themselves why they started in the first place. He emphasizes the importance of breaking down big, intimidating goals into achievable mini tasks in order to stay focused on the end result. Above all else, he stresses that it is never too late to start, no matter where a person is at in their fitness journey, and that determination and hard work can make all the difference in reaching those goals. Furthermore, he frequently reminds his clients that taking breaks for rest and recovery is equally important as pushing hard during physical activity and exercise—a balance which plays a major role leading towards overall success down the road.


Chris Keith is a personal trainer who has been helping people reach their fitness goals for almost two decades. He’s passionate about helping his clients achieve success, which makes him an ideal choice when it comes to achieving your own “get fit” goals.

Chris Keith has an extensive knowledge of health and fitness and is experienced in implementing exercise programs that will help you reach your own personal objectives. He can provide individualized tips on how to optimize your diet and tailor the workout plan accordingly to create the best results. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach with Chris; he works with each client to make sure they’re getting their desired results. Additionally, Chris also specializes in creating customized diet plans to fit any lifestyle, helping ensure consistent progress over time.

What makes Chris even more unique is his focus on both physical activity as well as emotional wellbeing. He not only helps you become fitter but also assists you in overcoming mental barriers that might have been preventing you from making real progress in the past. With Chris’ help, reaching your “get fit” goals won’t be out of reach anymore!

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