Can A Person Catch A Train From Tokyo To Hokkaido


Yes, a person can catch a train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. The journey is beautiful and filled with scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife. From inside the train, you can view snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and lakes of shimmering water. You might even be lucky enough to spot small deer peeking out from the brush or mighty eagles soaring over the rural towns. As the journey continues to northern Japan, traditional culture is also visible in towns like Kofu, Matsumoto, Aomori and Hakodate, where characteristic architecture and monuments are seen as you roll by. The longer version of this journey takes you up to Sapporo via Hakodate and allows passengers more time to soak up the unique atmosphere of these northern regions. Along the way there’s plenty of restaurants and shopping malls for travelers looking for a break from exploring the great outdoors. Regardless of which route you take, the Tokyo-Hokkaido trip promises a fun-filled adventure with stunning scenery at every turn!

Travel Options

Yes, it is possible to travel by train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. There are two main options for doing so: the Hokkaido Shinkansen and the Super Sōya express train. The Hokkaido Shinkansen departs from Tokyo Station and takes about 6 hours and 10 minutes to reach the destination, with a fare cost of roughly ¥25,000 (approx. US $227). The Super Sōya express train takes slightly longer (about 8 hours and 30 minutes) but costs quite a bit less, at around ¥13,800 (approx. US $125).

Catching a Train

Yes, it is possible to take a train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. There are several different types of railway service that run between the two locations. The most popular option for this journey is the Shinkansen, a high-speed rail line operated by Japan Rail (JR), which departs from Tokyo Station and has stops in Shin-Hakodate on its way up to its final destination of Hakodate. Other options include local trains that travel through cities such as Ueno, Fukushima, Yamagata and Aomori Prefecture on their way up to Hokkaido.

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Examples of regular Shinkansen train schedules between Tokyo and Hokkaido can be found here:

• 8:00am – 11:40am (Tokyo Station – Shin-Hakodate)
• 12:00pm – 4:50pm (Tokyo Station – Shin-Hakodate)
• 6:00pm – 10:50pm (Tokyo Station – Shin-Hakodate)
• 11:10pm – 3:50am (Tokyo Station – Shin-Hakodate)

The duration of the journey depends on which station you are departing from in Tokyo and how many stops your chosen service makes along the way. Generally, it takes about four hours to travel from Tokyo Station to Shin-Hakodate by Shinkansen and about five hours if you take a local train.

Facilities Available on Trains

Yes, a person can catch a train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. There are several train options available depending on the time and cost desired. The regular JR Shinkansen service is one of the most popular for travelling between Tokyo and Hokkaido due to its speed and reliability. On board the Shinkansen, there is a number of seating classes available to passengers depending on their preference. First Class Green Car offers more spacious seating with more legroom compared to other carriages, while Ordinary Car provides basic seat quality at a lower price. For travelers looking for extra comfort and luxury, reservations can also be made in the GranClass car which features even more spacious seating and complimentary refreshment services.

Tips for Travelers

Yes, you can catch a train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. Japan has an extensive railway system that makes travel between the two islands easy and comfortable. Trains from Tokyo to Hokkaido generally take around 8 hours and are operated by different companies like JR East and JR Hokkaido. Tickets for these trains can be purchased online or at major stations in both cities. For a smooth journey, it is important to have all the proper documents required at hand including a valid passport if one wishes to cross borders between the two islands.

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When traveling between Tokyo and Hokkaido, here are some items that are recommended: a map of the route to make sure you arrive at your destination on time, translation apps as English can be limited in certain parts of Japan, plenty of snacks and water if you plan on taking a long train ride; extra cash, especially coins as they can come in handy while buying tickets; umbrellas and raincoat in case of bad weather; and headphones or earplugs in order to enjoy a peaceful trip away from possible disturbances on board.


Yes, a person can catch a train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. The ride is approximately 1199 km and the estimated journey time is 5 hours and 19 minutes if taking the fastest train. While visiting Hokkaido, travelers may enjoy activities ranging from outdoor adventures like skiing and snow-boarding to exploring mountainous regions like Shikotsu-Tōwa National Park, relaxing in hot springs at many of Hokkaido’s onsens (hot springs baths), roasting marshmallows around an outdoor bonfire or even experiencing one of the island’s ancient Ainu villages. The region also has renowned seafood cuisine alongside some of Japan’s most delicious fruit you won’t be able to find anywhere else such as Yubari Melon, Roman Strawberries and Sapporo Whitecorn.

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