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Compare and Contrast

Body Blast Personal Training provides personalized personal training programs that are tailored to your fitness level and goals. The trainers specialize in core-strength and cardio conditioning, as well as consulting on nutrition and lifestyle development. They have experience teaching strength training and weight loss techniques, among other services. When compared to other popular personal training options, Body Blast stands out because of its focus on overall body wellness.

Most popular personal trainers offer a more general type of workout, incorporating exercises from a wide range of disciplines such as HIIT (high intensity interval training), Pilates, Zumba, etc., with no particular area being focused on more than the others. In contrast, Body Blast’s personalized approach focuses intensely on developing an individual’s core strength and other areas specific to their needs. This tailor-made system allows clients to reach their fitness goals faster and more effectively than traditional approaches.

Another major distinction between Body Blast Personal Training and other options is the customized nutritional plans that are created according to each client’s needs. These meal plans include healthy eating options that can help support the goals more quickly while providing the essential vitamins and minerals needed for physical activities. Additionally, the trainers provide information about proper hydration and recovery methods for optimal performance during workouts.

Finally, Body Blast also offers valuable advice about lifestyle changes so clients can maintain a healthy balance of physical activity, proper nutrition, restful sleep as well as properly managing stress levels which many forget about in their pursuit for an ideal physique or physical state. All in all these extras make Body Blast Personal Training an excellent choice for those looking for a program that puts an emphasis not just on exercise but also one’s overall holistic health.

Photos and Videos

At Body Blast Personal Training, we provide high-quality and personalized fitnesst services to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our facility is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that ensures clients are comfortable and able to work out safely and at their own pace. To reinforce how committed we are to exactly meeting the needs of our clients, photos and videos of our facilities, team, and customers working out should be included on our website. These images can instantly show potential customers in a credible and memorable way what they can expect when they visit Body Blast. In addition to providing a visual experience of the kind of environment and equipment available at Body Blast, these images will also capture the energy from both our team as well as customers participating in personal training sessions, group classes or boot camps. Showcasing the passion for a healthy lifestyle among team members and customers alike is essential for creating trust in our brand message.

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Nutrition Plans

Body Blast Personal Training offers a variety of nutrition plans that will help supplement their personal training programs. These plans are suitable for all types of people, whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy levels or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. The plans take into account each individual client’s goals, preferences, and nutritional needs. The dietitian will calculate the nutrient requirements and create meal plans tailored to each client. Depending on the plan chosen, Body Blast may also assist with grocery shopping to ensure clients have the right ingredients on hand. All of our nutrition plans focus on eating whole foods with an emphasis on lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, good fats and adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. The team at Body Blast is available to offer support throughout the program by providing extra resources and guidance when needed so that clients meet their goals more easily.


Body Blast Personal Training offers a tiered pricing structure that makes personal training more affordable and accessible. The entry option is the monthly subscription, where users get access to exclusive online workouts for just $19.99/month. This includes one personalized plan each month plus unlimited access to Body Blast’s library of workouts.

For those looking for a more customized experience, Body Blast also offers two additional tiers of personal training: Semi-Private at $119/month and Private Training at $209/month. The Semi-Private tier allows up to 8 people in each session, with one personal trainer guiding the classes virtually or in studio, as well as providing supplemental programming geared toward individual goals. Meanwhile, Private Training provides sessions with just one trainer in either an online or in-person format. These sessions provide a more personalized level of attention with tailored plans designed to help users reach their fitness goals faster and easier.

In addition to making personal training more accessible price-wise, Body Blast also provides flexibility when it comes time to choose your fitness plan – users can select which type of plan they prefer from the three tiers available: Monthly Subscription, Semi-Private Training and Private Training. This enables users to tailor their fitness regimen to meet their individual needs without overextending their budget.

Free Trials

Body Blast Personal Training is offering a great way for you to test-drive our service with absolutely no commitment. Our free trials are designed to give you a taste of the incredible benefits Body Blast provides in the comfort of your own home. We want to encourage potential clients to take advantage of our free trial period and witness first-hand how exercise can improve their physical and mental health, as well as overall wellbeing.

Become Personal Trainer Certified

Our professional trainers offer specialized coaching designed to help you reach your fitness goals – whether it’s building muscle, losing weight or improving overall strength and flexibility – during the duration of your free trial. All sessions are tailored specifically for you, taking into account any existing medical conditions, injuries or personal preferences.

If by the end of your free trial period you like what we have to offer and would like to pursue further wellness activities with Body Blast Personal Training, then we will be more than happy to discuss the best package for you at that time. So don’t wait – try out our top-of-the-line service today, risk-free!

Social Media

Body Blast Personal Training has an excellent strategy for leveraging social media to promote their services, motivate customers, and provide additional resources. Through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they have created a presence in the health and fitness field. They post pictures of clients with the hashtag #bodyblasttrain that showcase people getting results from their personalized workout plan. Additionally, their posts contain inspiring quotes about staying focused on fitness goals to motivate customers. Body Blast also uses social media to promote upcoming events such as seminars and webinars related to health and nutrition topics that provide useful information for users. Finally, once customers sign up for a trainer or course, they use Facebook Messenger chat-bots to send additional information each week so that they are able to stay engaged and motivated during the duration of their program with Body Blast Personal Training.

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