Best Universities For Personal Training

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#1 University of Delaware:
Programs: The University of Delaware offers a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness with a concentration in Personal Training, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Preventative and Rehabilitative Exercise Science.

Faculty: The faculty is made up of exercise science and fitness professionals who are experts in their field. They offer expertise on physical training, nutritional health, injury prevention, conditioning, rehabilitation techniques, and more.

Research Opportunities: Students have the opportunity to gain professional experience through internships and research opportunities. With access to the university’s 24-hour fitness center, they can collaborate on various research initiatives related to exercise science, nutrition and health management.

#2 California State University—Fullerton:
Programs: California State University—Fullerton offers an undergraduate degree program in Health Promotion/Exercise Science which includes specializations like Nutrition and Fitness, Leadership Theory/Pedagogy for Human Performance Professionals and Personal Training.

Faculty: The diverse faculty consists of internationally recognized scholars and practitioners from around the globe. They specialize in a variety of disciplines such as kinesiology, sports medicine, biomechanics and nutrition counseling.

Research Opportunities: Research is encouraged through collaborations with academic departments such as kinesiology or psychology as well as clinical experience sites such as rehabilitation centers or corporate wellness facilities.

#3 Montana State University & Arizona State University:
Montana State University –
Programs: Montana State University offers an undergraduate degree program in Physical Fitness Management focusing on strength training methodology, quantified movement analysis practices, organizational problem-solving approaches to personal training curriculum development and instruction delivery systems for individuals looking to pursue a career in personal training.

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Faculty: Faculty comes from different disciplines such Arizona State University – Programs including Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics/Motor Control Movement Analysis/Psychology Sports Management/Business Administration Nutrition Counseling Anatomy & Physiology Injury Prevention /Rehabilitation Strength & Conditioning Coaching Methods/Techniques.
AZFaculty: AZ The faculty consists expert practitioners whose qualifications stem from various backgrounds ranging from clinical exercise physiology to instructional design theory ArizonaStateUniversity&doctoratesinphysicsaswellassportscoachingresearchanddevelopmenttopractitionerswithaclinicallicenseinneuromuscularrehabilitationorpilatesinstruction.. ResearchOpportunities :Researchopportunitiesinexercisescienceareavailablethroughinternshipswithhospitalsorclinicsforsportsmedicineaswellascollaborationsadjacentthescienceofsportsfueledperformanceoptimizationincludingbrainsportpsychologyforenduranceathletescrossfitcomplianceanalyticaltrainingenvironmentaloperationsorthopedicapplicationsandvirtualhumanenginesimulatorsforflighttrainingandmotionsimulationwhichisanemergingfieldexaminingthephysicaldemandsonthebodyinafluidsloshoweryenvironmente gcombatroadslammingaviatorspeedskaterssimulationsforelpolevaultskiers .

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Personal training internships provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the field and to learn from established professionals. Interns will typically help certified trainers with their various tasks, from designing appropriate exercise programs to conducting workouts with clients.

There are many ways to pursue internships, but some of the most popular options include:
• Joining a personal training association or community and inquiring about available internships there;
• Contacting local fitness centers, gyms and other venues directly, inquiring if they offer internships;
• Researching online job boards like, Craiglist, and FitnessJobs; and
• Looking for advertisements posted by local organizations specializing in fitness services who may be seeking personal training interns.

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The universities that provide excellent personal training programs, such as Penn State, University of Delaware and San Diego State, are some of the best universities for pursuing a career in personal training. Their comprehensive coursework and personalized instruction allow students to get the most out of their degree. In addition to those mentioned here, there are many other universities around the world that offer exemplary personal trainers programs. If you’re looking for an education in personal training, consider reaching out to each university to learn more about their curriculum and discuss your goals and objectives. A career in personal training can be extremely rewarding; and with the right program and support system within your chosen university, you will be able to reach new heights in success. Consider each available option before making a decision so you can begin on a strong path towards achieving your professional goals now!

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