Best Places To Be A Personal Trainer


Apart from the obvious advantages of being a personal trainer, such as flexible hours and the potential to make good money, there are also a variety of places you can pursue your profession. Whether you want to focus on one-on-one client sessions in private gyms or become an online coach, there will be a place for you. Here is an overview of some different locations where personal trainers often find success:

Private Gyms: Many gyms offer services from personal trainers and are often extremely busy due to their various members coming in and out. This is a great option if you enjoy one-on-one training with clients and have a background in physical fitness or exercise science. Generally, these types of professionals will be contracted by the gym or studio but can also take on clients outside that agreement.

Health Clubs: Health clubs offer members access to fitness classes, group activities and even personal training opportunities. This type of setting is ideal for those who are more interested in providing group lessons or health coaching sessions versus individual ones. The pros here include often having more consistent work according to what’s available at the particular club as well as potentially higher pay than private gym gigs since bigger companies generally have more financial ability.

Online Coaching: With the growth of the internet, many personal trainers are now providing online client coaching programs that enable them to reach customers all over the world without leaving their home office. On top of this convenience, online coaches often charge less per hour because they don’t have to spend time traveling and setting up equipment for each session plus do not need to rent out space for clients like other types of fitness entrepreneurs must do.

Major Cities

If you have a passion for personal training and are looking for the best places to be one, then major cities may offer some of the most attractive options. Major cities provide lucrative opportunities in high-profile corporate settings such as large health clubs, gyms, and wellness centers. These organizations often employ experienced trainers who help members achieve their fitness goals while also overseeing group classes, offering nutrition advice and performing administrative tasks. Personal trainers in major cities also enjoy access to highly sought-after clients and contacts which can further advance their career prospects. In addition to a stable income, benefits may include free gym memberships or discounts on equipment purchases. Furthermore, working in a large city can provide personal trainers with more job security due to the high demand and availability of positions.

Retreats and Spas

Retreats and spas often hire personal trainers to provide customers with the motivation, expertise, and guidance needed to reach their health and fitness goals. By offering instruction from certified personal trainers, these locations can maximize the potential of their services and offerings. Such retreats and spas aim to provide guests with an environment that optimizes both relaxation and satisfaction. Personal trainers help transform each atmosphere into a place where clients can find inner peace while improving overall physical health.

These unique locations often offer highly customizable training sessions so individuals can make the most out of their time spent in retreats or at spas. Clients can choose from a variety of programs such as yoga, strength training, or circuit workouts tailored to specific goals like weight loss or improved physical aspects. During these sessions, personal trainers will guide customers through exercises that are designed to strengthen their focus and concentration while also providing additional support throughout the duration of the program. Furthermore, many professional trainers use interactive methods during individual sessions that are designed to build relationships between clients and professionals in order to sustain improvement over time.

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Additionally, retreats or spas have a variety of destinations worldwide that make it easy for individuals looking for adequate rest while pursuing physical fitness ambitions. From coastal beaches to tropical forests, there are glorious surroundings perfect for clients traveling with an intention towards enhancing mental clarity along with increased levels of physical activity interchangeably . The incorporation of personal trainers into these scenic settings further travelers’ appreciation for achieving holistic well-being by optimizing natural landscapes akin to serenity through understanding one’s body capabilities in tandem with optimal nutrition for desired results.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities can be especially attractive places to work as a personal trainer due to the abundance of potential clients on-site, including both young adults still in their prime and elite athletes on campus. With the constant flow of new and exciting opportunities available, personal trainers at colleges and universities have the unique opportunity to empower students to strengthen their knowledge, skill sets, and bodies.

Personal trainers typically offer a valuable service by providing customized workout programs that are tailored to each client’s specific needs while teaching them how to become stronger, healthier humans. As an added bonus, many college campuses offer workout facilities with top-of-the-line equipment for personal trainers to use with their clients that go beyond free weights, allowing them access to specific tools/equipment like suspension training rigs or group fitness classes. In addition, most school gyms have plenty of room for circuit-style workouts and classes which could attract larger private groups or entire teams looking for sports performance training. Outside of the gym settings, personal trainers can also host outdoor bootcamps focused on improvement across different areas such as mobility and agility drills along with cardio workouts that may utilize nearby campus trails for sprints or stairs for extra resistance training.

Creating partnerships with some of the sports teams on campus is another option to increase clientele base while providing high end services specifically tailored towards athletes. The chance to work closely with a team offers up twofold benefits: First it allows experienced Personal Trainers the opportunity refine their skills further while aiding student-athletes with critical elements such as nutrition analysis and goal setting formulating success within their respective sport. Additionally many collegiate sports programs will employ qualified strength & conditioning coaches who pose great networking connections that could lead to more real world experience in combination with various internships or even full time job opportunities after graduation. Overall Colleges & Universities provide ample space facility upgrades along miles of paved paths through nature giving Personal Trainers an ideal environment for creating optimal results for themselves & their loyal customers alike!

Luxury and Boutique Gyms

Choosing to be a personal trainer in luxury and boutique gyms offers a unique training environment for those looking for more than just the traditional gym experience. These types of gyms are typically much more intimate than other large scale clubs, and offer clients an opportunity to work one-on-one with highly trained professionals in an atmosphere that is free from big box distractions. Many luxury and boutique gyms also offer private class offerings, special sessions, exclusive amenities and top-of-the-line equipment. For trainers, this can be an incredibly rewarding experience as these gyms often provide higher levels of pay due to their reputation, luxurious facilities and specialized training expertise. Additionally, working with luxury and boutique clients gives trainers the opportunity to develop deep relationships with their client base while increasing their professional knowledge in order to give each person they work with the very best advice and guidance.

Small Towns and Rural Areas

Small towns and rural areas often provide some of the best opportunities for personal trainers to connect with underserved populations. These places usually lack access to large gym chains, high-end studios, and one-on-one services that many urban areas boast, but they offer some huge advantages to those willing to work in them. For instance, smaller towns can often be much more welcoming of a new personal trainer’s presence simply because of the lack of competition. Furthermore, in these portions of the country, physical activity isn’t often as valued as it should be– meaning trainers can have a bigger impact in terms of changing lifestyles, educating on the importance of exercise, and motivating locals to take better care of themselves. Additionally, many rural areas contain long-term residents whose knowledge about proper form and exercise may need updating or refreshing—or who just need encouragement to start exercising at all—which traines have the perfect skillset to provide. Finally, these small communities are very family-oriented; personal trainers can takejoy in developing relationships with their clients that go far beyond just coach/customer interactions. All in all, being a trainer in a rural area can be an incredibly rewarding experience that brings endless opportunities to make real change within the community!

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Online and Remote Options

Personal training has rapidly increased in popularity over the last several years. This is due, in part, to an increase in consumer awareness of the numerous health benefits associated with exercise, as well as the convenience that personal training can provide. The demand for personal trainers is now so strong that many experienced fitness professionals are leaving traditional gyms and searching for new opportunities afforded by remote and online services.

With the help of virtual sessions or video meetings, trainers can now use digital tools to reach their clients from all around the world. This means promoting themselves through online channels like social media, websites and online directories as well as providing sessions via video calls and livestreams. Online/remote personal training eliminates geographical boundaries for clients who may live too far away from a physical gym or who simply prefer the convenience of an online session from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, it allows trainers to monetize their skill-sets beyond traditional physical sessions by offering subscription plans, diet plans and customized workouts which they can email directly to clients. With so many possibilities available, it’s no wonder remote/online personal training is such a popular option.


When it comes to finding the best place to be a personal trainer, there is no single right answer. Depending on your individual goals and preferences, some places may be better suited than others. In looking for the ideal location, think about questions such as: Is there a market community or culture of people who will benefit from my services? Does the area have access to advanced fitness equipment or nutrition options? Is there easy access to parks, trails or gyms? Once you’ve found the optimal place to start your career as a personal trainer, take full advantage of the diversity within each local community. Find out what brings people together in different areas and focus on understanding their needs – this will allow you to build long-term relationships with clients and make an impact in their lives. With so many new opportunities for personal development occurring in today’s ever-evolving health and wellness industry, being a successful personal trainer means finding an area that allows you to really thrive. Through thoughtful research and having an open mind, you can find success wherever you decide to go.

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