Best Fitness Tracker 2019 for Exercise Enthusiasts

When it comes to finding the best fitness tracker 2019 for exercise enthusiasts, there are a few key features to consider. From heart rate monitoring to GPS tracking and even sleep analysis, these devices have become essential tools for individuals looking to improve their health and fitness levels. In this article, we will explore what factors you should look out for in a fitness tracker before diving into a comparison of the top options available in 2019.

In today’s fast-paced world, having a fitness tracker that can keep up with your active lifestyle is crucial. These devices not only track your steps and calories burned but also provide real-time feedback on your workouts and overall health. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or just looking to stay active throughout the day, finding the right fitness tracker can make all the difference in reaching your goals.

From waterproof designs to long-lasting battery life and advanced workout metrics, the market is flooded with options when it comes to fitness trackers. In this article, we will break down the top contenders of 2019, including detailed reviews of popular models like the Fitbit Charge 3, Garmin Forerunner 945, and Apple Watch Series 4. So grab your sneakers and get ready to find the perfect fitness tracker to elevate your exercise routine.

Comparison of Top Fitness Trackers of 2019

When it comes to choosing the best fitness tracker for exercise enthusiasts in 2019, there are several top contenders in the market. These fitness trackers offer a multitude of features to track your workouts, monitor your health metrics, and help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Let’s take a look at some of the leading options available:

  • Fitbit Charge 3: The Fitbit Charge 3 is known for its sleek design and comprehensive tracking capabilities. It offers continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and guided breathing sessions. With its waterproof design, you can easily track your swim workouts as well.
  • Garmin Forerunner 945: For serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the Garmin Forerunner 945 is a top choice. It provides advanced running dynamics, performance monitoring tools, and onboard mapping features. With built-in GPS and up to two weeks of battery life, this fitness tracker is perfect for those who take their workouts seriously.
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Apple’s latest smartwatch offering, the Apple Watch Series 4, has made significant strides in the fitness tracking arena. With features like ECG monitoring, fall detection, and seamless integration with iOS devices, it is a versatile option for both casual users and dedicated athletes.

Each of these fitness trackers has its own set of unique features that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize accurate heart rate monitoring during high-intensity workouts or require built-in GPS for outdoor activities, there is a best fitness tracker in 2019 that will meet your specific requirements as an exercise enthusiast.

Detailed Review of Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 has been a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts in 2019, thanks to its advanced features and sleek design. One of the standout features of the Fitbit Charge 3 is its impressive battery life, lasting up to 7 days on a single charge. This means you can track your fitness progress without worrying about constantly recharging your device, making it ideal for those with active lifestyles.

In terms of fitness tracking capabilities, the Fitbit Charge 3 offers a wide range of options to monitor your daily activities. From counting steps and calories burned to tracking sleep patterns, this fitness tracker provides comprehensive data to help you achieve your health goals. Additionally, the built-in heart rate monitor allows users to accurately track their heart rate during exercise sessions.

The Fitbit Charge 3 also offers smart features such as notifications for calls and messages, as well as the ability to store music directly on the device. With its lightweight and water-resistant design, this fitness tracker is comfortable to wear all day long, making it a convenient companion for exercise enthusiasts. If you are looking for a reliable and feature-packed option in the best fitness tracker 2019 market, the Fitbit Charge 3 is definitely worth considering.

FeatureFitbit Charge 3
Battery LifeUp to 7 days
Fitness TrackingSteps, calories, sleep patterns
Heart Rate MonitorYes
Smart FeaturesCalls/messages notifications, music storage

Detailed Review of Garmin Forerunner 945

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is hailed as one of the best fitness trackers of 2019 for exercise enthusiasts due to its impressive array of features that cater specifically to athletes and fitness buffs. This advanced GPS smartwatch not only tracks your heart rate accurately but also provides detailed data on your training load, performance status, and even recovery time.

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With its long battery life, lasting up to two weeks in smartwatch mode, or up to 36 hours in GPS mode, you can rely on the Forerunner 945 to keep up with your active lifestyle.

One standout feature of the Garmin Forerunner 945 is its onboard music storage, allowing you to sync your favorite tunes for phone-free listening during your workouts. It also offers safety and tracking features such as incident detection and assistance alerts, making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities.

The watch is lightweight and comfortable to wear during high-intensity workouts or long-distance runs. Additionally, its full-color mapping capabilities provide accurate route guidance while exploring new trails or navigating through unfamiliar terrain.

For exercise enthusiasts who are serious about monitoring their performance metrics and achieving their fitness goals, the Garmin Forerunner 945 stands out as a top choice among the best fitness trackers of 2019. Its comprehensive set of features, including advanced workout tracking, sleep monitoring, and nutrition tracking, make it a versatile tool for optimizing your training regimen.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational runner looking to improve your overall health and fitness level, the Garmin Forerunner 945 offers valuable insights and data to help you reach peak performance.

Heart Rate MonitoringAccurate tracking for better insights into cardiovascular health.
Onboard Music StorageSync your favorite tunes for phone-free listening during workouts.
Safety FeaturesIncident detection and assistance alerts for outdoor activities.

Detailed Review of Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 has consistently ranked as one of the top choices for fitness enthusiasts looking for a versatile and reliable fitness tracker. This smartwatch stands out not only for its sleek design and advanced features but also for its focus on health and fitness tracking capabilities. With built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, and water resistance up to 50 meters, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a top contender in the fitness tracker market.

Here are some key features that make the Apple Watch Series 4 stand out among the best fitness trackers of 2019:

  • Large Retina display that is easy to read even in bright sunlight
  • Automatic workout detection for various activities such as running, cycling, and swimming
  • Activity rings that track your daily movement, exercise, and standing goals
  • Electrical heart sensor that can take an ECG reading in just 30 seconds

In addition to its fitness tracking capabilities, the Apple Watch Series 4 also offers useful functionalities like notifications for calls, texts, and emails, making it a multipurpose device for everyday use. Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a swim, this smartwatch can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide for Exercise Enthusiasts

Fitness trackers have become an essential tool for exercise enthusiasts looking to track their fitness progress and stay motivated in achieving their health goals. With a wide range of options available in the market, choosing the best fitness tracker 2019 for exercise enthusiasts can be a daunting task. In this buying guide, we will discuss key features to consider when selecting a fitness tracker that aligns with your exercise routine and lifestyle.

Activity Tracking

When looking for the best fitness tracker for exercise enthusiasts, it is important to consider the activity tracking capabilities of the device. Look for a tracker that accurately records your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and active minutes. Some advanced trackers also offer automatic workout detection and swimming tracking for more comprehensive activity monitoring.

Battery Life

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a fitness tracker is its battery life. For exercise enthusiasts who engage in long workout sessions or outdoor activities, opting for a device with a longer battery life is essential. Make sure to check the estimated battery life of the tracker and whether it meets your requirements before making a purchase.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Ensure that the fitness tracker you choose is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system to access the accompanying app or software seamlessly. Additionally, look for trackers that offer Bluetooth connectivity for easy data syncing with your phone or other devices. Some trackers also come with GPS functionality for accurate tracking of outdoor activities such as running or cycling. Consider these factors when selecting the best fitness tracker 2019 for exercise enthusiasts to enhance your overall workout experience.

Importance of Heart Rate Monitoring in Fitness Trackers

Heart rate monitoring is a crucial feature in fitness trackers that can provide exercise enthusiasts with valuable insights into their workouts and overall health. By keeping track of your heart rate during different activities, you can ensure that you are training at the right intensity to maximize results and avoid overexertion.

Many of the best fitness trackers in 2019 come equipped with advanced heart rate monitoring technology that delivers accurate and real-time data, allowing users to make informed decisions about their fitness goals.

Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring

One of the key benefits of heart rate monitoring is being able to gauge your cardiovascular fitness level. By tracking your heart rate during physical activity, you can assess how efficiently your heart is working and make adjustments to your workout routine accordingly.

Additionally, monitoring your heart rate can help you identify any potential health issues or irregularities that may arise during exercise. With a reliable fitness tracker that provides detailed heart rate data, you can better understand how your body responds to different types of exercise and tailor your workouts for optimal results.

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Factors to Consider in Heart Rate Monitoring

When choosing the best fitness tracker for 2019 with heart rate monitoring capabilities, there are several factors to consider. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to tracking heart rate, so look for a device that uses advanced sensors and algorithms to deliver precise readings. Comfort and ease of use are also important considerations, as you’ll want a fitness tracker that you can wear comfortably throughout the day and during workouts.

Battery life is another factor to keep in mind, especially if you plan on using the heart rate monitoring feature extensively. By selecting a high-quality fitness tracker with reliable heart rate monitoring capabilities, exercise enthusiasts can take their workouts to the next level and achieve their fitness goals more effectively.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker for Your Exercise Routine

When it comes to choosing the right fitness tracker for your exercise routine, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you should think about the type of exercise you primarily engage in. If you are a runner, you may want a fitness tracker that has advanced GPS capabilities and accurate distance tracking. On the other hand, if your workouts consist of high-intensity interval training or weightlifting, you might prioritize features like heart rate monitoring and calorie tracking.

Another important consideration when selecting a fitness tracker is its compatibility with your smartphone or other devices. Many fitness trackers sync with apps on your phone to provide detailed insights into your activity levels, sleep patterns, and overall health. Make sure to choose a device that seamlessly integrates with the technology you already use to make tracking your progress as convenient as possible.

Lastly, price is always a factor when choosing a fitness tracker. While some of the best fitness trackers of 2019 can come with a hefty price tag, there are also more affordable options that offer many of the same features. Consider your budget and how much value you place on specific functions such as waterproofing, battery life, or design aesthetics when making your decision on the best fitness tracker 2019 for exercise enthusiasts.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best fitness tracker in 2019 for exercise enthusiasts, the Fitbit Charge 3 stands out as a top pick. With its comprehensive tracking features, sleek design, and user-friendly interface, the Fitbit Charge 3 offers everything a fitness enthusiast needs to monitor their progress and reach their workout goals efficiently.

Whether you’re into running, cycling, swimming, or simply want to keep track of your daily activity levels, this fitness tracker delivers on all fronts.

While the Garmin Forerunner 945 and Apple Watch Series 4 also provide impressive features and functionality for fitness tracking, the Fitbit Charge 3 excels in delivering accurate data and insights that are specifically tailored for exercise enthusiasts. Its advanced heart rate monitoring capabilities, sleep tracking features, and long battery life make it a reliable companion for all-day wear during your workouts and beyond.

Ultimately, when considering the best fitness tracker for exercise enthusiasts in 2019, the Fitbit Charge 3 emerges as a standout choice that combines performance with practicality. With its commitment to providing users with valuable health and fitness data in a user-friendly package, the Fitbit Charge 3 is definitely worth considering for anyone looking to take their workout routine to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fitness Tracker Do Pro Athletes Use?

Pro athletes often use high-end fitness trackers like WHOOP, Garmin Forerunner, and Polar Vantage V. These devices offer advanced features such as accurate heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and detailed performance analytics to help optimize their training routines.

Is There a Fitness Tracker Better Than Fitbit?

While Fitbit is a popular choice for many users, there are several fitness trackers that offer similar or even superior features. Brands like Garmin, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch have models that provide more advanced functionality in terms of sports tracking, sleep monitoring, and overall health insights.

What Is the Difference Between a Fitness Watch and a Fitness Tracker?

The main difference between a fitness watch and a fitness tracker lies in their functionalities. Fitness watches are typically more advanced devices that offer smartwatch features along with fitness tracking capabilities.

On the other hand, fitness trackers focus primarily on monitoring health metrics like steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate throughout the day without the added smartwatch features. Both types of devices can be beneficial depending on individual needs and preferences.

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