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At Bayside Personal Training, we are dedicated to helping you reach optimal health and fitness goals. We provide personalized training plans tailored to best suit your needs, in order to help you gain the strength, agility, endurance and motivation necessary to reach any goal.

From sports-specific skills development to day-to-day motivational support, our experienced trainers guide you both in and out of the gym. Working with some of the latest equipment available on the market today, we combine tactical practices with tried and true methods for a balanced approach that helps get results fast. Our trainers have expert knowledge on nutritional guidance and supplement regimens as part of their assessments and plans. They will determine which foods are best suited for your individual lifestyle needs in order to make sure that you Meet your goals.

In addition to our one-on-one personal training sessions, Bayside also offers group classes as well as yoga classes specifically designed with alignment principles in mind – ideal for beginners or athletes looking to build flexibility and focus their breathwork. As experts at leading fitness discussions, our trainers understand how it works through organized classes around muscle growth activation techniques (MGAIs), postural alignment workouts, balance drills and much more — all adding up to further inform members about their bodies foster optimal movement patterns for injury prevention.

Overall, Bayside Personal Training provides comprehensive solutions for achieving total wellbeing through proper nutrition management and physical activity instruction tailored specifically just for you! We aim to bridge the gap between under nourishment and improper form when it comes to exercise allowing individuals from all walks of like a chance at lead healthier lives..

Cutting Edge Approach

Bayside Personal Training offers a cutting edge approach to personal training that sets it apart from other companies. Our approach is designed to provide clients of all levels with the tools and resources they need to achieve their fitness goals.

Our experienced trainers use a personalized approach for each client. We analyze our clients’ individual strengths and weaknesses to determine what will most effectively help them reach their goals combined with their unique lifestyle. Furthermore, Bayside takes advantage of the latest technology, allowing us to gather data on activity, body composition and more. This data allows us to better assess and customize each workout plan.

We also provide nutrition management advice and ongoing support for our clients. Our team will work with you to develop strategies for healthy eating and lifestyle choices that help build sustainable habits for life-long health and wellness.

Ultimately, our goal is not just achieving results in the short-term, but creating long-term health transformations that grow with you as your fitness journey continues. With an emphasis on personalized instruction, state-of-the-art equipment, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, Bayside Personal Training provides everything you need to make lasting changes in your life!

Benefits of Training with Bayside

At Bayside Personal Training, we understand how tough it can be to fit physical activity into your daily life. That’s why our personable and knowledgeable trainers strive to provide a flexible and individualized program tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, we have something for everyone at Bayside. Our programs provide an effective combination of cardio exercises, strength training, functional medicine, and core work with the primary goal of improving overall health and motivation. We also offer expert advice on nutrition and lifestyle habits as part of our commitment towards helping you reach maximum results in minimal time.

Bayside’s personal trainers go above and beyond to ensure you have a safe yet challenging experience throughout the program. They will modify each exercise according to your experiences and goals while motivating you to exceed even your own expectations. Our trainers will also be available 24/7 if any questions arise while using our app or doing at-home workouts because we care about delivering quality services!

We firmly believe at Bayside that one should feel empowered rather than exhausted by their workout routine. From increased energy levels to improved posture, there are numerous benefits from joining a program with us that go way beyond just physical appearance – which is why we can guarantee you will leave every session feeling ready for a great day ahead!

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Customized Training Plans

At Bayside Personal Training we understand that each individual is unique, so we create customized training plans for every person who joins our facility. Our process begins with an assessment to test your physical capabilities and determine your strengths and weaknesses. We use this information to devise a plan specifically tailored to you, in order to help you achieve your goals as quickly and safely as possible. Then, with regular monitoring of your progress over time, we can make sure that adjustments are made as needed.

When creating a customized plan for a client, it goes beyond accounting for physical limitations. We consider nutrition and lifestyle each client’s current levels of activity since those elements will have an impact on the exercise plan we create. Additionally, our trainers review medical history and discuss any mental obstacles that may be holding someone back. We develop both short-term and long-term plans focusing on improving overall fitness rather than attempting only one goal at a time; this gives clients the opportunity to work both their cardio-respiratory endurance while still maintaining strength gains.

Once the initial plan is created then together with the client our trainers craft more detailed sessions designed around their main fitness objectives and what kind of training best meets these objectives. The specific exercises chosen range from basic bodyweight and lifting movements to creative combinations that target multiple muscle groups in order to keep things interesting! By providing variety within their routine clients stay motivated by achieving progress faster than just traditional weight training alone would allow for instance interval HIIT training is often combined with strength workouts to provide clients with maximum development in minimal time. Finally lifestyle counseling is offered so that our clients understand how small healthy habits throughout one’s day add up over time towards success not only in fitness but life!

Experienced Coaches

At Bayside Personal Training, we are proud to present our team of experienced coaches. Our team consists of seven trainers, each with their own areas of expertise.

Marcia is a highly experienced physical trainer who specializes in strength training and corrective exercises for injury prevention. Additionally, she is certified in advanced kettlebell instruction.

Dave brings specialized knowledge in nutrition and weight loss as well as pre- and post-natal fitness coaching and instruction. He also has twelve years of experience working with diabetes clients.

Erin brings her extensive knowledge in nutritional counseling, bodybuilding technique and dance cardiology to the table while Layla, who comes from a CrossFit background, focuses on all forms of cardio techniques including HIIT, Tabata and running intervals.

Justin, who specializes in Olympic weightlifting and kettlebells has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine for his incredible transformations that he has achieved with his clients! Lastly Joe offers personal training for youth ages 10-17 focusing on speed & agility training as well as strength & conditioning development for athletes.

These coaches have all earned certifications from various institutions around the U.S., like the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Council on Exercise (ACE) or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). They have collectively over 50 years’ worth of experience in personal training which allows them to bring an unparalleled level of expertise to those looking to improve their physical health at Bayside Personal Training.

Equipment and Facilities

At Bayside Personal Training, we provide access to top of the line gym equipment and modern facilities that are kept spotless. Our expansive facility includes strength training machines; free weights; cardiovascular equipment, such as rowers, treadmills and stationary bikes; functional and core training areas; an array of stretching aids, yoga mats and blocks; rowing machines; medicine balls and boxing bags; a boxing ring with punching bags including specialized gloves for protection.

We take safety measures seriously – the gym is well equipped with fire extinguishers in various locations, first aid kits and adequate ventilation at all times. The workout area is continuously cleaned by staff members to ensure hygiene levels are maintained at all times. We also have onsite trained professionals who can provide guidance or demonstrate fitness activities when needed. Additionally, our locker rooms are equipped with spacious showers, private changing rooms and lockers for secure storage of clothing items while exercising. The outcome-based training approach helps keep you motivated to meet your fitness goals using personalized programs designed to suit individual goals.

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Client Experiences

Bayside Personal Training has changed the lives of its clients in amazing ways. Here are some personal stories from people who have bought into the Bayside experience:

Jim had struggled with his weight for a number of years and was ready to make a change. After speaking with the trainers at Bayside, Jim set ambitious goals and found himself feeling more motivated than ever before. With their help, he changed his diet, began exercising regularly, and slowly dropped down to a healthy weight. The attitude and guidance from Bayside was exactly what it took to hold him accountable for his goals; now he looks back on those months proudly knowing that he is capable of achieving anything.

For Natalia, her experiences at Bayside were empowering. By working with one of their expert trainers, she learned to identify muscle groups she thought she would never be able to work out properly. She also found out how easy it actually was to pick up running when it was done in an effective manner that worked with her body type and abilities. Now whenever she feels tired or unmotivated, Natalia remembers all of the progress her hard work has gained her so far and finds ways to stay passionate about exercise and living a healthier lifestyle.

Amanda’s story highlights the incredible camaraderie experienced by members of Bayside’s community. Since joining they have become her second family; training together became more like going out for drinks or spend time with friends rather than arduous workout routines. Amanda felt empowered when setting goals for herself because she knew that everyone surrounding her wanted nothing but success for her in everything she does. To top it off, as Amanda grew stronger within her physical capabilities so did the confidence attached to them – allowing meaningful growth beyond just physical strength but mental motivation too!

Other Services

In addition to personal training, Bayside Personal Training offers a variety of other services. This includes nutrition coaching, which helps individuals learn to make healthier food choices and create balanced meal plans. Bayside also offers massage therapy and physiotherapy, helping to improve mobility and reduce pain. They also offer one-on-one yoga sessions, designed to help build strength and flexibility while decreasing stress levels. To ensure the best results, they can also provide customized workout routines designed uniquely for individual goals. Furthermore, they will analyze movement patterns to identify problem areas and address any potential issues that could impede progress. As another service added benefit, clients have access to a community of likeminded individuals who are there to motivate and support each other through their fitness journey.


To conclude, choosing Bayside Personal Training for your personal training needs is an excellent choice. With certified trainers who create custom-tailored workout plans to suit your goals and experience, you can trust that the team will bring you results. The supportive environment makes it easy to motivate yourself and focus on your progress. With various payment options and flexible schedules, Bayside provides a great experience of personal training at an affordable price. It’s also worth noting that you’re guaranteed results; if you don’t feel like you’ve achieved a certain goal, Bayside promises to work with you until you do. With so many benefits to gain from working with the excellent team at Bayside Personal Training, why wait? Make the first step towards achieving your goals today!

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