Angela White Personal Trainer

A Focus on Long Term Goals

Angela White’s program offerings are designed with long term health and fitness goals in mind. Through her comprehensive suite of services, Angela seeks to support her clients on a journey of continuous improvement and self-improvement. From specialized nutrition plans to routine sessions with Angela, she takes into account her customer’s individual demands, lifestyle, body type and personality so the program can be tailored appropriately. Together with regular assessments and reviews, Angela helps her clients create measurable outcomes that drive good results both in terms of physical development as well as overall quality of life. She also provides helpful guidance and support to ensure that each customer is progressing towards their personal goals safely and effectively. Angelas ultimate goal is for every client to create healthy habits that promote fitness levels at any age or stage in life.

Healthy Eating Tips

1. Plan Ahead: Planning out your meals ahead of time will make it easier for you to stay on track when it comes to eating nutritiously. Make a grocery list every week for the foods you will need for the upcoming seven days and familiarize yourself with nutrient-dense options.

2. Make Substitutions: Try trading high-calorie ingredients out of your meal plan and replacing them with lower calorie alternatives. For example, consider using Greek yogurt in place of sour cream or swap out butter for applesauce.

3. Eat Regularly: Eating regularly throughout the day keeps your metabolism running properly, prevents hunger and craving spikes between meals, and ensures you get all the nutrients and energy you need each day–especially when coupled with a workout program from Angela White Personal Trainer!

4. Pay Attention to Serving Sizes: Overtime, people can become desensitized to proper portion sizes so be mindful of how much you are eating at each meal in order to maintain balance within your diet while simultaneously reaping all the benefits from Angela’s personal training program.

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5. Follow an 80% Rule: It’s normal and okay to want to enjoy some sweets or other treats throughout the week but be sure not to go overboard–following an 80/20 rule where 80% of the foods you eat are nutrient-dense options will help maintain overall balance in your diet.

Impactful Stories

Angela White has been a personal trainer for the last five years, helping thousands of her clients create healthier and happier lives. Through her impactful stories, Angela has shown that with enough dedication and determination it is possible to achieve almost any fitness goal. Her current client stories show off dramatic transformations and feats of strength. Take Christina for example – with only 6 months of training under her belt she had lost over 10lbs and was able to complete a 5K run in record time. Or Mike who, despite having an injury, managed to build muscle mass and lifted twice his body weight on the squat rack! As well as these astounding accomplishments, many others have shared how much better they feel after having trained with Angela and the lifestyle changes they have made as a result of their training. Despite the challenges 2020 has brought us, Angela stands out as an inspiration to many people; helping them take control of their own health and make positive changes in their life.

Media and Reviews

Angela White has received a great deal of press for her impressive work as a personal trainer. She was featured in Shape magazine in November 2020, where she shared how important it was to create individualized workout plans that would work best for each client. In January 2021, she was interviewed by Women’s Health magazine, where she discussed the importance of committing to and staying motivated with a consistent fitness routine. Outside of print media, Angela has been a frequent guest on health-related podcasts and other interview shows, sharing her expertise and unique strategies for success. In addition, many of Angela’s fitness clients have left excellent reviews regarding the results they achieved under her guidance. All this attention is reflective of the hard work and dedication Angela puts into helping people reach their health goals.

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Promotions and Events

Angela White is an experienced personal trainer who strives to promote and support physical health, fitness, and well-being. She offers a wide range of services, from group classes to private sessions – meant to help people be the best they can be.

To further her commitment to helping people reach their fitness goals, Angela White provides upcoming promotions and events that are designed to incentivize clients and keep them motivated. These events include free and discounted workout packages, special classes geared towards specific muscle-strengthening exercises, and physical activities designed for every fitness level. Additionally, she often organizes trips for her customers that involve hiking or team sports as a way to foster collaboration environment between clients. Additionally, Angela White hosts regular challenges and competitions that provide rewards like discounts on services or exclusive access to new products.

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