Advanced Personal Training Courses


Advanced Personal Training courses have been around since the 1970s, when they first began to emerge as a way to train individuals in more specialized areas such as strength and endurance training. Over time, these courses advanced to become even more highly specialized, with different strands being created for athletes or those with specific health conditions, such as obesity or diabetes. Today, a range of advanced personal training courses are offered by fitness centers, universities and other institutions around the world. These courses may include everything from sport-specific physical preparation to nutrition counselling and lifestyle coaching – each tailored to suit the individual’s goals. The popularity of advanced personal training courses has further increased over recent years, as people of all ages begin to realize the importance of having a dedicated professional in their corner who can guide them toward their health goals safely and effectively.

Benefits of Advanced Personal Training Courses

Advanced personal training courses can be beneficial to your health in a variety of ways. Many courses offer a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, proper form and technique, exercise physiology as well as principles of nutrition specific to the individual’s goals. With this level of understanding, individuals will be able to create a unique and effective program that can bring many positive changes in their health.

Advanced personal training courses also give individuals access to knowledge on how to modify exercises for special populations such as those suffering from injury or illness. Being able to modify exercises safely and effectively ensures that the individual has the best chance of meeting their health goals without exacerbating any existing issues.

Graduates of advanced personal training courses are also equipped with skills on how to motivate others through instruction that is both clear and concise. This can have an incredibly positive impact on increasing an individual’s commitment to their health program resulting in increases in physical performance, muscle building/losing fat, improving cardiovascular abilities and boosting confidence levels amongst other benefits.

Through completing an advanced personal training course you could drastically improve your knowledge, skill-set and physical procedure which could ultimately lead to improved overall health.

Types of Advanced Personal Training Courses

1. Strength and Conditioning – These courses focus on methods to improve the strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and other physical attributes of a client through resistance training, cardiovascular exercise and plyometric drills.

2. Bodybuilding – This type of course delves into topics such as muscular anatomy and physiology, safe exercise technique, nutrition requirements for bodybuilding, diets and supplementation programs.

3. Sports Performance Training – This type of course teaches a trainer how to use exercises designed for an athlete’s specific sport in order to increase performance or lower the risk or injury during competition or practices.

4. Rehabilitation Training – These courses teach trainers how to develop safe exercise programs to help clients with musculoskeletal injuries return safely and efficiently back to activity without further injury risk.

5. Yoga Teaching – Trainers who take this type of course will learn how to properly use yoga-based postures for a variety of applications ranging from relaxation and stress relief to increased strength and balance in sport-specific positions.

6. Pilates Teaching – Pilates classes involve slow controlled movements that target the core muscles while providing gentle support to the body’s alignment which improves posture along with strength as well as flexibility in athletes. Pilates teach courses will provide details on various mat exercises as well as those performed with added equipment such as stability balls, foams rollers etcetera.

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Prerequisites for Advanced Personal Training Courses

In order to complete advanced personal training courses, many prospective students must first meet certain criteria and prerequisite requirements. For most programs, applicants are expected to have completed a previous, foundational course in fitness and personal training concepts. This usually involves an introduction to anatomy and physiology, basic nutrition, exercise prescription and related topics. In addition, having certification from one of the nationally recognized organizations is often needed. This could include guidance from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Other general qualifications for advanced courses might include a minimum GPA upon completion of all prerequisite courses and adequate base knowledge in areas like strength training, cardiovascular endurance and resistance exercises for different populations. Once accepted, it is likely that such students will need to demonstrate proficient levels of competence across these areas to progress within the program.

Advantages of Taking an Advanced Personal Training Course

Advanced personal training courses offer an array of potential benefits for those looking to become a successful certified personal trainer. These courses provide the opportunity to learn from industry-leading professionals and have access to the latest tools, equipment, and research. By taking an advanced personal training course, you can become more knowledgeable about the health and fitness industry, gain a deeper understanding of how your clients’ bodies work, master effective coaching techniques to help them reach their individual goals, discover potentially beneficial therapies like sports massage, and much more. In addition, these courses often include hands-on practice dealing with clients so you can hone in on what it really takes to develop long-lasting relationships with them.

Advanced personal training courses also give you the chance to network with other trainers and form relationships that could assist you in building your own business. Many programs will pair experienced trainers with mentees who are just starting out on their paths as certified trainers as well as connect mentees with other experts in the field such as gym owners or strength coaches. This type of networking is invaluable and can open up many doors for career growth and success. Finally, by participating in one of these courses you may be able to acquire supplementary certifications that allow you stand out from the competition and make yourself more attractive to employers or even start your own business!

Costs of an Advanced Personal Training Course

There are many different costs associated with taking an Advanced Personal Training Course. The most basic cost is the price of the course itself. Depending on the individual provider or institution, this cost can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Other costs that may be included in the course fee are textbooks or materials, exam or certification fees, and any set up or enrollment fees. In addition to these course-related expenses, it may also be necessary to purchase special clothing, such as workout clothes, shoes, and protective gear; nutritional supplements; business cards and flyers; exercise equipment; and software like scheduling programs or personal training apps. Many training institutions offer student discounts for equipment purchases so it is important to ask about these when enrolling in a course. As an Advanced Personal Trainer, there will likely also be ongoing expenses such as continuing education courses, memberships in professional organizations, liability insurance and marketing costs like professional website development. It’s important to factor all of these elements into your final budget in order to accurately calculate the financial cost of becoming an advanced personal trainer.

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Finding the Most Suitable Advanced Personal Training Course

Choosing an advanced personal training course is a big decision as these courses can be very expensive and time consuming. To ensure you choose the most suitable one for you, it is important to first identify your goals and expectations for the course. For example, are you looking for a course to gain specific qualifications or to improve your skills?

Once you have identified your aims and objectives, it is advisable to research different courses thoroughly in order to determine the best fit. Take time to investigate the tuition fees applicable and compare them against your budget. You should also consider any additional costs such as transportation and accommodation if necessary, as well as any equipment or resources which may be required. Furthermore, look at information such as the content of the course, timetables and structure or whether there are any assessments which you have to complete in order to receive certification. Reviews by past students can be a valuable source of information that can help with formulating an informed decision.

When selecting an advanced personal training course it is important to evaluate how accessible the course is too; for instance, some may be delivered solely through face-to-face group tutorials or lectures whilst others might include distance learning options with added flexibility in terms of scheduling and availability. Therefore, it is essential that you consider what type of delivery suits your needs best before making a commitment.

Finally, depending on why you wish take up this kind of training, speaking directly with experienced professionals within that particular field might provide invaluable insight into any advantages associated with completing training from certain institutions over others. In addition, finding out more about career prospects after successful completion can also help aid your decision process further.


Advanced personal training courses offer experienced trainers many unique benefits. Not only do they open up the possibility of higher earning potential and better professional opportunities, but they also provide a wide range of knowledge and experience to help participants become more successful as fitness professionals. In addition, being enrolled in an advanced personal training course can help you remain current with the latest trends in fitness, learn new techniques that apply to various client profiles, and potentially get exposed to a larger network of like-minded professionals. Much like any other long-term investment, taking an advanced personal training course is not a needless expense – it can prove to be one of the best decisions you make for your future as a professional trainer and health expert. Ultimately, by beginning or furthering your education with an advanced personal training course and increasing your skillset as a trainer, you’ll be able to take advantage of potential career opportunities for increased earning potential and ultimately benefit from being better prepared both physically and professionally.

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