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Action Fitness provides more than just personal training services. They understand that nutrition plays a key role in achieving your fitness and health goals, and so they offer customized nutrition plans for their clients to help them reach their desired outcomes. Action Fitness also offers a variety of different types of personal training such as strength and conditioning programs, yoga classes, and specialized sports performance training. Additionally, Action Fitness also provides educational sessions on proper techniques for exercise as well as workshops on healthy eating habits. With experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping people achieve their best health, Action Fitness is the perfect source for all your fitness needs.

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Action Fitness Personal Trainers offer a variety of fitness programs to help customers strengthen and tone their bodies. Depending on their goals, customers can choose from a range of program options that include:

• Weight Loss: This program is designed to help people reach their desired body weight in the shortest amount of time possible using a customized workout plan.

• Strength Training: This routine focuses on building muscles and increasing a customer’s physical strength through muscle-specific exercises.

• Flexibility Program: A series of stretches and exercises designed to help customers improve their range of motion and flexibility.

• Cardio Workout Program: This program utilizes cardio exercises such as running, rowing, swimming or biking to burn calories and improve the cardiovascular system.

• HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): HIIT workouts consist of short bursts of high-intensity activity followed by active rest periods – an effective method to quickly see results.

• Core Strengthening Program : Exercises that target core muscles, such as the abs and lower back, which can improve posture as well as overall strength and stability.

All programs use specialized equipment selected based on the demands placed on each individual’s body. When selecting equipment for any program, safety is always our top priority. Additionally, Action Fitness personal trainers are available for assistance throughout the program so that your experience is enjoyable, safe and effective for all your fitness goals.

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Include a List of Resources for Fitness Enthusiasts


• The Beginner’s Guide to Fitness by Kimberly Yates
• No BS Strength Training by Greg Nuckols
• Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe
• Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World by Tom Venuto

• All About fitness by Larysa Didio
• Wellness Mama podcast by Katie Wells
• The Mindful Movement Gym Class Podcast by Ruth Bender
• 30 Minutes To Fitness By Jenna Phillips Smith
Other Materials
• YouTube channels such as Yoga with Adriene, Tone It Up and Fitness Blender
• Workout Apps such as Sworkit and Nike Training Club (NTC)
• Exercise and nutrition tracking journals such as Myfitnesspal or HabitMinder

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Interview with Client Success Story:

Kim H.

Q: What motivated you to start working with Action Fitness?

A: I have always valued the importance of physical fitness and wanted to take my workouts to the next level. A friend had been going to Action Fitness for several months and raved about the trainers and how they were able to customize their advice specifically for her needs. I was hesitant due to my lack of knowledge, but after a trial session, I realized that this would be a great way to reach my fitness goals.

Q: How long have you been with Action Fitness?

A: My journey with Action Fitness has lasted over 6 months now. When I started, I was not very confident in my own abilities and needed help from professionals who could provide support along the way. With each session, I saw an improvement in my strength, form, and power — all areas that were out of reach before joining Action Fitness.

Q: Can you tell us about your transformation?

A: Before working with Action Fitness, I used to spend most of my time on cardio machines at the gym. Over our sessions together, my trainer Elizabeth was able to incorporate unique bodyweight workouts into our daily routines that targeted different muscle groups — resulting in increased strength and toned muscles all over! The success I’ve seen has been truly incredible; friends who haven’t seen me in a while won’t believe how much progress has been made since starting personal training at Action Fitness!

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Create an Action Plan for Getting Started with Personal Training

1. Start by discussing goals with the customer- have them explain their long and short term fitness objectives and discuss any obstacles that might get in the way of achieving them.

2. Assess the customer- evaluate their current physical fitness level, total body composition, and general health.

3. Create a fitness plan tailored to meet the customer’s goals- develop an exercise program that includes strength training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching/flexibility exercises, nutrition coaching, as well as account for any limitations or injuries.

4. Encourage consistency and accountability- suggest weekly or bi-weekly check ins with the customer in order to address any issues that arise during training sessions or address changes needed for the plan based on progress updates from the customer such as weight change measurements, etc.

5. Review results periodically: measure success on a regular basis by having customers complete assessments on a regular periodic schedule (i.e., every two weeks). This will also allow customers to assess their own progress to ensure they stay motivated and review any necessary modifications needed to reach desired goals sooner rather than later if needed.

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