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A Tighter U is a personal training service with an experienced team of professionals helping clients reach their health and fitness goals through personalised programs. Our trainers are passionate about providing quality services and have access to the latest fitness equipment, which makes them ideally suited to help individuals reach their individual objectives. Working with a personal trainer can be one of the most rewarding and effective ways to achieve your fitness goals. Through tailored exercise plans our trainers create individualized routines that are personalized for each client’s lifestyle and needs. They will also equip you with the motivation and guidance needed to stick to your program as well as nutrition advice ensuring you stay on track with your goals. Along with this, A Tighter U offers nutritional counselling and flexible training sessions that can fit any hectic schedule. With our affordable pricing structure, we make enjoying the benefits of personal training available for everyone no matter their age or stage in life – giving our clients comprehensive support in reaching their desired results.

Breaking Down our Services

In-Person Personal Training:

A Tight U offers personalized one-on-one in-person personal training that has been designed to meet the individual goals of each client. With an in-person program, a certified personal trainer will evaluate your needs, assess your goals, and create an expertly tailored plan to help you reach them. We strive to ensure every workout session is safe, efficient and fun giving you more than just a workout – providing on-going support along the way. In addition, we provide clients with regular assessments of performance, offering nutritional guidance and motivation to give you maximum success results. The cost for our customized in-person personal training service includes two 1-hour sessions per week for four weeks which totals 8 personal training sessions at $500.

Online Training:

For those looking for a more flexible option with the same great benefits, A Tight U also offers online training packages. Our online programs are run by our team of highly qualified professionals who offer truly personalized fitness plans delivered directly to your laptop or device on an ongoing basis. Each member receives a free Starter Pack full of nutrition advice and resources. What’s more, all plans are modular so subject matter can be adjusted if desired according to the clients’ needs or preference. This makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of both lifestyle and fitness goals! The cost for our customized online personal training service includes four 1-hour virtual sessions per month plus access to our library of professionally produced videos and exercises that demonstrate proper form & technique across strength training and cardio areas at $325 per month subscription fee.

Package Options:

A Tight U also offers discounts on multiple services booked together so that clients can take advantage of both our in-person as well as our online options together. For example, when booking eight 1:1 in person sessions as well as an additional four month period of online membership for $700 customers could receive a discounted price when compared to purchasing them individually ($825). Similarly, purchasing five or more hours in advance allows customers’ access discounted total gym fees based on how much time they purchase up front (e.g.. 10 hours in advance would save customers 5%). This allows customers even more opportunity to save while still receiving quality service from their trainers here at A Tight U Team!

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Explaining Our Rates

At A Tighter U Personal Training, we believe strongly in our mission of helping our clients create strength and a healthier lifestyle; however, we also understand the importance of cost when considering a personal trainer. To that end, we want to make our prices as transparent and clear as possible in order to offer all of our clients an affordable way to achieve success.

Our personal training cost is determined by how often you work with your trainer. We offer both single and multiple session packages for all of our customers—each of them designed to give you the best results at affordable prices. If you purchase one session, the cost will be lower than if you purchased a package of five or ten workouts. Additionally, we offer additional discounts when purchasing longer-term contracts that are tailored to specific goals and objectives.

We also give customers multiple payment options so they can select something that fits their budget. For a single session or short-term package, we accept all major credit cards and cash payments on-site at our facility during session times. We also allow customers to pay for long-term packages upfront in full or spread out the cost over several months if need be.

At A Tighter U Personal Training, we prioritize providing effective services and programs without overly expensive costs for all of our customers. That is why we strive to make sure our rates are clear and straightforward from start to finish—so that everyone can enjoy their fitness journey worry-free!

Exploring Our Guarantees

At A Tighter U Personal Training, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible personal training experience. We strive to produce exceptional results that meet our clients’ expectations and exceed those of other similar businesses.

Our commitment goes beyond the physical; we aim to make the whole personal training process a positive and enjoyable one. To illustrate this, we offer a range of guarantees that provide our clients with peace of mind when selecting us as their personal trainer. Our satisfaction guarantee states that if at any point during a package or session you feel unhappy with our service, then you receive your money back.

The results guarantee is also designed to ensure that you get the most out of your time spent with us; if you don’t achieve the agreed upon goal by the end of the program then that session at least will be free. We understand how much planning and dedication it takes for someone to commit to personal training, which is why we want to provide tangible reassurances in return for investing time in us and our methods.

Our cost structure fits seamlessly into this approach; our packages are based on time so there is no hidden costs associated with reaching your goals. All sessions included within a particular package require no additional outlay aside from what has been agreed – we only ask people they keep coming back!

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What Makes Us Different

At A Tighter U Personal Training, we strive to provide our clients with the best guidance and support possible. We know that a successful fitness journey requires more than just giving instructions on how to pump iron or use a treadmill. It takes true motivation, accountability, and an understanding of the client’s goals and lifestyle.

At A Tighter U, every personal trainer is highly certified and experienced in working with clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Our trainers possess unparalleled knowledge of nutrition as well as workout techniques that maximize performance and results. We also emphasize an individual approach – different exercises work for different people, so our trainers tailor their guidance to each client’s body type and specific needs. Additionally, our program involves ongoing assessments to track progress so that each client can achieve the desired outcome in a timely manner.

Furthermore, we take a holistic approach to personal training by addressing mental processes such as self-assessment and problem-solving skills along with physical performance assessment. We believe this helps promote sustainable positive changes in our clients’ lives that last beyond the completion of their workouts. The focus is always on emotional health as well; we recognize that bad habits like overeating or unhealthy behaviors can interfere with physical wellbeing so we incorporate strategies to help fight these bad habits right off the bat. From behavior modification techniques to ongoing lifestyle coaching sessions, A Tighter U offers an inclusive out-of-the-box solution that caters to each individual’s capabilities from day one.

Summarizing Our Services

A Tighter U Personal Training is dedicated to providing affordable and efficient health and fitness services that result in lasting benefits for our clients. We offer a variety of personalized programs tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. By taking into account an individual’s lifestyle, we create a program to maximize the effectiveness of their workout sessions. This approach reduces the risk of injury and boosts the overall results achieved. Along with tailored fitness plans, our team also provides nutritional counseling and meal plans as part of our full range of services. The combination of physical exercise together with healthy eating habits will ensure long-term health goals are met quickly and effectively. With A Tighter U Personal Training, investing in your health is guaranteed to bring lasting rewards.

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