24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Hourly Pay

One of the primary benefits a personal trainer employed at 24 Hour Fitness can experience is in their hourly pay. The gym chain offers competitive wages for its trainers and as such they are highly sought after when it comes to employment.

On average, trainers receive around $20 an hour or more depending on their qualifications and experience. This is significantly higher than the wages offered by some of its rival fitness brands, making a job at 24-hour Fitness more attractive to potential employees.

In addition to higher pay rates, 24 Hour Fitness also offers bonuses and other forms of compensation for its personal trainers. This could include rewards such as discounts on merchandise or appreciation gifts from clients whose goals have been achieved thanks to their efforts. The company has also been known to provide extra flexible working arrangements, which allows its trainers the ability to structure their own schedules while still being able to generate income from training.

Overall, 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer hourly pay is important because it represents one of several reasons why so many people are willing to take up a position under the brand’s employment system compared to other companies in the fitness industry.

Not only are they paid well based on market rates but also for their performance and dedication – which makes them even more valuable and desirable compared to others who may offer lower wages due to lack of expertise or commitment.

Overview of 24 Hour Fitness

Working as a personal trainer with 24 Hour Fitness is one of the most rewarding and lucrative professional careers available. The world-renowned brand offers clients high-quality, individualized workouts with skilled staff. Not only that, but they also provide employees with a highly competitive pay rate. On top of this, their flexible hours and well-established infrastructure of service providers offer unparalleled opportunities for career growth and development.

Competitive Pay

24 Hour Fitness offers both base salaries and commission-based compensation for personal trainers engaging in group or individual sessions. According to PayScale figures from 2021, 24 Hour Fitness hourly wages include: $10 – $22 for fitness instructors; $11 – $25 per hour for group fitness instructors; $17 – $23 per hour for personal trainers; and upwards of $40+ per hour (depending on education, certifications and experience) for master trainers.

As such, 24 Hour Fitness provides a win-win situation for those looking to make a living working out.

Flexible Hours

One of the best elements of being an employee at 24 Hour Fitness is flexibility when it comes to hours worked. Whether you’re looking to work full time or part time or anything in between; the gym provides members with the opportunity to work around their own schedule, making it easier to find balance between work and family life.

Unrivaled Career Growth Opportunities

The variety of services offered by 24 Hour Fitness make it easy for professionals to hone skills in multiple areas such as training specialties (e.g., HIIT, TRX), specialty classes (e.g., spin), nutrition coaching etc., leading to an array of potential career paths within the field. Additionally, they offer seminars, workshops and classes designed specifically around topics such as career advancement and skill development which are held throughout various locations within the United States.

This enables trainers who show dedication and promise access to growth opportunities consistently reinforced through top industry standards.

Benefits of Being a 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer


Before becoming a 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer, applicants must be certified. The company is dedicated to providing skilled, knowledgeable trainers to its members and requires certification that highlights the trainee’s knowledge of the human body and a basic understanding of physiology and anatomy.

Having proof of certification helps show clients that they are working with experienced professionals who have the expertise necessary to help them attain their goals. Working with a certified personal trainer also offers additional assurance that clients will receive safe, effective instruction from someone they can trust.


24 Hour Fitness also provides classes for personal trainers to take if they decide to join. These classes offer hands-on learning experiences that cover important topics such as fitness routines, nutrition education, and industry trends.

Additionally, 24 Hour Fitness offers instructive workshops that focus on specific areas such as strength building or weight loss and encourage interaction among trainers so that everyone is comfortable in their new environment. Taking advantage of these classes can give personnel an edge by giving them up-to-date information about trends in the industry while providing a chance to connect with other professional peers in the field.


Personal trainers at 24 Hour Fitness benefit from access to resources which include educational blogs, progress tracking systems and marketing materials designed specifically for them. The blogs provide valuable tips related to health news, nutrition advice and assistance on how to meet client goals.

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Additionally, progress tracking software lets Personal Trainers monitor the progress of their clients over time and ensure they stay on track with individualized fitness plans. Finally, having marketing materials created specifically for them will make it easier for trainers to attract more clients by being able to reach out through various media channels quickly.



As of 2021, to become a Personal Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, applicants must possess either a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification (NASM), or an American Council on Exercise certification. Depending on the certifications held, trainers could receive higher wages for their services.

In addition to these industry-leading certifications, having other certifications and professional qualifications are seen as bonuses in the eyes of any gym and can provide more earning potential for the trainer. This could be anything from traditional Pilates accreditation to specialties such as corrective exercises or kettlebells. 24 Hour Fitness may require additional accreditation depending on local regulations and requirements that they adhere to within each state.

Experience & Education

Although not necessarily required to become hired as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, having extensive experience working with different clients in fitness settings can certainly help increase earning potential. Experience conducting group exercise classes or managing large fitness facilities can also be looked upon favorably.

Ultimately, while having certifications is important, each club has its own culture and needs unique ingredients of talent to excel-so sometimes experience trumps all else when it comes to landing a job with 24 Hour Fitness.

Educational backgrounds such as kinesiology are seen as bonuses in the hiring process since they demonstrate prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology which is integral in helping clients reach their fitness goals effectively and safely. Whether you went through an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program there are valuable skills that you learned during those courses that can add value during interviews or while working directly with customers.

24 Hour Fitness Pay Rate

The hourly pay rate for Personal Trainers at 24 Hour Fitness will vary based on experience level, location, certifications held, etc., however one source suggests that the average salary range for trainers lies between $15 – $27 per hour before tips*.

In addition to this base hourly rate, many personal trainers have an opportunity for bonus pay due to incentives like client referrals over time; setting themselves apart by becoming certified in popular modalities; completing additional customer service training and achieving member retention goals set by each specific club where employed.

How to Become a Personal Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness

Applying for a job as a Personal Trainer with 24 Hour Fitness can be an exciting opportunity to make money and help others reach their fitness goals. The first step is gathering the qualifications required to apply for the position. The minimum qualifications are typically having a certification in personal training from a nationally accredited program, being 18 years of age or older, and possession of current CPR certification and relevant state licenses/certifications.

The next step is submitting an online application. It is important to fill out all the appropriate sections completely in order to accurately represent your abilities and experience. You will also need to provide contact information for all references so 24 Hour Fitness can thoroughly verify your background and credentials.

Once the application is complete, it’s time for the interview process. This stage of the hiring process generally requires several interviews with various staff members from different departments at 24 Hour Fitness such as Human Resource managers, District Managers, or General Managers. As part of this process, they may also request additional paperwork verifying background check results, immunization records, etc.

Once accepted into the program you become a member of the team. Most of 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers are eligible for hourly wages which vary based on experience level, number of current clients and business hours worked each week.

Some benefits include access to free group exercise classes via Vibe studio as part of their wellness program; discounts on services like nutrition counseling; use of some gym facilities; travel reimbursement; CEC (Continuing Education Credits); networking opportunities; monthly commission bonuses; promotion opportunities and more. Here’s what one current employee had to say:

“I’m Emily Wynn and I’ve been working at 24 Hour fitness since 2019 after completing my personal trainer certification through ACE (American Council on Exercise). My experience working here has been very positive so far – everyone is friendly and supportive – plus I love that I’m helping people achieve their fitness goals.”

  • Trainers are eligible for hourly wages.
  • Wages vary depending on experience.
  • Trainers may receive monthly commission bonuses.
  • Benefits include discounts on services including nutrition counseling.

Average 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Hourly Pay

The average hourly pay rate for 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers is a very important factor to consider when choosing a job. It is also an important piece of information that needs to be examined for potential employees before they decide to work with the company.

In order to determine this, a comprehensive survey of current 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers should be conducted. This will provide both the trainers and the company with valuable data regarding expected salaries for each respective position. Questions can include details such as experience level, certifications held, and number of clients serviced in one week. These factors are just some of what many employers look at when assessing personal trainer salaries.

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Once this survey has been performed, the results can then be examined in order to determine the average hourly pay rate for 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers. Adjustments may be necessary if the survey only includes respondents from more experienced trainers or from those in higher salary brackets than others who could potentially take on new positions in their company.

After making these adjustments, employers can gain adequate insight into how much they can realistically expect to pay their personal trainers and ensure their payroll budgets remain accurate and within budget.

A comprehensive survey of existing 24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainers will provide invaluable information regarding their average hourly rate and help employers make informed decisions about hiring new personal trainers. This approach ensures all parties involved feel secure and comfortable with each other’s offering while simultaneously providing workers with fair wages that allow them to support themselves and their families.

Location-Based Variations in Hourly Pay

East Coast

Glassdoor shows that the average hourly rate for a 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer on the east coast is $19.95 per hour. This figure is slightly lower thanpay rates reported in other fitness facilities in major cities such as New York City and Boston, where personal trainers typically make an average of slightly more than $20 an hour. However, the lowest reported rate by those working with 24 Hour Fitness was just a little over $14 per hour.

West Coast

The average pay for a 24 Hour Fitness personal trainer on the West Coast is significantly higher, though there are some exceptions. The most common hourly wages were within the range of $20-$27 per hour, although one report mentioned an extremely high base salary of about $44 per hour without any additional bonuses or commission-based incentives.

Additionally, according to what online reviewers note, those with more experience and knowledge in health and wellness may have higher opportunities at negotiating for salaries close to or above this top tier rate.


Personal trainer salaries for 24 Hour Fitness range from around $16 – $24 per hour in the Midwest. From what can be assessed through different reviews online, various gyms throughout Minneapolis and Chicago offer competitive salaries to employees looking to further their career with 24 Hour Fitness in these locations. Anecdotally, having additional certifications as well as more work experience may give you an edge when it comes to securing positions that pay above this mid-range rate.


24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Hourly Pay is an attractive way of making a living, as it offers great flexibility and the ability to help people on their physical and mental health. Becoming a personal trainer is a rewarding path that can lead to amazing perks such as benefit packages, bonuses, travel opportunities, and paid vacation packages. However, it requires a lot of dedication and hard work to make it successful in this field.

In order to become a personal trainer with 24 Hour Fitness, you must first possess the necessary qualifications. Prospective trainers should have at least one or two years of experience in the fitness industry as well as knowledge about anatomy, nutrition, exercise science, and safety protocols. It is also highly recommended that those interested enroll in courses related to fitness advising such as CPR and first aid training.

Individuals can then complete hands-on training offered by 24 Hour Fitness or pursue other certificates offered online from various accredited institutions. Additionally, certifications from organizations like the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) provide more specialization for trainers within the field.

Once certified in personal training with 24 Hour Fitness, candidates can receive hourly pay ranging from $15-25 depending on their experience within the company and performance level while working with clients. These wages are enhanced by incentives such as referral bonuses for introducing new clients to 24 Hour Fitness membership programs.

Possessing specialties such as kettlebells or prenatal/postpartum workouts may attract extra compensation options since many facilities offer specialized programs like these in addition to standard services like weight lifting/cardio classes led by experienced trainers that are knowledgeable about different methods of physical conditioning.

Therefore if you possess the proper qualifications and have made an effort towards gaining experience within this industry or participating in specific forums concerning advancements within fitness advising then becoming a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness may be right for you. With enthusiasm and commitment you will reap all possible rewards available from making this your career choice.

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