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Personal training certifications are credentials that prove an individual has the necessary knowledge and skills to teach safe, effective and responsible physical activity instruction for clients wishing to reach their personal fitness goals. Personal trainers must have a comprehensive understanding of exercise physiology, nutrition, safety procedures, and proper technique in order to properly guide their clients in nutrition and physical activity. Possessing a valid certification also helps demonstrate dedication to a client as they strive towards their fitness objectives.

By holding certification from a reputable third-party professional organization, prospective clients can feel confident that the trainer is competent and knowledgeable. Obtaining one of these certifications can open up more opportunities for advancement down the road in the competitive field of personal training. That said, there are several different personal training certifications that can be tested by mail if time or distance are prohibitive factors preventing you from taking an exam on-site at a designated testing facility.

Overview of Testable by Mail Certifications

There are a number of personal training certifications that can be tested by mail. These include the ACE Certified Professional Program, AFAA Personal Trainer Course, the ISSA Personal Fitness Trainer Program, and the NSCA Certified Personal Trainer Certificate. Each of these programs offers a rigorous curriculum developed to test your knowledge of health and safety best practices, anatomy and exercise physiology theory, assessment techniques and program design protocols. Tests taken by mail are divided into multiple choice and performance assessments. Depending on the certification program you choose tests also have an essay component. Once completed these mail-in exams are graded within days of with results providing proof for pursuing further certifications or gaining access to employment opportunities.

Benefits of Online Certification Programs

Online certification programs offer many benefits to individuals who are seeking to certify or recertify their qualifications in the personal training field. These programs provide a convenient and flexible way to obtain required credentials while allowing participants to learn at their own pace and convenience. In addition, online certification courses often provide students valuable up-to-date information on best practices in their respective industry. This can help them become more effective in their jobs and aid them in staying current with new technologies and trends. Furthermore, since these courses are usually self-paced, students can complete them even as they juggle busy personal and professional lives.

For those wishing to test by mail, many online certification programs offer assessment components that can be completed in the comfort of one’s home on any device with internet access. Assessment processes may include multiple choice tests or essays which require the student to demonstrate their understanding of materials through written responses. The cost for certification often includes all study materials, exam fees, and review of credentials upon successful completion – making it an incredibly affordable option for those looking to quickly gain recognition for their knowledge and skillset within their respective industry.

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How to Select the Right Certification Program

When choosing a personal training certification program, there are many factors to consider. The most important factor is to make sure the certification program is accredited by an authoritative organization within the field of health and fitness. This accreditation helps future employers recognize that the training you have received is valid and up-to-date. Additionally, look for certifications that have been peer-reviewed and ensure continued education. Doing this can help ensure that you get the best quality instruction possible.

Another factor in selecting the right personal training certification program is to identify which exams or assessments must be taken in order to obtain certification. Some certifications require that you attend classes or workshops in addition to taking a written exam. Other certifications may be completed entirely online, while still others may offer tests by mail. Look for programs that allow for flexible testing methods so that you can get certified around your other commitments.

Understanding Program Costs and Fees

The cost of personal training certification will vary based on the type of program and institution. Generally, the fees for a personal training certification are categorized into three categories: exam fees, administration fees, and material fees.

Exam fees are what is typically required to take the exam for certifying as a personal trainer. This fee often includes the cost of taking any prerequisites necessary for passing the test and other related expenses such as seating charges or proctoring fees.

Administration fees cover the costs related to paperwork, transcripts or other miscellaneous items which are necessary to become certified. These can range from processing an individual’s application to submitting their results to the governing body issuing certifications in their area.

Material fees may also be incurred when obtaining certification. These can include any study materials used in preparation for testing such as textbooks, online learning guides, practice tests and more. For programs that allow mail-in exams, there may even be additional costs associated with shipping and handling materials both ways between the facility offering the exam and the student’s location.

Preparing for the Test and Processing Results

The process for taking a Personal Training Certification test by mail begins with researching which certifications are available through an accredited training institution. Once the appropriate certification is chosen, it is necessary to research the requirements for that certification and ensure that the applicant meets all criteria. This may include a certain amount of educational coursework and experience in the field of personal training.

Once all qualifications are established, the applicant must then register for the certification exam and pay any costs associated with registration. The purchaser should be sent an information packet containing further details regarding the test such as what documents to include in their registration package, how to take the test and how long to wait for results. Additionally, any required forms related to background checks or proof of education must also be submitted at this time.

The next step involves submitting the exam application along with supporting documents, if applicable. The registrant typically receives notification via email within seven business days after their paperwork has been received. Depending on payment method, some venues accept registrations online while others require paper applications filled out via mail or fax. After sending in all necessary documentation, test takers must wait for their specified appointment dates or receive notification that they have been scheduled for a different appointment day and time if their chosen date is not available.

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On testing day, applicants are advised to arrive early and follow check-in procedures laid out by venue personnel. Applicants can expect to spend several hours taking written exams, practical job simulations, or both depending on which certifications they have chosen. Once completed, it is important that applicants follow up with their respective venues regarding results processing times; many testing facilities will release exam results from six weeks eight weeks from testing date.

Summary of Advantages of Testable by Mail Programmes

Testable by mail programmes offer a range of advantages for those looking to become certified personal trainers. These programmes allow certified professionals to avoid the expense and hassle of attending a physical training site to take the necessary tests, making them much more accessible to those with limited income or who may not otherwise have access to local sites. Furthermore, courses can be completed at an individual’s own pace and convenience, making them suitable for those juggling multiple commitments. Additionally, most testable by mail programmes can be completed in just a few hours and will often provide practice tests as well as detailed assessment outlines prior to taking the required tests. Finally, successful completion of testable by mail programmes will allow entrants to demonstrate competency in key areas of personal training, including nutrition, exercise physiology and anatomy. This makes it easier for certified professionals to build professional portfolios and quickly gain employment in the field.


Personal training certifications that can be tested by mail offer several important advantages. Most notably, they provide a convenient and cost-effective way to get the necessary credentials in order to enter the field. Passing the exam can also help someone prove their knowledge and skills to potential employers and clients. Additionally, having a certified credential demonstrates commitment to professional development and continued education. In some cases, it may even be necessary for certain employment or licensing opportunities. Testable by mail certifications are a great option for those looking to start their career in personal training without having to invest time or money into attending physical courses. By taking advantage of this certification option, aspiring professionals can quickly obtain the educational credentials needed to stand out from the competition and increase their potential job prospects.

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