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Uc Davis ARC Personal Training provides unique incentives to get the most out of your fitness goals. For starters, if you sign up for an unlimited monthly plan, you get a 10% discount on all personal sessions, group training classes and products (including supplements). You can also save money through their partnered corporate sponsors and take advantage of pre-paid training packages that give you discounts for purchasing multiple training sessions upfront. Additionally, they offer partner deals with dietary nutrition companies and fitness gear vendors where you can save money on healthy eating plans and exercise apparel. If that wasn’t enough motivation to join, there is a referral reward program whereby if someone signs up for the program using your personalized code, both you and the new trainee will receive a $20 cash bonus each. Finally, any Uc Davis student or staff member is eligible for discounted membership rates after proving school affiliation during enrollment.


At UC Davis ARC Personal Training, we are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. We understand that nutrition plays a significant role in overall health and optimal performance in any exercise routine. That’s why we offer comprehensive nutrition plans tailored to each individual’s needs. Our certified personal trainers will work with you to educate you on the different types of essential nutrients needed for various types of activity such as cardio, strength training, or endurance exercises. We will also consider lifestyle factors such as activity levels, differences in caloric need based on gender, age, and body composition when creating a personalized nutrition plan.

We don’t just provide meal plans – we emphasize mindful eating habits and focus on a healthy balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, and protein). You may be offered advice on food choices that contain complex carbohydates such as whole grains instead of simple carbohydrates like white pastas and breads which spike blood sugar levels quickly. You will also learn how the right timing of meals can help fuel properly before your workout or aid in post-workout recovery through a combination of proteins and carbohydrates taken soon after exercise ends.

We take into consideration your special dietary needs as well so if you have allergies or certain food sensitivities we will factor that into your plan as well. Additionally our staff is here to discuss what kind of changes you can make if you start to hit plateaus in terms of results achieved from your diet – whether that’s tweaking or changing up portions sizes or exploring some alternative side dishes. Ultimately it’s up to you how much progress you make while having the support and guidance from personal trainer every step of the way – if only one thing is certain it’s that nutritional success starts with an understanding of how nutrition interacts with physical activity!

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Making the Uc Davis ARC Personal Training Program as accessible as possible is an important goal. In addition to online resources, there are many other available tools to ensure that everyone who wishes to use the program can do so easily and effectively.

This could include providing assistance with registration, payment, scheduling appointments and setting up fitness goals; many of these tasks can take time and make working out more difficult for those with limited mobility or busy routines. Additionally, the program should provide clear communication regarding pricing and safety protocols.

It may also be useful to consider providing physical workouts or step-by-step guides that participants can complete at home or outside of the gym environment. If the program offers virtual one-on-one coaching, it should also provide opportunities for individuals to work out in small groups or socially distanced if they are not comfortable exercising alone.

Finally, Uc Davis’s ARC Personal Training Program should explore ways to provide discounted access or incentives to those most impacted by economic hardship – these advanced services could help remove some of the financial burden from participating in a fitness program.

Sample Programs

The Uc Davis Arc Personal Training program offers a variety of sample programs to showcase the effectiveness of our personalized training. Our sample programs span across different fitness levels, goals and schedules. Each program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the client; created with the assistance of our professional trainers who design and implement an exercise plan that fits best with the goals and lifestyle of the person being trained.

In most cases, clients can expect that their personal training plan is going to be customized to include not just cardio but weights and resistance exercises as well. Generally, this means performing a combination of higher-intensity interval workouts accompanied by stretching and strengthening exercises. Moreover, our experienced staff may work with clients in tracking body weight or adjusting nutrition requirements if desired. In addition, we provide detailed instruction on how to properly perform each exercise movement to minimize risk of injury or discomfort.

To make sure that each exercise session meets its objectives, our trainers closely supervise every aspect from postural assessment and stabilization exercises to warm-ups and cool-downs for long-term results. The end goal? Provide an all-encompassing approach for improving general fitness as well as preparing people for upcoming physical activities such as running a marathon or taking part in any sport related activity like soccer or rugby games.

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At Uc Davis Arc Personal Training we strive to keep persons safe while exercising and reach their fitness goals in a sustainable manner –no matter their age or aspirations!


The UC Davis Arc Personal Training program offers a variety of packages designed to suit each individual’s needs and preferences. The minimum cost starts at $120 per month, with one private coaching session per week. Other packages include unlimited sessions per week for $200, and two private session with additional access to the weight room and other facilities at the ARC for $375.

For those interested in longer-term commitments, there are also discounts available depending on the package chosen. For example, when signing up for a 12-month commitment, customers can get 10% off the total price or one free personal training session a month if they pay upfront. Additionally, individuals looking to bring friends or family members will receive an additional month free for every referral that enrolls.

With careful selection of packages and special deals to benefit from, customers have great options to save money by participating in this program. Further savings can be achieved through memberships like Fitness 360 ($30) and FitU ($50), which grant access to all fitness classes at the Davis ARC including yoga and seasonal sports activities at discounted rates compared to paying for them separately.


Uc Davis ARC Personal Training offers specialized programs for those looking for personalized fitness regimes. Whether your goal is to increase strength and conditioning, build muscular endurance, or lose weight, Uc Davis ARC professional trainers specialize in programming and design the best training plan to help you reach your goals. Specialized services also exist for specific age groups, such as options that focus on senior fitness and kids’ fitness. Each individual’s program can be tailored to incorporate both cardiovascular training and resistance exercises utilizing free weights and machines. Additionally, balance stability exercises can also be implemented into a personalized program. Nutrition counseling is also offered to provide clients with the tools needed for success in a customized meal plan designed to fuel their nutritional needs for optimal performance in the gym and health benefits outside of it!

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