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Introducing Stephen Franklin, Atlanta’s premier personal trainer, and his revolutionary new brand. Stephen Franklin stands for hard work and results-driven training. He puts in the time and effort so that his clients don’t have to. With custom tailored workouts, meal plans, and progress tracking tools all tailored to your specific needs and goals, Stephen Franklin is giving you the best chance of success.

By investing in himself and listening to what his clients need from their workout programs, he is able to provide a completely personalized experience that leaves you feeling fitter, healthier and more energized than ever before. With his coaching system you can get to grips with fitness fundamentals and supplement those basics with advanced nutrition advice that will shower your body with all the nutrients it needs for a maximum muscular physique boost.

Not only does Stephen Franklin ensure each client get a unique experience, but he also makes sure they are having fun too! His motivational techniques consistently keep clients motivated throughout their journey by providing one on one guidance every step of the way ensuring they reach their desired goals faster than ever before. Stephen’s mantra is simple: dedication equals results – no matter how long it takes him or his clients to get there! So if you’re looking to take control of your health or increase performance levels then look no further than Stephen Franklins’ Brand–the preeminent choice for quality personal training in Atlanta!

International Reach

Stephen Franklin has established himself as an expert in personal training and health coaching, offering top-notch virtual fitness services to clients from around the world. Leveraging decades of experience, his remarkable knowledge of the human body and a modern approach that combines live videos, teleconferencing, and personalized sessions enable Stephen Franklin to reach far beyond the walls of his gym in Atlanta.

Rather than limited to one specific geographic area, by utilizing digital tools and applications clients can now reap the immense benefits of working with Stephen Franklin no matter their location. He provides engaging live video sessions making it easier for clients to effectively exercise without leaving their homes. Moreover, by using technology such as online documents, tracking sheets and communications platforms he is able to keep up with each individual’s progress, allowing him to deliver truly tailored training programs based on the specific results he’s seeing.

Learn To Become A Personal Trainer

Clients from all walks of life have had great success under Stephen Franklin’s guidance directly from their own homes. With access to nutrition advice, wellness coaching and physical activity guidance both locally in Atlanta or across the globe you too can benefit from this extraordinary opportunity.

Video Gallery

Stephen Franklin is an experienced and highly skilled personal trainer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has extensive knowledge of traditional as well as modern exercise techniques, enabling him to maximize the potential of each individual he works with regardless of present level of skill or fitness. Over the years Stephen Franklin has established himself as one of the city’s top personal trainers and taken on clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.

As part of his approach to training, Stephen Franklin offers the Video Gallery service – an online library that allows clients across the world to gain access to videos detailing how he trains and what successes he’s achieved with clients. His library contains movement tutorials, complex techniques, strength training demonstrations and live recordings of exercisers taking part in workouts using his methods. The Video Gallery also provides insights into Stephen’s experiences working with various populations including athletes, weightlifters and beginners as well as his expertise dealing with different types of goals such as wellbeing, dietary management, muscle toning or general fitness conditioning. This resource enables clients to digitally connect with Stephen wherever they are even if they’re not located near Atlanta providing them support in following through their programs on their own terms for maximum results.

Social Proof

Stephen Franklin’s clients sing his praises.

“Stephen is the best coach I have ever had. He takes the time to understand my needs and to customize the training program for me. He gave me the confidence boost that I needed and I am now more physically fit than ever before.” – Maggie

“Steph is an amazing resource when it comes to reaching fitness goals. His enthusiasm and quality advice never fail to motivate me and get me pushing myself further each day.” -Adam

“After months of not being able to make progress on my own, Stephen helped me break through my plateau. My fitness levels have improved since working with him, and our sessions are always enjoyable and informative.” -Leslie


If you’re looking for tips and advice on becoming a better personal trainer, you should check out the Stephen Franklin Personal Trainer Atlanta podcast. Stephen shares valuable insight on topics such as challenging clients in meaningful ways, implementing effective workout strategies, and staying motivated throughout a training program. He also invites interesting guests to discuss how they set themselves apart from the competition and continuously stay ahead of the game. With a mix of in-depth interviews, stories from his own experience, and practical advice, this podcast is an entertaining and helpful guide to help all fitness professionals who want to reach their full potential.

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Stephen Franklin is an experienced personal trainer in Atlanta who offers nutritional advice and plans to help his clients reach their health goals. Specifically, Stephen can provide detailed meal plans with nutrient-rich foods that will give the body essential vitamins and minerals. These plans can be tailored to the individual’s specific needs and tastes. He also provides coaching sessions to help clients stick with these nutritional practices. In addition, he advises his clients on the importance of tracking their food intake, exercising regularly, and staying hydrated throughout the day for optimal health. Lastly, Stephen is knowledgeable about dietary supplements, weekend indulgences, coffee and alcohol advice, as well as healthy ways to snack that satisfy cravings but keep within nutritional guidelines.


Stephen Franklin is offering customers discounted rates for his personal training services in Atlanta. Customers can enjoy different discounts depending on the occasion or the length of training they select. For example, customers may be eligible for seasonal discounts such as a summer discount whereby they receive a certain percentage off the price of their service. For certain holidays, customers may also find promotions and special offers throughout the year. Lastly, long-term customers may be able to take advantage of discounted rates when they sign up for longer commitments, such as yearly packages instead of month-to-month fees. All these discounts help ensure that every customer receives top quality service at an affordable price from Stephen Franklin’s Personal Training Atlanta.

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