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If you’re looking for a career in the fitness industry, then Louisiana is an excellent place to consider. The state has seen a massive increase in personal trainer jobs over the past few years as more people focus on health and wellness. Not only is there an abundance of potential employers, but the average salary for personal trainers in Louisiana is also well above the national median wage. This article will provide an overview of opportunities available for personal trainers in Louisiana, including types of jobs and training requirements.

In addition to the growth in personal training jobs in Louisiana, the state’s fitness industry is booming. In recent years, modern gyms have opened across the region to meet growing demand from individuals seeking both private and group fitness services. These gyms are now becoming increasingly popular among both amateurs and professional athletes alike due to their variety of offerings and excellent facilities. Furthermore, many studios have cropped up offering specialized classes such as yoga, Pilates and dance instruction. With all these options readily available at one’s disposal, it’s no wonder why so many people are taking advantage of modernized fitness services in Louisiana today.

In order to become a Personal Trainer with a legitimate certification in Louisiana, it is required that you pass a nationally-recognized test such as NASM or ACE certifications which demonstrate your skillset as a professional trainer and abilities as an exercise educator. Typically these exams range between 200-400 questions depending upon your specific certification pursuits and can take up to six hours to complete; therefore being sure to stay informed on any specific regulations pertaining to test-taking before you sign up is advised! After passing said test/programs additionally obtaining liability insurance along with first aid/ CPR certifications may be required.

While there are plenty of positions available for experienced trainers and coaches, those who are just getting started may benefit from volunteering their time or interning with an established company or gym prior to seeking out full-time employment opportunities. Doing so not only provides invaluable experience necessary for the qualification process but will ensure that you’ve gained valuable insight into what it takes to provide top-notch services professionally within this field of expertise!

Types of Facilities Hiring Personal Trainers in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a variety of health and fitness facilities that employ personal trainers. This includes wellness centers, speciality gyms, corporate wellness centers, yoga studios, collegiate athletic departments, physical therapy practices, martial arts studios, and more. At these types of facilities in Louisiana, personal trainers are responsible for developing individualized training programs for clients based on their particular needs and goals. The responsibilities of the personal trainer often include designing workouts tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client using a variety of exercises, including strength training and cardiovascular conditioning as well as providing instruction in stretching techniques and nutritional guidance. In addition to helping clients reach their goals through personalized workout plans, personal trainers may also provide assistance with proper form for different exercises to ensure safety and proper technique during workouts. They may also conduct assessments to measure progress towards desired outcomes and offer motivation along the way.

Qualifications & Certifications Needed for Personal Trainer Jobs

In order to pursue personal trainer jobs in Louisiana, you must meet certain qualifications and certifications. The most important requirement is to obtain a Personal Training Certification issued by the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). This certification requires a minimum of 8 hours of education before becoming eligible for the exam. The exam covers topics such as human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, persuasive communications, exercise programming, legal and professional responsibilities and more. Upon passing the exam, individuals must also hold current CPR/AED certification and provide proof of insurance coverage. With all these credentials completed, individuals can begin their career in personal training in Louisiana.

Average Pay Rates & Benefits Packages

Personal trainers in Louisiana have an average salary of around $33,000. This job can be quite lucrative for some, as the top 10% of earners make upwards of $59,400 per year. Trainers will typically receive their payment on an hourly basis with most trainers usually making between $12 and $55 an hour. The amount depends on the experience the trainer has, the individual’s certifications and specialties, and in some cases can also depend on additional qualifications such as medical background or facility used for conducting the training sessions.

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Benefits packages are becoming increasingly popular amongst many personal trainers in Louisiana. These packages may offer protection from gym injuries, discounts at gyms or fitness centers that a trainer might work in as well as complimentary health care plans to help support the overall wellbeing of employees and clients alike. Additionally, many personal trainers may qualify for bonuses based on successfully achieved goals with clients or company objectives such as onboarding a certain number of new clients within a given period. Training related expenses are sometimes included in the compensation package too which can consist of marketing campaigns, advertising materials along with accredited programs to further expand knowledge and skills acquired over time.

Growth & Employment Opportunities for Personal Trainers in Louisiana

The demand for personal trainers in Louisiana is rising in line with the booming health and fitness industry. As more people become conscious of their bodies, their lifestyles, and the importance of living a healthy life, they are turning to personal trainers to help them reach their goals. This has led to an increased demand for highly qualified personal trainers who are able to provide safe, effective exercise instruction and support.

As the demand for personal trainer services rises, so does the opportunity for employment within this field. Louisiana offers a variety of positions at gyms and other fitness facilities that require experienced individuals to design customized workout plans for those seeking improved physical health and wellness. Personal trainers may also find work in privately owned studios or in corporate settings such as corporations or universities. For those interested in self-employment, there are also opportunities available to work as an independent contractor, while some online platforms now offer virtual personal training services.

In addition to local fitness facilities, personal trainers have the option of pursuing careers with national chains like 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness which have locations throughout the state. At any given time a variety of job openings can be found on their websites including positions geared towards providing specialized strength and conditioning training programs or those focusing on nutrition counseling advice.

For those seeking a career that is both rewarding and flexible, becoming a certified personal trainer in Louisiana is a great way to build a career path with excellent growth potential both financially and professionally – something current residents and newcomers alike can appreciate!

Pros & Cons of Becoming a Personal Trainer in Louisiana

Pros of Becoming a Personal Trainer in Louisiana:

1. Job Growth & Opportunity: Louisiana is the fastest-growing state for job growth in the personal training industry. With so many opportunities, the job market for personal trainers should continue to increase.

2. Competitive Salary: Personal trainers in Louisiana typically earn higher salaries than those in other states due to the demand for these types of services.

3. Great Locations: With numerous outdoor recreational areas throughout the state, and access to the Gulf of Mexico and its beaches, there are plenty of great locations to work as a personal trainer and provide unique fitness experiences to clients.

4. Cultural Diversity: With French languages spoken throughout certain parts of Louisiana as well as a mix of Cajun culture, there is a lot of cultural diversity that creates an enriching experience for anyone working as a personal trainer here.

Cons Of Becoming a Personal Trainer in Louisiana:

1. Weather Conditions: During certain times of year, especially the hot summer months with high humidity levels, it can be difficult and uncomfortable working outdoors or inside with no air conditioning while training clients in this climate.

2. Hurricane Season: Every year from late spring through early fall there is an increased risk of hurricanes striking various parts of the state, making it important for trainers and customers alike to take extra precautions during this time period when planning and conducting sessions outdoors or indoors.

3. Limited Resources/Opportunities: Depending on where one chooses to work as a personal trainer in Louisiana, there may be fewer resources such as gym facilities and equipment cost-effectively available for providing services than what’s available in other states due to more rural regions lacking comprehensive infrastructure support compared more metropolitan areas elsewhere in the country

Interview with Experienced Personal Trainers

Personal trainer jobs in Louisiana are becoming increasingly more popular. There is a growing number of people who are looking to hire personal trainers to help them achieve their physical and mental wellbeing goals. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, there are many opportunities available in Louisiana. To help you get started, we interviewed some of the most experienced personal trainers currently working in the state.

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When asked why they were attracted to the field, most of the trainers cited job security, flexible working hours and competitive pay rates as reasons for wanting to pursue a career as a personal trainer. They also added that having a chance to work with a variety of different clients from varying backgrounds was another advantage that drew them into the industry. Additionally, they expressed their enjoyment of seeing the progress their clients made during their sessions.

In terms of qualifications and experience needed by aspiring personal trainers in Louisiana, they suggested having certificates or diplomas related to fitness and exercise science, nutritional sciences, kinesiology or biomechanics. They also commented on the importance of being reliable and being able to communicate effectively with clients in order to assess their goals and develop an effective workout plan. Moreover, those who showed special interest in pursuing nutrition counseling could gain an even greater advantage due to its growing popularity among clients these days.

Finally, when asked what advice they would give someone considering entering this profession they said it is important to stay focused and be willing to put in extra effort as this will only be beneficial for your future success as well as give you higher satisfaction levels from seeing satisfied customers reaching their goals over time.

Tips for Finding & Applying for Personal Trainer Jobs

Personal training jobs in Louisiana offer individuals the chance to work with a wide variety of clients, each with their own needs and goals. Before applying for a job as a personal trainer, it is important to take some time to find the right position. Here are some tips for finding and applying for personal trainer jobs in Louisiana:

1. Research Positions: Before applying for any job, it is essential to research the position – is this something you are qualified for? Are you able to meet all of the requirements? Do you possess any special skills or qualifications that may make you an even more competitive applicant? Taking the time to research potential positions can save both time and effort spent on applications.

2. Make a Resume: When preparing applications, having a well-crafted resume can be key – what better way to present your experience than in writing? Use a professional style guide such as the ones produced by LinkedIn or MonsterResume when writing up resumes so that your document looks polished and professional. Be sure to include relevant relevant job experiences and any certifications or qualifications that demonstrate you have what it takes to be successful in the role.

3. Attend Local Events: Business networking and local events offer an excellent opportunity to connect with potential employers who may have personal training positions available now—or even down the road once more experience has been acquired. Connecting face-to-face can make all the difference when searching for employment opportunities in Louisiana!

4. Utilize Resources: Various online resources like indeed, monster, glassdoor and linkedin provide detailed job postings that list current openings for fitnes professionals – including those in louisana – who have exactly what employers are looking for – specialization certifications, days/hours availability gym access etc.. It is especially important that applicants tailor their resumes specifically toward each listing they apply to as this helps increase chances of making it all the way through (and beyond) hte application process!


Louisiana has an incredibly bright future in the fitness and personal training industry. With its relaxed lifestyle, diverse culture, and commitment to health and wellness, Louisiana is an ideal place for aspiring trainers to launch their career. With numerous opportunities arising across the State in both onsite and online settings, individuals can rest assured knowing that there is no shortage of potential employers looking for qualified professionals who have the skills and knowledge necessary to help others reach their peak performance. Whether someone wants to become a group class instructor at a local gym or even open their own independent personal training business, Louisiana offers countless avenues for utilizing one’s passion for helping others reach their highest potential.

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