La Fitness Personal Training Counselor Salary


The position of a La Fitness Personal Training Counselor is an excellent opportunity for individuals with strong organizational skills and a passion for health and fitness. In this role, the Personal Training Counselor is responsible for creating individualized fitness plans and providing guidance to clients in order to help them reach their personal goals. They also monitor client’s progress, motivate clients during sessions and keep detailed records of each client’s growth.

Working conditions as a Personal Training Counselor at La Fitness include flexible hours based on the availability of clients, convenient locations and the possibility for advancement within the field. This postition requires excellent customer service skills, an impeccable eye for safety, knowledge on nutrition and human anatomy and advisement must always be offered with helpful advice. It is expected that Personal Training Counselors have enthusiasm, ambition and will generate enthusiasm in their clients as well.

Moreover, La Fitness offers a competitive salary package which includes hourly wages along with commission for client sign-up fees as well as monthly performance bonuses depending on key metrics; such as customer retention or revenue achieved. The environment itself is built upon collaboration with other trainers in the gym ensuring that everyone gets an opportunity to share their insights while learning from each other.

Overview of Job Responsibilities

As a personal training counselor at La Fitness, the job responsibilities include working with clients to create individualized exercise and fitness plans. This includes meeting one-on-one with clients, listening to their goals and creating plans accordingly, as well as assisting individuals in understanding how to properly utilize equipment and make progress. Counselors motivate customers throughout each session and support them during the entire length of their fitness journey.

The personal training counselors are also responsible for establishing relationships with other staff members such as nutritionists and medical professionals, who can provide more evidence based approach which is beneficial for the client long term health. The work hours often vary depending on when clients are available but typically range from 25 – 40 hours per week including weekend shifts. Aside from meeting with clients, counselors must also fill out paperwork necessary for tracking health insurances benefits or supervising any changes within the gym facility.

Certifications For Personal Training

Qualifications and Education

A La Fitness Personal Training Counselor is required to have an accredited certification from a program like ISSA, ACSM, ACE, or NSCA. In addition to the accredited certifications, experience with personal training is preferred. Many La Fitness locations will also require CPR and AED certification from The Red Cross or American Heart Association before being hired. Additional certifications such as Nutrition & Weight Management or Sport Specific Certifications are beneficial for applicants looking to advance their career with La Fitness. Specialized training in Postural Assessment, Functional Movement Screening, and Injury Prevention may also be offered as part of a comprehensive training program.

Salary Range

The salary range for a La Fitness personal training counselor typically falls between around $35,000 and $60,000 per year. This is an above-average rate when compared to some other personal training counselors in the industry who may earn between $20,000 and $40,000 annually. Personal Training Counselors at La Fitness generally take home more pay than their counterparts at other fitness centers due to the wide number of assignments they are given. For example, a typical job responsibilities for a La Fitness Personal Training Counselor may include: conducting personal training sessions with clients; responding to client requests; providing feedback on diet plans and workout schedules; assessing client needs during training sessions; maintaining proper safety protocols during workouts; educating clients on effective exercise techniques; designing tailored programs based on participant’s individual goals and abilities; providing nutrition guidance; monitoring results and providing motivation to participants; helping guide clients throughout their fitness journeys. In addition to offering an incredibly detailed job description, this position also comes with the added benefit of promotional opportunity, where continuously displaying exceptional proficiency in the role could result in salary increases or even leadership positions within the company.

Benefits of Being a La Fitness Personal Training Counselor

One of the most appealing benefits of working as a La Fitness personal training counselor is the salary. Many counselors earn competitive hourly and commission-based pay, with potential to reach higher income levels based on their performance.

Do You Need A Degree To Become A Personal Trainer

In addition to an attractive salary, there are many other benefits of working as a La Fitness personal training counselor. La Fitness places a strong emphasis on professional development for their counselors, providing them with an array of webinars, workshops and seminars to help them hone their craft and stay ahead in the fitness industry. Additionally, personal trainers receive discounted rates at La Fitness when they use the club’s facilities and services. Because they may be called upon to motivate or lead a fitness class, there could also be discounts available on apparel that helps promote overall comfort while performing various exercises in front of a class.

Growth Opportunities

As a La Fitness Personal Training Counselor, there are numerous opportunities for growth and career advancement within the field. Those that excel in this profession can advance to director of training or supervisor roles where they will oversee the training program and implement new strategies to improve client retention, success rate, and profit. Additionally, many trainers eventually become group fitness instructors or even open their own studios which offer personal training services in multiple locations. With experience and diligent effort, individuals can have a successful career as a La Fitness Personal Training Counselor by working their way up through the ranks of their organization or expanding into entrepreneurial endeavors.


The salaries of La Fitness Personal Training Counselors can vary significantly depending on experience, location, and other factors. These individuals typically make between $15-$45 per hour, with some highly experienced personal trainers commanding rates greater than $50 per hour. Due to the current trend in health and wellness, personal training is projected to remain in high demand, which provides promising employment opportunities for La Fitness Personal Training Counselors in the future.

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