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Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park Nj is an innovative fitness center that offers an array of personalized and group fitness classes, with a focus on providing a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere. Located in the heart of Highland Park, NJ, Kinetics has been serving the community for more than 10 years.

The facility caters to every level of fitness enthusiast – whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or already have significant experience. The facility features six separate areas: studio based strength training, functional training bootcamps, group exercise classes that are led by highly skilled instructors, spinning classes, and personal training.

All instructors at Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park Nj are certified by nationally recognized Institutions such as AFAA and ACE. Additionally, all staff members are professionally trained in CPR as well as basic first aid providing additional safety for its clients.

Kinetics is committed to delivering excellent services with convenience in mind; a secure online booking platform allows customers to book classes or personal training sessions from anywhere. And if you have specific health needs like diabetes or pregnancy conditions, Kinetics can customize a program to suit your needs. The schedule is updated on an ongoing basis so that clients always have access to the best workouts available for their goals.

At Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park Nj we understand that everyone is different and works hard towards meeting each individual’s needs creating a motivating and supportive environment conducive to success!

History of Kinetics

Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness was founded in Highland Park Nj in 2009 by Pete and Elsie Simmings. The idea came to the couple when they noticed a lack of fitness options for the town’s inhabitants. After a lengthy period of research, testing, and improvement, Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness opened its doors in the fall of 2010.

Under Pete and Elsie’s guidance, Kinetics quickly grew in popularity among Highland Park residents for its comprehensive approach to fitness and ability to accommodate both individuals and groups. It soon became known as a community leader in offering customized training plans designed with the client’s specific needs and goals in mind.

In addition to offering group exercise classes such as yoga, pilates, and Zumba, Kinetics established itself as a top-tier training facility featuring professional employees—including certified personal trainers—as well as certified athletic trainers.

Over time Pete and Elsie have expanded Kinetics’ resources by establishing an additional gym location nearby. With two full-service locations now open, Kinetics is able to provide more services than ever before—including nutritional consultations and lifestyle coaching—while still maintaining close ties with the community it serves. With this atmosphere of support for its local patrons, it is no surprise that Kinetics is regularly named among New Jersey’s top fitness facilities year after year.

Special Services & Amenities

Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park, NJ offers its clients an integrated approach to health and fitness. For example, our one-on-one personal training sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of each client. With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers, our clients can reach their goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, we provide on-site nutrition counseling services that can assist with meal planning with an emphasis on balanced meals for optimum nourishment. Our registered dietitians will help you create custom meal plans tailored to your personal nutritional needs and desires!

Furthermore, Kinetics provides comprehensive online fitness tracking which allows clients to monitor and log all aspects of their daily and weekly workout plans. This important tool helps each client identify areas of improvement and assists in making positive lifestyle changes.

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Finally, we offer an on-site pro shop featuring the latest workout apparel and accessories including name brand activewear, weightlifting equipment, exercise machines at various levels, yoga mats and more! We are committed to providing great quality products while helping our customers achieve their fitness goals!

Classes and Programs

Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park NJ offers a variety of classes and programs that give individuals the opportunity to get healthy and fit. From intense bootcamps to high-energy aerobic classes or yoga, there is something for everyone.

The bootcamp class at Kinetics provides an intense workout challenge that is designed to push participants to their limits while targeting different body parts. The class typically involves running, jumping jacks, abdominal crunches, squats, push-ups and other strengthening exercises. With the right effort and determination, this type of class will help you reach your athletic goals quickly.

For those looking for more of a relaxed pace, Kinetics also offer yoga classes designed to improve strength, alignment flexibility and relaxation. Participants can join with any level of experience as they can go at their own pace while instructors guide them through poses used to improve physical and mental wellbeing. The combination of stretching and deep breathing in yoga can be great stress relievers after a hard day’s work or tough workout class!

Finally, their Aerobics Class combines both fitness training elements with dance moves for a full body workout that brings out one’s inner dancer! It doesn’t matter what fitness level one is starting from; the Aerobics Class will have them moving (and sweating) up a storm in no time as they create positive changes in their overall health.

By joining this awesome studio’s Group Classes in Highland Park Nj – participants are guaranteed a unique experience every time as each instructor puts their own special spin on their classes so no two workouts are ever quite the same! Whether it’s getting toned up or simply having some fun – there is definitely something for everyone at Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park Nj!

Fitness Instructors

At Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park NJ, we have the most talented and dedicated staff of fitness professionals in the area. Our instructors are passionate about helping our members reach their goals with tailored approaches to fitness training and our personal trainers are committed to helping each individual construct a sustainable path to success.

We know that each person has different needs, strengths and limitations when it comes to fitness, so we hire trainers and instructors who specialize in a variety of exercise styles. From Pilates, yoga and interval training to kettlebells, circuit-training and aerobics classes – there is something for everyone at our gym. The key is matching the right instructor or trainer to each individual – an exercise routine tailored to how a person moves best, as well as their style of learning.

Our staff have gone through extensive training and have a deep understanding not only of movement mechanics, but also of human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. They use this knowledge combined with their passion for helping people achieve their goals to provide physical education that really helps make lasting lifestyle changes.

When at the gym you can be sure that you’re in good hands with experts who truly care about providing clients with quality coaching services that will bring them one step closer towards reaching their goal!

Benefits of Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness

Physical Benefits : Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness offers members a way to improve their physical health. Through individual training sessions and group fitness classes, staff can provide guidance on the best exercises that will help build muscle, strengthen core muscles, and increase aerobic fitness. Overall, this helps its members to become stronger and more physically fit overall.

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Mental Benefits: Mental wellbeing is addressed within the personalized training plans offered by Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness. Although everyone has different goals for achieving mental wellbeing, collective feedback from its members have shown that through scheduled exercise sessions, healthy eating habits and lifestyle tips being shared by the staff trainers have provided better focus and improved overall stress levels when dealing with life’s daily routines.

Emotional Benefits: Daily life can be difficult at times but having supportive people around can help make a difference. Through the group fitness classes, members have reported feeling a strong sense of camaraderie due to the friendly environment among staff trainers and other participants in the class. This creates an atmosphere of encouragement which helps promote positive emotions like belongingness, acceptance and motivation throughout each session.

Life Improvements: Many of Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness customers report various life improvements associated with regular exercise activities such as having more energy throughout the day and forming better sleeping patterns which may lead to improved productivity during work hours. Exercise also aids in releasing hormones which acts as mood boosters; by getting regular exercise at Kinetics you are helping your body feel good both physically and emotionally!

Promotion and Awards

Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness Highland Park, NJ has proven itself to be a leader in the fitness industry. The company has achieved many awards, recognitions, and promotions throughout the years. From being the highest rated studio in all of New Jersey to being named “Best of the Best” by NJ Monthly Magazine, Kinetics PT &GF continues to strive for excellence.

In addition to these awards and recognitions, Kinetics also offers its members with monthly specials and promotional programs that reward them for their loyalty and commitment. These incentives have continued to bring more people into the gym or start an online membership as well as reinvesting in additional services or classes offered at Kinetics PT & GF.

Not only is the company highly committed to training individuals but it also focuses on giving back through charity work and events. Every year for Cancer Awareness Month, Kinetics donates a portion of their profits to local cancer related causes to help those in need get access to treatments they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Overall, Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness continues to prove itself over and over again with its impressive accomplishments both within their business as well as providing back to others throughout their corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Kinetics Personal Training & Group Fitness in Highland Park NJ is the premier choice for athletes looking to meet their fitness goals. We provide high-quality instruction and individualized planning that takes into account each athlete’s unique physical abilities and goals. Our certified trainers have expert knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines, helping our clients reach peak performance levels. We also offer a variety of group classes to help our clients stay engaged and motivated, as well as specialized programs designed to integrate physical science principles with sport-specific functional training. What sets Kinetics apart from other fitness centers is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. This includes free consultations, customized exercise plans tailored to your needs, and nutritional guidance for optimizing the results of your efforts. With Kinetics, you’ll enjoy a supportive environment where you can find inspiration, encouragement and accountability with all of your workouts.

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