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Health coaches and personal trainers are important professionals in the health and fitness industry. They provide individuals with the tools and support they need to achieve their wellness goals. As such, they are in high demand and thus receive competitive salaries. When considering a job as a health coach or personal trainer, it is important to understand what type of salary you could expect to receive, as well as how factors such as location, experience, and certifications affect the pay scale.

When exploring health coach and personal trainer salary totals, one of the first things to consider is experience. Generally speaking, those with more years of experience command higher salaries than those who have just started out. This can range from 10-20% more for those with one to five years’ experience up to 60-100% more for those who have over ten years under their belt. Another factor that affects remuneration is whether or not a professional holds any relevant certifications such as ACE, NSCA or NASM. Having one or more of these qualifications may allow you to access higher paying jobs than if you did not have certification. In addition, it may also be possible to leverage a higher salary by working in different settings such as commercial gyms vs home or studio settings. The merchantability of services also has an impact on salaries; some specialty services like yoga and Pilates will usually command premium prices whereas general training will generally leave room for negotiations between trainers and clients. Furthermore, geographical location affects salary significantly – cities tend to be better paid than rural areas due to cost of living and availability of clientele who are willing (or able) to pay ongoing fees for services provided by health coaches or personal trainers.

Education & Requirements

The education requirements to become a Health Coach and Personal Trainer vary depending on which area of the fitness industry they are entering. Generally, health coaches need to have a degree in an area like nutrition, kinesiology or exercise science while personal trainers may just require a certification. For example, health clubs may require either a college degree or a national certification in order to hire personal trainers and health coaches. In both cases, having certifications allows for more advanced skills such as providing nutritional guidance, counselling and designing programs.

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Apart from the necessary qualifications, it’s important for health coaches and personal trainers to stay up-to-date on new trends in the fitness industry by attending fitness conferences or taking continuing education courses. They should also possess strong communication skills and empathy in order to be able to effectively motivate clients and encourage them to reach their goals. Additionally, knowledge in business matters like marketing strategies is essential for those looking to create their own coaching practice.

Average Salaries

The average salary of health coaches and personal trainers vary significantly depending on the experience of the individual, geographic location, type of employer, qualifications and certifications. According to Glassdoor, the estimated national average salary for a health coach is $44,000 per year. The estimated national average salary for a personal trainer is slightly lower than that at $40,600 per year. However, with more experience and additional certification these salaries can rise substantially. With 1 to 4 years of experience in either field an individual may be able to secure annual salaries between $37,000 to $58,000 depending on where they are located. On the other hand those with 5 years or more experience may receive somewhere between $48,000 and $77,000 each year respectively. In addition geographical location will also have an impact on the average salary of each role within the industry; coaches and trainers typically earn more in larger cities like Los Angeles or New York City than those in smaller towns throughout America.

Major Influencers on Salary

The salary of health coaches and personal trainers is primarily determined by the amount of experience they have in the industry, as well as their level of education and certification. Geographical region also has an impact on salaries, with health coaches and personal trainers in an urban area typically earning more than those in rural areas. The type of clients a coach or trainer works with can have an effect on salary as well – someone who specializes in elite athletes or celebrities will likely make more money than one who focuses on general fitness training for everyday people. Additionally, a person’s reputation for quality work can influence their salary potential; if a trainer is known for providing results and creating successful plans for their clients, then they are likely to be able to charge premium rates. Finally, many health coaches and personal trainers receive bonuses based on the performance of their clients – so it is important that they understand what motivates their trainees and encourages them to continually improve.

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Additional Benefits

In addition to a base salary, there are many other benefits to becoming a health coach and personal trainer. Trainers are often eligible for commission bonuses and can even receive revenue sharing from the sales of wellness products, such as nutritional supplements. Additionally, trainers can become certified with certain organizations (such as ACE, ASCM) that offer perks like discounts on gym memberships or at specialty fitness stores. Health coaches typically have access to free or subsidized healthcare plans through employers like gyms and fitness centers. Other perks may include flexible hours and continued training in areas related to fitness, such as nutrition and culinary arts instruction. For those passionate about health and wellness, becoming a trainer can be extremely rewarding.


The key findings from this overview of health coaching and personal training salaries are as follows: The average annual salary for a health coach is between $45,000-60,000 depending on experience and location. Personal trainers can expect to make $30 to 50 per hour or upwards of $70 an hour with advanced certifications. Candidates with a nutrition certification, business experience, and specialized knowledge in the fields of exercise science or physical therapy can potentially earn more than those without any qualifications or additional educational background. Finally, it is important to note that although these professions entail significant effort and training, they also have rewards beyond monetary compensation such as improved quality of life for clients through successful lifestyle changes.

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