Free Google Sheets Personal Training Template


The Google Sheets Personal Training Template is a totally free, customizable program designed to help you better track and manage your training goals. With a few simple steps, you can easily set up detailed sessions that are tailored to meet your specific needs. The template comes with multiple columns and rows, allowing you to keep track of a variety of metrics that relate to your progress. You can customize the categories depending on the criteria that matters the most to you such as weight lifted, reps done, rest periods, calories burned and more. Once filled out with all this data, you can quickly view graphs and charts for current and past sessions for easy analysis of your strengths/weaknesses and upcoming trends in performance. All of this helps to ensure that you reach your personal training goals more efficiently than ever before!

Describing the Google Sheets Personal Training Template

The Google Sheets Personal Training Template is a free, customizable template designed to help people create a personalized training program. The template can be accessed through the Google Sheets app and is free to download.

To find the Google Sheets Personal Training Template, users need only open the Google Sheets app and search for ‘personal training’. Once found, downloading the template is simply a matter of pressing on the ‘Load’ button. Once loaded, users can immediately begin customizing their personal training template and adding any information relevant to them such as contact details, goals, exercises and diet plans.

If users require assistance in navigating or understanding how to use the Google Sheets Personal Training Template there are various helpful video tutorials available online. These videos typically provide step-by-step instructions on topics such as setting up your spreadsheet for personal training purposes like tracking goals, reps/sets of exercises performed and dietary habits/intakes. In addition to helping beginners get started with using the template, these videos often also offer tips from experienced trainers on ways to customize it further in order to make more efficient progress towards one’s fitness goals.

Customizing the Template

The free Google Sheets personal training template is a great starting point for any person looking to establish a baseline way to track their progress and measure the results of their training sessions. Once the template has been downloaded, there are numerous tabs, columns, and formulas that can be rearranged and applied in order to customize it according to individual preferences.

For example, one tab might contain the specific exercises carried out during each session with a column for notes on how that exercise felt and if there were any issues or difficulties encountered. Similarly, another tab could include information such as weight lifted, reps completed and set time during various sets of each exercise. It could also provide detailed statistics on overall workout times, number of sets per exercise or total calories burned throughout all exercises.

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Additionally, many users will find value in including relevant formulas for tracking data over a period of time. This could include average speed ran over a given interval or percentages taken from one weight tracked over time in order to accomplish certain goals. The customization possibilities are virtually limitless depending on individual needs.

Getting Started with the Template

1. Get started by downloading the template from the Google Sheets store.

2. Open the downloaded file and make a copy of it in your own Google Drive. This will serve as your personal trainer template.

3. Take some time to look through the various tabs in the spreadsheet and familiarize yourself with its layout, features, and functions.

4. Begin customizing the template to fit your fitness goals by entering information into certain columns. For example, enter data about your current health statistics such as weight, BMI, waist measurement and so on under the “Current Status” tab. In this tab you can also set intermediate and long-term goals for yourself related to that data like aiming for a specific weight or body fat percentage – be sure to include target dates for when you would like to have those goals achieved by.

5. Read through the “Exercise Routine” tab and get acquainted with how it works; it is basically a log that keeps track of all exercises performed within a given period of time, taking into account repetitions, sets, duration/distance if applicable – along with a column for notes where you can record helpful reminders or things you want to remember later on such as tips given by personal trainers etcetera. Entering exercise routines here is an important part of keeping track of one’s progress so be sure not to leave it blank!

6. Use the remaining tabs in whichever way it is most beneficial for you; customize them as necessary (changing titles of columns and/or color coding certain entries etc.) in order to create an organized system tailored specifically towards reaching personal fitness goals!

Tracking Progress

Using a free Google Sheets Personal Training Template is an excellent way to track your progress over time. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this template:

1. Make sure to log each training session – Be sure you log every single personal training sessions into the tracking spreadsheet with as much detail as possible such as rep counts, weights used, rest periods, etc.

2. Note down areas for improvement – Identify which exercises/movements you struggle with and take note of these so that you can focus more attention on them in future sessions.

3. Monitor your diet – Log what meals you are eating and make adjustments based on factors such as performance during workouts, weight gain/weight loss goals, energy levels and how satiated (full) you feel throughout the day.

4. Implement a plan – Having long-term goals eases the process of reaching them; planning a training routine that works around your lifestyle means you can realistically reach those targets without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about needing to achieve them in a given timeframe or quickly become injured or burned out due to a physical workload that’s too high in comparison to your current fitness level.

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5. Celebrate successes – Congratulate yourself when reaching milestones by making use of suitable rewards (or simply praising yourself!) – recording these down too helps serve as motivation for future training sessions!

Success Stories

The Google Sheets Personal Training Template has been used by a wide variety of coaches and athletes, all of whom have seen tremendous success in achieving their personal training goals. Many successful coaches and athletes have shared their stories of success with the template, which provide valuable insight to the potential of the tool.

One such story was from a coach who used the template to easily set up progress tracking metrics for his athletes. By tracking their progress over time, he was able to provide them with detailed information on how they were performing in their training efforts. This included detailed analysis on each individual athlete’s performance in order to give feedback and make recommendations for improvement. The coach found that this method yielded remarkable improvements in his team result, allowing them to achieve higher levels of success earlier than expected.

Another story included an athlete who utilized the template to track her own fitness journey. She was able to make changes over time based on her goals and monitored her own performance metrics accordingly. This self-directed approach enabled her to stay focused on her goals and measure results objectively without relying on external feedback or guidance from a coach or mentor. Ultimately, she achieved greatness by utilizing the Google Sheets Personal Training Template as part of her journey towards becoming a top athlete in her field of study.

Summary & Conclusion

The Google Sheets Personal Training Template is a great tool for coaches and athletes to track their training progress. It allows users to easily view key performance metrics such as mileage, elevation gain, speed, and more in one consolidated place. Moreover, this template provides users with automated tracking tools that store data over time and visualize results. This helps to deliver feedback on progress made during sessions and aid coaches in developing future plans. In summary, the Google Sheets Personal Training Template offers an efficient way to keep organized records of performance figures while providing helpful insights into individual training goals.

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