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The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is one of the world’s leading certifying bodies for fitness professionals, and it offers a Personal Trainer Certification program. Becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer can open up new career opportunities and allow you to expand your knowledge in order to offer better courses.

The cost of becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer depends on several factors, including country of residence, course type, and venue or course materials used. The base fee to become certified is $599 USD in the United States and $734 CAD in Canada. This price includes access to online resources, personal training certification exam vouchers, finance lectures and webinars with experts in the field. As of 2021, additional fees may apply when registering for a live workshop or purchasing physical textbooks as part of the program.

In addition to the certification process fees, one must also consider other associated costs such as obtaining liability insurance as required by gyms and clubs if you intend to train clients off-site; travel expenses incurred from attending live workshops; and coaching tools such as heart rate monitors or resistance bands that may be needed while teaching classes. Lastly, there will be ongoing annual recertification fees related to maintaining your certification status with ACE which include taking additional tests and continuing education classes at an additional cost.

Program Details

The ACE Personal Trainer Certification covers a wide range of topics related to health, physical fitness, and wellness. It includes detailed instruction in human anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, and behavior/lifestyle changes. You’ll learn how to design effective fitness programs for special populations (including seniors, pregnant women, and those with chronic illnesses) and get hands-on experience leading group fitness classes. The program also focuses on the business side of being a personal trainer, so you’ll be prepared to launch your own business or get hired by a gym after graduation. On top of that, ACE certification involves continuing education—you are required to stay up-to-date on relevant topics to maintain credibility as a professional health expert. As part of your certification package you’ll receive ongoing support from ACE team members who are dedicated to helping you excel in your profession.

The cost of the ACE Personal Trainer Certification is broken down into three parts: the enrollment fee ($399), the exam fee ($599), and study materials (varies depending on which materials you choose). The enrollment fee grants access to the online learning center for the duration of your certification program. The exam fee covers taking the written exam which is administered both online or via paper/pencil format. Finally, there is an array of textbooks and other resources that come at varying costs; these materials are designed to help prepare aspiring trainers for success on their journey towards becoming certified personal trainers.


Central to becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer is the completion of the required materials and certification exam. In addition to these items, individuals are encouraged to expand their understanding of exercise science and coaching principles. Therefore, to successfully complete the ACE Personal Trainer Certification, you will need:

1. The current ACE Personal Trainer Manual ($150).
2. An online or in-person review typically around *$399, which includes access to additional practice tests and study aids).
3. An online or paper application for certification (price varies but usually ranges from $75-$225 depending on membership status).
4. Payment for the certification exam ($399).
5. Basic liability insurance (around $99 per year).
6. CPR/AED certification ($25 -$50 depending on provider).
7. Understanding of training principles that demonstrate an individual’s ability to ethically and effectively design safe and effective fitness programs fitting the needs of their clients (no cost; however may require existing education or knowledge prior to applying for a certification program)

Cost Analysis

The cost of a certification to become an ACE-certified personal trainer can vary. Depending on whether you choose one of the study packages (Basic, Standard or Premium) offered as part of the certification process, your total cost could range from approximately $599-$999.

The Basic Study Package includes a practice test and course outline. This is usually the least expensive option; however, it does not come with any of the textbooks or study materials that are included in the other two packages. Therefore, those looking to do more comprehensive studying may want to consider spending more money up front for the more comprehensive packages.

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The Standard Study Package comes with a practice test, course outline, and three textbooks and study materials developed specifically for ACE Personal Training Certification candidates. It also allows individuals access to an interactive webinar which can help to keep them engaged in their studies outside of the classroom setting and familiarise themselves with the material covered in their studies.

Finally, The Premium Study Package offers all that comes with the Standard package plus additional online learning tools and resources such as additional video lectures from experts in various fields related to health and fitness. It also includes email coaching support from qualified ACE professionals who can provide advice on topics such as exam prep strategies and lifestyle change habits required for success on the certification exam and beyond. Ultimately, this package provides everything needed for candidates preparing for their certification exams without needing additional sources for information or help along their journey towards becoming a certified personal trainer by ACE.

Real-Life Examples

For ACE candidates interested in becoming certified, the cost of the exam varies depending on several factors. These include the location and time of the exam, as well as the type of certification being pursued. Generally speaking, however, most aspiring personal trainers can expect to pay anywhere from $550 to $899 for their ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam. This includes test registration fees and study materials.

The fee for registering for the Ace Personal Trainer Certification Exam can vary based on different discounts that may be offered at any given time. For example, a discounted rate may be available if two or more AE CPT exams are taken during a single testing cycle or if one registers as a group with friends or coworkers. In addition, some universities offer special tuition rates for students who want to take the ACE Certified Personal Training Course. Furthermore, some employers may offer employees reimbursement options for successfully completing the ACE CertifiedPersonal Training Course at an authorized education facility. These discounts can help offset some of the cost of taking the exam and ultimately make it more affordable for aspiring personal trainers who are looking to pursue their certification goals. Along with registration fees paid to take the exam, there will also be additional costs associated with studying materials such as books, flashcards and online video courses. The cost of these study materials depends on what types are used but can typically range between $25-$50 per item. Additionally, many aspiring trainers choose to invest in practice tests which could range anywhere between $20-$40 depending on which provider is selected

Comparison Shopping

When considering the cost of ACE personal trainer certification, it is important to compare and contrast ACE’s costs against other similar certification options. Other organizations offer comparable certifications but the prices are widely varied.

For example, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) is widely considered to be a top program option in the field and they offer an “Elite Personal Trainer” certification through their Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model. This certification requires candidates to complete a 9-month program as well as pass an exam at the end. The total cost for this program is approximately $3000 which compares favorably with ACE’s roughly $899 fee for their online Basic Training course plus exam fee of about $399. By comparison, the American Council on Exercise offers the Personal Trainer Certification at an approximate cost of $699 with no additional fees for test taking or exam retakes.

Other organizations that offer personal trainer certifications include ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association), and NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association). Each organization offers unique programs that vary in price, ranging anywhere from around $300 up to as much as $2200 or more. It is important to research each option carefully before making a choice so that you can select the best training program and certification most suitable for your needs, experience level, budget, time commitment, and career goals.

Financial Benefits

The cost of achieving the ACE Personal Trainer Certification can be a serious investment for many individuals who are interested in pursuing a fitness career. Nevertheless, there are many different financial benefits associated with attaining this certification that make it well worth the effort and resources required.

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One of the most significant financial advantages to becoming certified with ACE is an increased potential salary. ACE trainers have the opportunity to get higher paying jobs and command higher rates per session than those without a certification. On average, certified trainers earn twice as much as uncertified trainers, providing more potential stability and full-time income opportunities. Moreover, in both freelance personal training roles and club/gym positions, certified trainers may also be eligible for ongoing education opportunities and bonuses which can further increase their earning potential.

In addition to increasing one’s salary potential, having an ACE Personal Trainer Certification also makes you a more attractive job candidate, giving you access to more desirable employment opportunities with better benefits packages. Furthermore, if you ever decide to pursue additional certifications such as specialty certifications or coaching credentials down the line, having your basic credentials like the ACE Personal Trainer Certification will help strengthen your reputation and showcase your commitment to skill development within the fitness industry.


The cost of an ACE Personal Trainer Certification is often the first question a potential personal trainer has. The good news is that the cost of an ACE certification is relatively affordable and includes more than just the exam fee. Depending on where you get your training, you will likely pay between $499-$549 to gain access to the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, registration for the exam, and a passcode for study guide resources. In addition to these upfront costs, there may be additional expenses related to exercise equipment if you choose an in-person course.

If you prefer to study from home or need extra help in certain areas then there are various online courses available which can range from $299 – $799 depending on what they provide. These courses typically include pre- and post-test instruction, video lectures, practice exams, and mock tests that can help build understanding of necessary concepts before taking the official exam. Additionally, many online programs offer one-on-one instructor access for extra guidance throughout the course.

Finally, take into account travel costs – either for an in person course or for testing at a certified testing center after preparation on your own. Realistically allow up to $900 including taxes when preparing for this expense as part of your overall budgeting strategy when pursuing your certification goal.



1. Becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer offers career credibility and a competitive edge over fellow trainers who don’t share the same credentials.

2. As an ACE Certified Professional, you will be up-to-date with current industry trends and systems related to exercise science that allow you to best serve clients in the fitness industry.

3. An ACE Certification provides easier access to job opportunities in fitness, as your credentials have already been verified by a respected organization.

4. The certification period for an ACE personal trainer is two years – provided that you are keeping up with Continuing Education credits (CECs) every two years to maintain your status as a certified professional with the provider you are endorsed by (e.g., ACE).

1. Obtaining an ACE personal training certification can involve a significant initial investment in both time and money—the upfront cost of registering for the exam alone is around $500 USD.
2. In addition, ongoing fees for retesting and renewal of certifications are additional costs that must be taken into account before committing to any particular certification program.
3. Depending on where you live, jobs may not be available right away or may not pay as much as expected after completing certification – meaning it could take some time before recouping the expenses incurred on studying materials and exam fees

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